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All 2003, Discs 1,2: Circus Krone, Munic 8 June; Discs 3 and Disc 4, Tracks 1-7 : Olympia, Paris 11 July, Tracks 8,9: Barcelona 29 June, Tracks 10,11: Madrid 27 June; Discs 5,6: Circus, Stockholm 22 July; Discs 7,8: Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam 15 August; Discs 9,10: Muziekzentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht 16 August; Discs 11,12: Twickenham Stadium, London 24 August; Discs 13,14: Astoria, London 27 August, Discs 15,16:Wembley Arena, London 29 August, Disc 17:Rarities (Rareties on cover) Salt Of The Earth , Tracks 1,6: Stockholm 20 July, Track 2: Twickenham 20 September, Tracks 3,5,9: Hockenheim 22 June, Track 4: 10 June Milano, Track 7: 23 July Marseille, Track 8: Leipzig 20 June, Tracks 10,11: London 15 September, Track 12: Benidorm 25 September
17 picture discs
Audience stereo except for Discs One, Two, Disc Three, Tracks 1-7, 9-15, Disc Four Tracks 1-2, 4,6,7, and Discs 11 (Tracks 1-3,5-11,13) and Disc 12 (Tracks 1-6,8,9): Soundboard stereo
cardboard box holding 17 cds wrapped in plastic bags and a 24 pages booklet, limited to 300 numbered copies




Disc One: 1. Jumping Jack Flash, 2. Tumbling Dice, 3. All Down The Line, 4. Sweet Virginia, 5. Worried About You, 6. Stray Cat Blues, 7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 8. Dance, 9. That s How Strong My Love Is, 10. Going To A Go Go.

Disc Two: 1. Band Introductions, 2. The Nearness Of You, 3. Before They Make Me Run, 4. It s Only Rock n Roll, 5. Can t You Hear Me Knocking?, 6. Honky Tonk Women, 7. Start Me Up, 8. Brown Sugar, 9. I Can t Turn You Loose.

Disc Three: 1. Start Me Up, 2. Live With Me, 3. Neighbours, 4. Hand Of Faith, 5. No Expectations, 6. Worried About You, 7. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), 8. It s Only Rock n Roll, 9. Stray Cat Blues, 10. Dance, 11. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 12. That s How Strong My Love Is, 13. Going To A Go Go-Band Introductions, 14. The Nearness Of You, 15. Before They Make Me Run.

Disc Four: 1.Love Train, 2. Respectable, 3. Rip This Joint, 4. Honky Tonk Women, 5. Tumbling Dice, 6. Brown Sugar, 7. Jumping Jack Flash, 8. Start Me Up, 9. It s Only Rock n Roll, 10. Start Me Up, 11. You Got Me Rocking.

Disc Five, 1. Start Me Up, 2. Live With Me, 3. Neighbours, 4. Hand Of Fate, 5. No Expectations, 6. Worried About You 7. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), 8. It s Only Rock n Roll, 9. Stray Cat Blues, 10. Ain t Too Proud To Beg, 11. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.

Disc Six: 1.That s How Strong My Love Is, 2. Going To A Go Go, 3. Band Introductions, 4. The Nearness Of You, 5. Happy, 6. I Can t Turn You Loose, 7. Honky Tonk Women, 8. Tumbling Dice, 9. Brown Sugar, 10. Sympathy For The Devil.

Disc Seven: 1. Before They Make Me Run, 2. Love Train, 3. Introduction, 4.  Street Fighting Man, 5. Start Me Up, 6. If You Can t Rock Me, 7. Don t Stop, 8. Monkey Man, 9. Sweet Virginia, 10. Loving Cup, 11. Rocks Off, 12. Tumbling Dice, 13. Band Introduction, 14. Slipping Away.

Disc Eight: 1. Can t You Hear Me Knocking, 2. Honky Tonk Women, 3. Satisfaction, 4. When The Whip Comes Down, 5. It s Only Rock n Roll, 6. Brown Sugar, 7. Jumping Jack Flash.

Disc Nine: 1.Intro, 2. Jumping Jack Flash, 3. Live With Me, 4. Hand Of Fate, 5. No Expectations, 6. Worried About You. 7. Saint Of Me, 8. It s Only Rock n Roll, 9. Dance, 10. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 11. That s How Strong My Love Is, 12. Going To A Go Go.

