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Side 1, Tracks 1-5 WDR Swing In Marquee Club, London 7 December 1970 (bc 15 Jan.1971), Side 2: Tracks 1-3 WDR Swing In Marquee Club, London 7 Dec.1970, Track 4: Dave Lee Travis show 10 March.1970 (bc 15 March), Tracks 5-9: BBC Top Gear Carol Concert 8 Dec.1970 (bc 26 Dec.)
1 LP
Soundboard Mono
Single sleeve cover




Side 1: 1. Introduction, 2. Devotion, 3. You’re My Girl, 4. Flying, 5. You’re My Girl, 6. Too Much Woman (For A Hen Pecked Man).

Side 2: 1. Maybe I’m Amazed, 2. Gasoline Alley, 3. Around The Plynth, 4. Wicked Messenger, 5. Away In A Manger, 6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, 7. Good King Wenceslas, 8. O Come All Ye Faithfull, 9. Silent Night.


This release presents recordings from the Faces 1970 Marquee gig, coming from a German tv broadcast plus interesting bonus tracks, it is perplexing though the fact that at the end of Around the Plynth suddenly the recording turns into stereo, it can be heard a nice separation when the audience starts clapping. Anyway, after the last three tracks on Side 2 there is Wicked Messenger that comes from what is called the first radio session the band did in the studio at the David Lee Travis show, although the day before they appeared at Top Gear on BBC1 in concert from the Paris Cinema; next comes John Peel Christmas Concert from December 1970, this being a one off show never attempted before or after, that had recordings of five traditional carols, in a melange that featured all Faces members plus keyboards player David Bedford from Kevin Ayers and the Whole World, Ivor Cutler, Bridget St.John, Pete Buckland (Faces road manager), Sonja Kristina from Curved Air, Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine. This is an excellent recording with clear sound and a nice cover which could really appeal to Faces collectors. This is another grey area product, which presents material that has to have these characteristics: having been broadcasted by radio or tv, being over 50 years old and of course having never been released officially. The lack of proper releases from the record companies feeds collectors appetites and labels like R&B are quick in meeting such needs by releasing these that may well become collectors’ releases, since are not pressed in very consistent quantities.

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