FACES - Vinyl
BBC1 LIVE 1970

Rhythm and Blues 1960s Rec. 33XX R&B71
1970 Side One, Track 1: Dave Lee Travis 10 March, bc 15 March, Tracks 2-4: Top Gear 9 March, bc 28 March, Track 5 and Side Two: John Peel’s Sunday Concert Paris Cinema (on cover Theatre) London 25 June, bc 5 July.
1 LP
Soundboard Mono
Gatefold Sleeve




Side One: 1. Three Buttons Hand Me Down, 2. Shake, Shudder, Shiver, 3. Had Me A Real Good Time, 4. Pineapple And The Monkey, 5. It’s All Over Now.

Side Two: 1. I Don’t Want To Discuss It, 2. Wicked Messenger, 3. Devotion, 4. I Feel So Good.


This release from the Faces presents the band in some recordings for the BBC in 1970, from the label’s description:

“The early years of The Faces were characterised by uproarious onstage performances and two disappointing studio albums that failed to capture their onstage excitement. We are fortunate that they were regular visitors to the BBC where their regular appearances on TV and radio proved just how good they were. The tracks here are taken from three high quality 1970 radio broadcasts. Nine tracks give the flavour of a Faces gig – just loose enough to be exciting and versatile enough to include Northern Soul, R&B, acoustic folk songs and a Bob Dylan cover”. The many appearances of the Faces on BBC radio shows was largely due to John Peel liking them so much and inviting them whenever possible.  What we have here is bit a small sample of these recordings, brought back to life in the most fitting condition on a vinyl album.

In fact the output sound here is excellent although in mono and packaging quite lavish; according to the back cover a second volume should come out.


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