Eight Days A Week?...
27 Jun 2005

"8 Days A Week" is the theme for this latest Bootleg News roundup and for those who check in religiously every Sunday - again, I owe you an apology for messing up the routine. The month of June revolves around the whole Grads and Dads thing and that's exactly what I was involved with over the weekend. Ok, this isn't my personal Blog so let's get into it already as we have some wonderful releases to showcase this time 'round.

We posted teaser info on the new BOB DYLAN "Don't Look Back Outtakes" DVD early last week and now we can help spread the word that it is indeed coming from Tambourine Man Visions. This may not be one for the casual DYLAN collector but it will pique everyones' interest on some level. Because it's the information that counts AND because I couldn't set this title up any better, here is some great background info on the contents of this title and a look at the artwork:

"Professionally shot film footage of Bob Dylan is hard to track down,especially from the 1960's. Filmmaker D.A.Pennebaker has insisted over the years that the many hours of additional footage shot for Don't Look Back, his seminal document of Bob Dylan's U.K. 1965 tour was safely under lock and key in his vaults, maybe never to see the light of day, unless of course Mr. Dylan himself gave the go ahead. Speaking to Shelly Livson in 1984, and later published in The Telegraph, Pennebaker said -"We've never lost a foot of film, and as far as I know none of the tapes that we have -none of them have ever hit the streets." But later added in the same interview- "It's amazing how you can find's amazing how much stuff was kept. You don't expect to find it, but people just knew, somehow, this stuff is valuable.what there is, somehow or other, sooner or later, always surfaces." Pennebaker has a point. This is one such example of exactly what he was talking about. Here is a multitude of professionally shot film footage from Bob Dylan's U.K. tour of April and May 1965. 99% of the footage presented on these 2 DVDs has never been seen, and has never circulated among even the most ardent collectors. It is available here for the first time. Someone, somewhere dusted off that old film footage that may have been sitting in a basement for the past 40 years and decided it was time for it to be seen. This raw footage, obviously filmed for usage in Don't Look Back, arrived without annotation, so much of the recording locations and details remain unknown apart from the (slightly educated) guesswork of this writer. Maybe the Dylan scholars will put the pieces together or those that were present will have their memories jogged when they see this remarkable film. Perhaps it will lead to debates, arguments and frantic discussion among dedicated Bobcats the world over, but most likely it will lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of this era of Bob Dylan's artistry and most of all enjoyment of the fantastic footage that we now have of this tour. Watching the film takes you back to another time. The film is occasionally grainy, unpolished and flawed. Many of the performances are frustratingly incomplete. Those seeking perfection need to look elsewhere. Those looking for a glorious snapshot of Dylan at the peak of his powers need look no further. We present this footage exactly as it arrived, transferred to DVD to maximise quality and minimise generational loss. This is another piece of Dylan history, another piece of the puzzle, the enigma and the fascination that surrounds this icon."

Brand spanking new from Party Dog Home Video on a pressed DVD-9 disc is VAN HALEN "Burning in Buenos Aires" and this thing is loaded with Diamond Dave-era Pro-shot video! The core footage is a complete pro-shot film of their Buenos Aires show in Argentina on January 11th, 1983 and comes in a stellar looking Digi-pack...the audio has been "cleaned up" and presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital format...but check out all the extras tacked on:

1. Rock Pop � ZDF TV Germany 21/6/80 � You Really Got Me
2. Rock Pop -ZDF TV Germany 21/6/80 - And The Cradle Will Rock
3. Loss of Control � colour version - from Australian TV 1980
4. Music Box � German TV 1981 � Unchained + short interview � lip-sync � (A-) 4 mins
5. US Festival San Bernadino 29/5/83 � 4 Songs fantastic quality!
Runnin with the devil
Pretty Woman
You Really Got Me
Happy Trails
6. Ear Say - UKTV 1984 � Dave interview + I�ll Wait � promo
7. BBC Old Grey Whistle Test � Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock Fest. Leicestershire, UK 18/8/84 � interview with Dave and Al in hotel room about gig (also includes interviews with Angus and Brian from AC/DC)
8. BBC Old Grey Whistle Test � Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock Fest. Leicestershire, UK 18/8/84 � Hot For Teacher
9. Swedish TV news reports from Rasunda Stadium Stockholm, Sweden 25/8/84 (Monsters of Rock) � live clips and interviews w/Dave
10.German TV news report on a gig from September 84 (either Karlsruhe 1/9/84 or Nuremburg 2/9/84) � clip of Jump live + interviews with fans
11. French TV 1985 � �Enfants Du Rock� interview with Dave for his solo EP while he was still in VH

This one will be quite popular and it's really about time someone provided a top-notch Van Halen collectble like this.

Keeping on the Bootleg DVD from the Mod Beat Label is THE WHO "Quadrophenia '96", a multi-cam pro-shot event on silver disc that is being described as simply "stunning"...this one is filmed in Dayton, Ohio on April 11th, 1996 and the show runs nearly 2 hours. In other WHO bootleg news, 4Reel Productions has some other great WHO projects in the queue and we've touched on these Isle of Wight '69 with some unused Woodstock footage and an uncirculated Boston Tea Pary '69 audio source, so keep tuned on THAT!...the other WHO piece coming down the pike from 4Reels is Voorsburg '73 with a 1st Gen source of the Cow Palace video from 1973 aswell...vintage, classic and all must have material - no question....I know I cannot wait to experience some of that. Another DVD-9 release is from the Atlantis Label...CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG "Walking In A Wembley Winterland" combines that superb Wembley '74 pro-shot source that Aurora Borealis released last year, with the bonus concert footage of their Winterland performance in San Francisco 1973 - which was the only time all four played onstage together that year...Look for a new POISON DVD to street shortly from Digital Line...I'll share more details on that as they become available.

The very latest CD release news out of Japan today includes these new titles...from Beano comes ERIC CLAPTON "Deep Inside", featuring the Long Beach recording from July 20th, 1974...Sirene is issuing GENESIS "Earl's Court 1977". Wardour is putting out LED ZEPPELIN "Baltimore 1972", which is very good audience source albeit this release is on CDR...speaking of ZEP, we told you about the Wendy Labels' next title this week too..."Far East Side Story" will feature the Budokan show from Ocober 2nd, 1972 but I'm not certain which source or sources will be utilized for this one...there are at least 3 -if not 4 - different audience tape sources from this gig, which is simply amazing if nothing else.

Wrapping up this edition is some other bootleg CD news...Dog N' Cat Records will release THE ROLLING STONES 2CD set "Bring On The Dancing Girls", combining 2 1970 audience tapes from the Festhalle in Frankfurt on October 5th & 6th, said to be taken from the best sources (how many can there be?)...and here's another scoop...Paddington will release a very ambitious BLIND FAITH 6CD + CDsingle set called "Compensation For Betrayal", which will compile all known live recordings known to exist from the ensemble circa 1969.

That's what I know for now and whatever I missed this time, I'll include this Sunday here at HotWacks On-line and the Recorded Highlights & Action Replays page. I did say Sunday and I promise to stick to the program! Have an awesome week and thanks for the support.

June 27th, 2005