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Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo March 14th 1988 (Discs 1,2)-15th March (Discs 3,4) and 7th March (Disc 5).
4 cdrs &1 DVD-R, 4:3, NTSC
45.42/59.42/ 43.20/ 77.33/ 49.05
Audience Stereo (Discs 1-4), Dolby Digital 2.0 (Disc 5
Fatboy case




Disc One: 1. Introduction, 2. Peter Gunn Theme, 3. Bo Diddley, 4. Roadrunner, 5. Little Girl, 6. Crackin Up, 7. Mona, 8. Money To Ronnie, 9. I m A Man.

Disc Two: 1. Guitar Medley Around The Plynth-Motherless Children-Gasoline Alley-Stay With Me-Amazing Grace-Prodigal Son, 2. Buried Alive, 3. Outlaws, 4. I Can Feel The Fire, 5. Band Introduction, 6. Honky Tonk Women, 7. Bo Diddley s A Gunslinger, 8. Who Do You Love, 9. It s Mine, 10. It s All Over Now, 11. Hey! Bo Diddley.  

Disc Three: 1. Introduction, 2. Peter Gunn Theme, 3. Bo Diddley, 4. Come On Everybody Let s Rock   Roll, 5. Roadrunner, 6. Diddley Daddy, 7. Crackin Up, 8. Mona, 9. Money To Ronnie.

Disc Four: 1. I m A Man, 2. Guitar Medley Around The Plynth-Motherless Children-Gasoline Alley-Stay With Me-Amazing Grace-Prodigal Son, 3. Buried Alive, 4. Outlaws, 5. I Can Feel The Fire, 6. Ooh La La, 7. Honky Tonk Women, 8. Bo Diddley s A Gunslinger, 9. Band Introduction, 10. Who Do You Love, 11. Happy Birthday Jo Wood, 12. It s Mine, 13. It s All Over Now, 14. Hey! Bo Diddley.    

Disc Five: 1. Introduction, 2. Bo Diddley, 3. Road Runner, 4. Who Do You Love, 5. Ooh La La, 6. Honky Tonk Women, 7. Interview With Ron Wood, 8. I m A Man, 9. Mona, 10. Interview With Bo Diddley, 11. You Can t Can t Judge A Book By The Cover, 12. Hey! Bo Diddley.



This new release presents the two last concerts of the great late Bo Diddley with Ron Wood from their 88 Japan tour. They both come from Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, these are audience tapes but of excellent sound quality, the product is embellished by great artworks and that too transmits a feel of a professional release that is enhanced by listening: each instrument is clear and bass as well as higher frequencies are all there leaving no room to imagination. The bonus disc has the tv special from Japan with the 7th March show from Tokyo 88 that was recorded for Super Live and broadcasted in early summer in Japan and is presented with nice footage. The show is longer and interspersed with short interviews of Bo and Ron and even street scenes; in a short interview Bo Diddley claims Elvis has copied him at his beginnings. The concert as usual presents Bo Diddley at the beginning of the concert playing some of his hits, then it is Ron Wood to show up accompanying him on Who Do You Love; middle of the show there is a medley of Faces/solo recordings played only by Wood and then when Bo comes back the grande finale. Backed by the Jim Satten Band from New York that featured Jim Satten on guitar, Debbie Hastings on bass, Mike Fink on drums and Hal Goldstein on keyboards and harmonica: this is an honest ensemble that helped Bo Diddley recreate his famous rhythm pattern live as this couple of concerts show, celebrating the great man s legacy. The tv show ends with a backstage scene of Bo Diddley entering Ron Wood s place partly dressed and the two mock a boxing fight before cracking up in laughter.


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