Mid-Summer providing a jam-packed release schedule...
25 Jul 2004

There seems to be a lot of activity on all fronts even though we are in the middle of what is usually a slower, summer period. I cannot help but feel that with the Bit Torrent sharing, this has allowed labels to drop titles without much lead time. I was checking out the Japanese release updates earlier today and it seems that most releases are coming from CDR & DVD-R Labels. The titles being cranked out directly correlate to material being posted at either SharingTheGroove or Etree�s EZ Torrent. It�s really no surprise since it�s so easy to just cherry pick the material and make it your own. It�s to be expected to some degree but let�s hope they keep scouring around for their OWN material to release as well.

On with the news! DVD releases first. The Masterport Label has Linda Ronstadt �Atlanta 1977� arriving shortly. It is apparently a pro-shot video from The Fox Theater on December 1st, 1977.... We shared with you earlier this week that Main Stream Visions has a new Rush double DVD-R coming soon. It is titled �Complete Rehearsals" and will feature the 10/21 & 10/24 1991 "Roll The Bones Tour" Rehearsals that were filmed in Hamilton, Ontario.... For Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble fans, Trial DVD Masters has a pro-shot video from their August 27, 1984 concert in Munich that is scheduled to arrive soon as well. This one runs about 43 mintues but sounds enticing as we haven�t had much SRV material for quite awhile! .... Power Gate Masters DVD has 3 new Whitesnake releases arriving this week. �Canadian Assault� features audience shot material filmed in London,Ontario, Canada from March of �03 plus some bonus video from a Stockholm TV show going back to April of �84. �Restless And Wild� is another audience shot video from Rio �97�.then �Soldier Of Fortune� rounds out the trilogy and this one is a pro-shot title from Buenos Aires �97.... Power Gate Masters also has a Rainbow title arriving that is called �Hall of the Mountain King�, which contains Dusseldorf, Germany concert footage from October 9, 1995�plus a �Rising Tour� documentary from 1976!..all pro-shot. ...Sirene DVD has a new Yes DVD release coming your way. This appears to be a complete video of the Sunrise, Florida concert form this past April, and is an audience shot source.... Sirene also has King Crimson �The Construction Of Live� set for release. This is an audience shot title from West Palm Beach, Florida back in July of 2001....A follow up on the Aerosmith �You Got To Move� DVD title we told you about earlier this week�it is arriving from the Bullshit Visions Label and features their April 5th , 2004 concert in Orlando w/rehearsal footage and interview bonuses. There is also another Aerosmith DVD-R called �Come Easy Go Easy� that is a pro-shot video from Tokyo, June 27, 2002.... We cannot forget the Genuine Masters Led Zeppelin��Watch, And Listen To This Eddie!� The production for this much anticipated project apparently came together beautifully and is being shipped to those who ordered it this week! The street-date for this was moved way up to July 30th...More to come on this one�look for other DVD-R titles from David Bowie in Philadelphia from this past March, Deep Purple in Czechoslovakia and I�m sure tons of other stuff!

On to the CD medium�.Sirene has 2 new Pink Floyd titles coming out... �The Growing Embryo is a Numbered, Limited Edition of 300 release and features the Taft Auditorium show in Cincinnati from November 20, 1971...�The Wembley 1974 Pre-FM Master� is a non-numbered re-issue of a fabulous recording from November 14th, 1974 that features the missing encore of �Echoes��which is absolutely stunning. Highland has their own Pink Floyd title to tote in the next few weeks� �Eclipse On Hamburg� is a double-CD set from the November 12th, 1972 performance in Hamburg, Germany.... For Brian Wilson fans, Blue Ocean has their �Tell Me Why� release ready. It documents his Empire Pool, Liverpool concert from March 7th, 2003.... Midnight Streamer (don�t you love these fly by night CDR Labels!)..has a Rod Stewart ALD sourced recording called �Stay With Me Tonight 2004��.this is the Auburn Hills, Michigan concert from February 21st that surfaced on SharingTheGroove in the Spring.... And, we pointed out the 2 new '74 Crosby, Stills Nash & Young shows coming out from Masterport.... One is supposedly taken from a Mike Millard master tape of the Oakland Stadium concert from 7/13/74...the other is from Wembley '74.... How about that new Masters Of The Beatles Essentials Label package that has been readied for release?�sounds pretty good! The Beatles �The Paris Concerts 1964-1965: Deluxe Edition� is a CD + DVD set that provides the collector an �expanded� and remastered tape(s). We�ll see if we can get our hands and ears on a copy for review here at HotWacks On-line!

There�s obviously tons more to talk about and we�ll try and zero in on highlights for you and share details via our News Ticker and right here on the Recorded Highlights & Action Replays page. Visit often and I�ll meet you back here next Sunday. Sorry about the late posting this week!�Summer schedules you know!

July 25, 2004