Disc Ten: 1. Band Introductions, 2. Thief In The Night, 3. Happy, 4. I Can t Turn You Loose, 5. Can t You Hear Me Knocking,   6. Start Me Up, 7. Tumbling Dice, 8. Brown Sugar, 9. Satisfaction- Outro (only on booklet).

Disc Eleven: 1. Intro Brown Sugar, 2.6 You Got Me Rocking, 3. Don t Stop, 4. Rocks Off, 4. Wild Horses, 5. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 6. Paint It Black, 7. Tumbling Dice, 8. Band Introduction, 9. Slipping Away, 10. Happy.

Disc Twelve: 1.Sympathy For The Devil, 2. Star Star, 3. I Just Wanna Make Love To You, 4. Street Fighting Man, 5. Gimme Shelter, 6. Honky Tonk Women, 7. Start Me Up, 8. Satisfaction, 9. Jumping Jack Flash.

Disc Thirteen: 1. Intro Jumping Jack Flash, 2. Live With Me, 3. Hand Of Fate, 4. No Expectations, 5. Worried About You. 6. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), 7. It s Only Rock n Roll, 8. Ain t Too Proud To Beg, 9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 10. That s How Strong My Love Is.

Disc Fourteen: 1. Going To A Go Go, 2. Band Introductions, 3. The Nearness Of You, 4. Before They Make Me Run, 5. I Can t Turn You Loose, 6. Honky Tonk Women, 7. Start Me Up, 8. Tumbling Dice, 9. Brown Sugar, 10. Satisfaction.

Disc Fifteen: 1.Intro, 2. Street Fighting Man, 3. Start Me Up, 4. If You Can t Rock Me, 5. Don t Stop, 6. Bitch, 7. Love In Vain, 8. Monkey Man, 9. Midnight Rambler, 10. Tumbling Dice, 11. Band Introduction, 12. Slipping Away, 13. Happy.

Disc Sixteen: 1. Love Train, 2. Can t You Hear Me Knocking, 3. Honky Tonk Women, 4. Satisfaction, 5. Respectable, 6. It s Only Rock n Roll, 7. Brown Sugar, 8. Jumping Jack Flash.

Disc Seventeen: 1. Miss You, 2. Salt Of The Earth, 3. Rock Me, Baby, 4. Out Of Control, 5. Angie, 6. Thru And Thru, 7. Like A Rolling Stone, 8. Mannish Boy, 9. You Don t Have To Mean It, 10.Dead Flowers, 11. Little Red Rooster, 12. Ruby Tuesday.



This release from WLR (though namely from SF Records) presents 61 songs played by the Stones during their European 2003 Licks Tour; that s when the Stones turned into the Blues Brothers playing many cover versions live- The first concert is the Circus Krone concert from Munich, whose soundboard recording was released some years ago at first on vinyl as Sometime I Wonder Why (OBR 93034) for Part One and then on P.A.B.B. (Post Augustiner Biergarten Blues (OBR 93036) for Part Two and on Circus Krone 4 LP and 1 DVD (RTR 022). On compact as The Nearness of You (VGP 343) 6 discs, Rock and Roll Circus 2003 SW+KR Music (CS 2003), Circus Krone 2003 (Idol Mind RS 030603 BR), Make a Grown man Cry (no label). Other boots where this concert can be found are Stones at the Circus Kronen, Munich 2003 (C030718 14800Y), The Circus is in Town (Phoenix Rec. D356878) and The Surrender of Munich (Phoenix Rec.D356880) as part of a 6 disc set with all Munich shows, Rock and Roll Circus Krone (CKCD 1/2) , Circus Krone Soundcheck, Welcome to the Circus Krone, Eure Gunst Unser Streben.

