Eat To The Beat ETTB 144
Source: Disc One, Tracks 1-3: BBC 1 Dave Lee Travis Show, Camden Theatre, London 10 March 1970, bc 15 March, Tracks 4-6: BBC 1 Top Gear Maida Vale St. London 15 September 1970, bc 19 September, Tracks 7-11: BBC 1 John Peel Sunday Concert Paris Theatre, London 19 November 1970, bc 29 November, Tracks 12-14: BBC 1 John Peel Sunday Concert, Paris Theatre, London 13 May 1971, bc 23 May. Disc Two, Tracks 1-5: John Peel Sunday Concert, Paris Theatre, London 13 May 1971, bc 23 May, Tracks 6-12: BBC TV Paris Theatre, London 26 October 1971, bc 1 April 72. Disc Three: Convention Center, Anaheim 17 October 73 and Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles 18 October 73.
3 Picture discs
Disc One, Two: Soundboard Mono, Disc Three: Soundboard Stereo
Trifold Digipack




Disc One: 1. Flying, 2. Three Button Hand Me Down, 3. Wicked Messenger, 4. Had Me A Real Good Time, 5. Around The Plynth/Gasoline Alley, 6. Country Comfort, 7. You’re My Girl (I Don’t Want To Discuss It), 8. Wicked Messenger, 9. Devotion, 10. It’s All Over Now, 11. I Feel So Good, 12. Cut Across Shorty, 13. Love In Vain, 14. Bad ‘n’ Ruin.

Disc Two: 1. You’re My Girl (I Don’t Want To Discuss It), 2. It’s All Over Now, 3. Had Me A Real Good Time, 4. (I Know) I’m Losing You, 5. I Feel So Good, 6. Three Buttons Hand Me Down, 7. Maybe I’m Amazed, 8. Too Much Woman/Street Fighting Man, 9. Miss Judy’s Farm, 10. Love In Vain, 11. Stay With Me, 12. (I Know) I’m Losing You.

Disc Three: 1. It’s All Over Now, 2. Cut Across Shorty, 3. Too Bad/Every Picture Tells A Story, 4. Angel, 5. Stay With Me, 6. I Wish It Would Rain, 7. I’d Rather Go Blind, 8. Borstal Boys, 9. Jealous Guy, 10. (I Know) I’m Losing You.


This release presents various Faces recordings, as claimed in the liner notes from the absolute peak of the band’s career that is from the period ranging from 1970 through 1973. Disc One features sessions performed in 1970 for the recently formed Radio 1 at various BBC theatres across London in March, September and November of that year. Disc Two includes more Radio 1 sessions as well as a performance from John Peel Sunday’s concert from May 1971, some tracks from the 26 October 71 concert have been officially released in 2004 on the 4 cds Five Guys Walk Into A Bar (Maybe I’m Amazed, (I Know) I’m Losing You, Stay With Me likewise Love In Vain and Cut Across Shorty from John Peel Sunday Concert from May 71, Flying from Dave Lee Travis 70 show and Around The Plynth from Top Gear 70). It must be said that the liner notes state that all tracks come from FM broadcasts but the 26 October 71 songs come from a TV special.

Disc Three features a KBFH radio show which presented tracks coming from the Anaheim and Los Angeles October 73 concerts which then were issued on the Coast to Coast album; note that the last track (I Know) I’m Losing You was instead released as bonus track on the 8 track version. There are 227 minutes in total in this release, all in excellent stereo soundboard quality which contribute to show the band’s virtuosity. The first 2 discs are literally packed with music, they last over 80 minutes each and in order for all the songs to fit some had to be edited with fades out that do not concern music; the third disc has a live concert from 1973 that featured Tetsu Yamauchi on bass and is a stereo recording.

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