WLR-Good Boys Asleep GBA 70
Disc One: Pirate’s World, Dania 12 February 1971 (on booklet 2 November 1970), Disc Two: Tea Party Boston 27 March 1970 (on booklet 26), Discs Three & Four: Fillmore West, San Francisco 28 October 1970.
4 picture cds
Soundboard Stereo except for Discs Three and Four: Audience stereo
Long Digipack with 4 pages booklet Lim. Edition 300 numbered copies




Disc One: 1. Introduction, 2. You’re My Girl, 3. I Want To Be Loved, 4. Maybe I’m Amazed, 5. Country Comfort, 6. Flying, 7. Cut Across Shorty, 8. Plynth/An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down/Gasoline Alley, 9. It’s All Over Now, 10. I Feel So Good.

Disc Two: 1. Introduction/Wicked Messenger. 2. Shake (Shake, Shudder And Shiver), 3. Devotion, 4. Evil, 5. Flying, 6. Nobody Knows, 7. Pineapple And The Monkey, 8. Plynth, 9. It’s All Over Now .

Disc Three: 1. Tuning/Introduction, 2. Devotion, 3. You’re My Girl, 4. Wicked Messenger, 5. Country Comforts, 6. Flying, 7. I Want To Be Loved, 8. Cut Across Shorty, 9. Maybe I’m Amazed.

Disc Four: Around The Plynth, 2. Honkty Tonk Women, 3. Gasoline Alley Medley, 4. Love In Vain, 5. Three Buttons Hand Me Down, 6. It’s All Over Now, 7. I Feel So Good, 8. Blues De Luxe.  


This release intends to present live shows from the year 1970 in the States, however the first one is actually from 1971, from the Faces 3rd US Tour but was found on a bootleg called Pirate’s World (Gold Standard 95-F-7761) from 1991 later released also on cdr (GW 17207) and as Pirate World (Refined Masters) in 2008 where the date was November 2, 1970. Another underground record having this recording was a cdr called To Thank You All We’ll Drink This Fish Under The Table; the band’s touring schedule was hectic but believing they played in Vancouver Canada on November 1st 1970, then on Dania Florida on the 2nd and in Madison, Wisconsin on the 3rd of November does really seem too much. Apart from that this recording is an excellent stereo soundboard claimed to come from a radio broadcast, but sounds more like a rough soundboard one with strange mixes, drums and bass on the left channel and guitars and vocals on the right. Despite that the sound output is very clear and enjoyable with the band playing at its best. The second disc presents the Boston concert, another excellent stereo soundboard recording that was released as Boston Tea Party (Deep Six 021), That’s Evil (93-FA-1791) although having different dates (October 5, 20, 26) The last 2 discs are devoted to the Fillmore West concert held on 28th October 1970 which  is supposed to have been 1st and 2nmd show although there is no audio evidence of that and since all songs are different it may well have been a long show. A recording came out some years ago in a beautiful gatefold double cd called Rock’n Roll Party (Hiwatt Deep Six-42 A/B),  then on Fillmore West 1970 Off Master (OHC-IMP-N-021-1/2) which presented the concert in a slightly better sound where bass and drums were upfront with regards to the previous release. The quality of the recording is astounding; the concert was also released as Marvelous a 2cdr set that had a bit sharper sound that seemed to be a soundboard but really was an audience one. The selection of songs draws more from Rod Stewart albums than from the Faces ones, or shall we say Small Faces as the MC but also Rod Stewart introduced the band that way; Ron Wood guitar virtuosity is so evident that it really seems to be a different person from the late Stones period where he hardly could have a solo last more than 30 seconds, check his incredibly creative slide works during Flying or Around The Plynth (a song we played in the Jeff Beck days, says Stewart), but also the other instrument players are superlative. Ian McLagan keyboards playing on I Feel So Good is truly remarkable. Disc Four offers also a nice version of Love In Vain, the Robert Johnson blues the Stones would release live on Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out in a while, but there are also hints of Honky tonk Women, here called Country Honk during the long Gasoline Alley medley. There is also a great jam on Three Buttons Hand Me Down with great bass playing from Ronnie Lane. After a muscular 10 minutes plus version of   I Feel So Good the concert ends on a strange note with a slow blues, Blues De Luxe, another track from the ‘Beck Days’ that is for sure one of the weirdest way to end a live gig. However, this release showcases the Faces greatest moments on their U.S 70 and 71 tours with concerts that underline the best aspect of the band before the days of booze and excesses: they could really play well then and it is a pity a comprehensive live album has never officially been released from the early Faces (or late Small Faces).   

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