The Olympia concert was released on At The Olympia (C.Cat 705-6), A Brand New Live Affair (VGP 351), Last Night in Paris (no label), Feel You in the Night (Pignose PGN 042) and 5 tracks on Lost Legal Live Tracks (Rattlesnake 235-6), Olympia on Fire Tonight, Feel You in the Night (Pignose PGN 042), Last Oui Oui (Phoenix Rec.D356882), Licks Go Olympia (STS 297-8), Last Night in Paris ( RS 01 1-2),   Hear Who s Talking, Hot Licks in Paris, Les Rolling Stones A L’Olympia de Paris, Bienvenue a Paris 2003, Showdown in Paris, L’Olympia is Dancing, The Liberation of Paris (Phoenix Rec. D356890). The recording here is mostly taken from the Four Flicks official DVD set. As bonus tracks there are two tracks from Madrid, a complete show can be found on Hola Madrid, V. Calderon Stadium 2003, Hard Riffs for Madrid 2003, Good Friday Night Crica (Phoenix Rec.D356993), Madrid Singing Along (AMM), Live in Estadio Vincente Calderon, Madrid Spain SRS Rec.040), Midnight Ramblers, Spanish Licks 2003 Part Two, Madrid Singing Along (no label) and some songs on Dirty Licks (VGP 347), Let Your Rock n Roll Out (Pignose PGN 040). It must be said that both versions of Start me Up from Madrid and Barcelona are among the worst ever live versions of the song, with incredible mistakes mostly from Jagger.

The other two songs come from Barcelona, the full concert can be located at 40 Hot Licks in Barcelona,Speak of the Devil (Phoenix Rec.D356975), Live at Stadi Olympic Montjuic (SRS 039), Hot Barcelona Licks, Sou de Puta Madre (no label), Barcelona 2003,   Hot Licks in Barcelona (W 083), Hola Barcelona, Stoned in Barcelona, with some tracks that can be found on Get Licked From the Mixing Desk vol.2 (Pignose PGN 052), Get Licked Around the World vol.2 (Exile EXCD 039) and Get Your Rock n Roll Out (Pignose PGN 040).

As for Stockholm this concert is one of the very few not to feature Jumping Jack Flash and came out on At the Cirkus, Stockholm (C.Cat 707-8) and Cirkus is Back in Town (VGP 356),The Boys at Stockholm Stadium, Licks at the Stockholm Stadium (W 089), We re Allowed A Bump In The Road, Stockholm Night (Phoenix Rec.D355976), Swedish Trilogy, Wilkommen Til Stockholm,, Svenska 2003. No WLR box would be the same without the usual mistakes, here we are Disc Seven that starts with those two songs that should be positioned at its end. Any way the concert in Rotterdam at the Ahoy Arena was released as   Ahoy, Rotterdam(/no label) and Knock On Wood (Rattlesnake 149/50), Love Train to the Ahoy (W095), Back After 30 Year At Ahoy, When the Whip Comes Down (Phoenix Rec. D356893), Burning in Rotterdam (SO31001 QUICK SHOT 6000Y), Licks European Tour 2003 (Windmill CO 31023   6000Y),, Happy Birthday Tim, Running in Rotterdam (Quick Shot 004-5), Live in Ahoy, Third Lick in Rotterdam (Rainbow Records), At the Ahoy.

The Utrecht show came out as Lucky Me! (Pignose PGN 059) Hand of Fate (Sister Morphine Morph 028), Licks European Tour 2003 Utrecht (Windmill 001 AB), Vredenburg, Holland (Rattlesnake 147-8) and Vredenburg Utrecht 2003 Club Gig (RSV 1-2), The Hands of Fate Vredenburg 2003 (W 054), Licks Europe 2003 Utrecht Theatre Live (Windmill 001), Lucky Licks (Rich Rec.005-6), Utrecht s Got Me Rocking (Phoenix Rec.D356977), Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht 16 Augustus 2003, , Vredenburg 2003, Uthrecht Got Me Rocking, Vredenburg Holland (RS 147-8), Vredenburg Utrecht 2003, In the Sanctum of Rock n Roll, Live Vredenburg 2003, The Dutch Club Night. This is a nice recording of a great show with Saint Of Me as one of the highlights.

The concert at Twickenham Stadium in London can be found on Salt of the Earth (VGP 359), Twickenham 2004 4 cdr including also the other show and Licks ULK 2004 First Twickenham Show 2 cdr (Midnight Dreamer 030908) and Jumping Jack Flash on Lost Legal Live Tracks (Rattlesnake   235-6), Sir Jagger & the Lords of Twickenham, 19 Licks at the Twick (Phoenix Rec.D 356984), London Licks vol.1, Heat, Light, Fireworks and Flames, Star Star Night, It Feels Like Home, Twicks Licks, Bringing It All Back Home and on the recently released no label Twickenham 2003 1st Night..

