Sweet Black Angels 017
Disc One, Tracks 1-3: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 15 October 82; Tracks 4-12 and Discs Two, Three and Disc Four Tracks 1.9: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 11 November 82, Disc Four, Tracks 10-13: Compass Point St. Nassau 30 January 83, Tracks 14-20: Hit Factory New York 2 May 83. Disc Five: Hit Factory New York 20 June 83; Disc Six, Track 1: Bain Douches Club, Paris 18 October 83, Track 2: Holiday Inn Aeropuerto Hotel, Naucalpan, Aculco & Coyoacan, Mexico City 26-30 October 83, Track 3:Churubisco St. Mexico City 18.23 January 84, Track 4: Mexico City outskirts 24 January 84.
5 black coated cdrs plus bonus picture DVD-R .
: 70.46/64.04/63.44/77.26/78.07/20.29 (4,53+4.27+4.54+6.55)
: Soundboard Stereo except for Disc One, Track 2: soundboard mono, Disc Six: Dolby Digital 2.0
6 Discs Fatboy case Lim.Edition 50 numbered copies with two 4 pages booklets.




Disc One: 1. High School Girl, 2. She Was Hot I, 3. Can t Find Love I, 4. Still In Love, 5. Instrumental Reggae, 6. Munich Hilton V, 7. I Love You Too Much V, 8. Still In Love IV, 9. Still In Love V, 10. I Think I m Going Mad IV, 11. Golden Caddy III , 12. Golden Caddy IV.

Disc Two: 1. Cooking Up II, 2. Too Tough I, 3. Flirty, 4. Pretty Beat Up I, 5. Pretty Beat Up II, 6. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) I, 7. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) II, 8. All The Way Down I , 9.All The Way Down II, 10. Wanna Hold You III, 11. Wanna Hold You IV, 12. Wanna Hold You V.

Disc Three: 1. Blues Jam I, 2. Blues Jam II, 3. Blues Jam III (on cover The Stumble/Hide Away), 4. Cook Cook Blues I, 5. Looking For Trouble, 6. Heartbeat, 7. Crazy Arms, 8. Christine. 9. I Tried To Talk Her Into It, 10. Can t Find Love II, 11. Can t Find Love III, 12. In Your Hand, 13. Keep It Cool I, 14. Keep It Cool II.

Disc Four: 1. She Was Hot II, 2. Identification, 3. It Must Be Hell I, 4. Stop That, 5. Stop That, 6. Eliza Upchink I, 7. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love)III, 8. Too Much Blood I, 9. Too Much Blood II, 10. I m A Little Mixed Up I, 11. I m   A Little Mixed Up II, 12. I m A Little Mixed Up III, 13. Feel On Baby I, 14. Too Much Blood III, 15. Undercover Of The Night II, 16. Undercover Of The Night III, 17. Undercover Of The Night IV, 18. Undercover Of The Night V, 19. Undercover Of The Night VI, 20.   Undercover Of The Night VII.

Disc Five: 1. She Was Hot III, 2. She Was Hot III, 3. She Was Hot VI, 4. She Was Hot VII, 5. Too Much Blood V, 6. Too Much Blood VI, 7. Wanna Hold You VII, 8. I Think I m Going Mad V, 9. Undercover Of The Night X, 10. Feel On Baby II, 11. Too Much Blood VI, 12. Too Much Blood VII, 13. Too Much Blood VIII.

Disc Six: 1. Undercover Of The Night #1, 2. Undercover Of The Night#2, 3. She Was Hot, 4. Too Much Blood.


About previous underground that covered these sessions we have to remember on vinyl Undercover Outtakes, Goin Mad & Wild, All Mixed Up, Think You Like It, Still on the Road ep, Learning the Game and on compact Play the Tattoo, Censored, In the Eighties, The Pain of Love,Chainsaw Massacre, Jamming with Stu, All Mixed Up etc

From the first page of Booklet one: This album is the first attempt ever of presenting the complete recording sessions of the Undercover. Each song has been re-mastered, runs at the right speed and it's in the right key, uses the best and more complete sources available (we checked them all: ABC Records, Outsider Bird Records, Rabbit Records, VGP, Rogue, Gemstones, RMP, DAC, JEMS, the bkeys samples, etc.) and also some never before released masters with upgraded sources and even a never before released demo of She Was Hot I! For the hardcore collectors we have used Complete Works (Rolling Stones collectors site) nomenclature (a latin number after the name of each song, in case than more than one version exists) as of March 2017.

The Undercover sessions started in mid-October through November 7th 1982 in an unidentified 8-track basement demo studio in Paris, France.

As Mick Jagger explains: When we started off writing [Undercover], Keith and I got in a bit early and we rented an 8-track demo studio here in Paris. And I said: Well, have you got some, Keith? and we took turns at playing the drums and - well, we played guitar and we got to know the material each of us had written in the past few months, you know. So when we actually got the band into the studio, we had sort of a hard-core bunch of songs, which is actually most of the songs on the album. Mick also added in another interview: This time I decided that I wasn't going to rely on studio composing. So before recording Undercover, Keith and I went into a little studio with 4 or 5 songs I'd done and some he'd worked up, and we played them to each other and he suggested tempos and various adjustments. After a week we had 6 or 7 things to start with. I hate having to go in and teach the whole band in the studio. I d much rather do it in rehearsal time. For the last part of this intimate recording sessions Charlie Watts joins them, and the demo recording / songwriting exploration of High School Girl might feature him on drums, with only Mick Jagger singing and playing guitar, but unfortunately kinda goes nowhere. The demo of She Was Hot I has never before seen the light of day, it starts directly with the main chord progression and features both Jagger and Richards on guitar, it has a slower tempo and country feeling -seems a little bit more of a ballad than the rocker which it will latter become- and also a different set of lyrics, Richards sings background vocals and clearly enjoys the song so much that he improvises some lines before the song ends! From the never properly finished Can t Find Love I we have this great demo with Jagger playing electric piano -might be him, might be not-, with two guitars and again some background vocals by Richards.

The first disc presents the earliest recordings for Undercover that happened in France   in mid October 1982 that include the very first slower version of She Was Hot with different lyrics that although in mono is a real embryo of the songs we know. Other highlights are all versions of poignant instrumental Still In Love and a 14.16 minutes version of I Think I m Going Mad sung by Richards; the 2 versions of Golden Caddy differ since the first has screams and the second spoken words, both being over 9 minutes long. Disc Two opens with a raunchy take of Cooking Up plus a bunch on instrumental versions of Pretty Beat Up. And three versions of Wanna Hold You. Disc Three opens up with a stunning slow blues that lasts 6 minutes and is incorrectly called The Stumble/Hideaway, out of some riffs played on piano by Stu of these Freddie King songs; disc ends with both versions of Keep It Cool that run for more than 10 minutes combined with Kim Barber on guitar, Chuck Leavell on piano and Keith Richards or Ron Wood on bass.  Disc Four has a couple of rocking tracks called Stop That which are really superb both as musical consistency and recording sound output; then there are a number of versions of Undercover Of The Night, with number two starting with over 3 minutes of drums and percussions alone. Disc Five is dedicated mostly to official alternate versions ( 12 inch mixes, promo videos soundtracks etc.)

Packaging is spectacular with the discs that are housed in a 6 discs Fatboy case, two 3 pages booklets with detailed information on each track and those vinyl looking cdrs (with grooves) that are a real treat, make this release a precious gem for collectors and fans, although there are some mistakes on back cover s latin numbers. The sound is excellent, generally with no hiss and the correct pitch which let the music output be appreciated in full.



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