The concert at the Astoria in London is on At the Astoria (C.Cat 714-5), In a Pit of Rattlesnake (VGP 352), Stones Get Soulful in London no label) Ain t Too Proud To Plead (Pignose PGN 055), Licks England 2003 (VGP 357), Alive @ the Astoria Theatre (Sister Morphine Morph 29), Astoria 2003 (Big Ben Rec.003),   A Commemorative Collection (Hits and History Rec. 001-4) that also featured the NY, MSG show of 18 January, The Astoria Heartbreakers, Worried About You (Phoenix Rec.D356003), At the Astoria,   Ya Ain t The Only One, I m So Glad To Be Home, Final Small Joint, So Glad To Be Here Tonight,   Ace of Clubs Part 3, Last Of The Small Joints, Clubbing In London.

The first Wembley concert is on In a Pit of Rattlesnake (VGP 352), Wembley Night (CD Record 2003), Wembley Arena 2003 (no label) 1st Night, Still Fighting In London, Licks Wembley (Midnight Dreamer CO 30912 5800 Y), One Of These Nights!, In Sleepy London Town. The recording here starts with a useless 5 minutes of audience noise before the bend s entrance.

As for the last disc that presents all various songs played during the tour, the Twickenham concert from 20 September can be found on   On The Earth of Rock & Roll, The Last UK Live 2003 (Bog Ben 02), Salt Of The Earth (Phoenix Rec. D356984), Salt Of The Earth (VGP 359), Stones Lick Twick,   Twickenham September 20th 2003, Complete Twickenham. The last disc has all the other songs played on this tour, which can be found for Hockenheim on 20 Licks at Hockenheim, Hockenheim Stone (Warhorse 079), Hockenherim 2003 Ring a 5 cd set including support acts, Lord of the Ring (Phoenix Rec.D566883), Rock Me Baby (VGP 355), Rollin On The Ring, 75.000 Don t Stop in Hockenheim, Lost My Favourite TV Station, Rocking The Ring.

The Milano show is found on Live in Milan 2003, Out of Control in Milano, Italian Licks (Godfather Rec.31-2), A Long Way Back Milan 2003, 13 Years of Waiting Milan 2003, Bueno Milano! (Phoenix Rec.D356879), Out of Control in Milan (VGP 344), Buonasera Milano…after 3 years of waiting, At Two Meters From the Myth, Stonesiro, Back in Italy, Miss You in Italy.

The concert at Marseille is on Sunny Day in Marseille (A Warhorse Product 093-32), Let Your Rock n Roll Out (Pignose PGN 040), Velodrome Licks (Old Bastard), Masters of Marseille (Phoenix Rec.D356963), A Brand New Live Affair (VGP 351), 19 Licks in Marseille, Absolute Grace, Marseille 2003, Rocking in Marseille.

Leipzig is on Der Wilde Osten   „Wilde East“, The Honky Tonk Pretender, Thru and Thru in Leipzig, The Jack Meets the Wood (Phoenix Rec.D566865), Leipzig Licks, Rock Me Baby (VGP 355), Together in Leipzig, Leipzig 2003, Licking Leipzig.

The London concert from 15 September can be heard on The Last Flowers From Wembley, Street Fighting Men (Pignose PGN 057), Back To London Live 2003 (Midnight Dreamer CO 31006 5800Y), Slipping Away at Wembley (Phoenix Rec.D356032), Live in the UK 2003 No Satisfaction.

Trying to Think, Two Days at Wembley a 4 disc set that includes also the concert from the 13th just like Licks England (VGP 364), Another Night in London.

Benidorm recording can be found on Hola Benidorm (no label), Great to be here, Benidorm, Paint it Black, Benidorm and Benidorm 2003 which is however incomplete since it starts with Tumbling Dice.

This is a huge set with lots of great music, packaging is not that great with a dull front cover though.

Hotwacks Hot Wacks Book IX (9) Printed in Canada July 1981


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