London Calling LC2CD5001
Disc One, Tracks 1-3: Saturday Club 23 September (bc 26) October 63, Tracks 4-9: Saturday Club 3 February (bc 8) February 64, Tracks 10,11: Saturday Club February-March 64 live recording (bc 28 March 64), Tracks 12-15: Blues and Rhythm 19 March 64, Tracks 16-19: Joe Loss Pop Show 10 April 64, Tracks 20-25: Saturday Club 13 April (bc 18) 64, Tracks 26-28 Big Beat 64 26 April 1st show(bc 3 May) 64. Disc Two, Tracks 1-5: Saturday Club 25 May (bc 6 June) 64, Tracks 6-10: Joe Loss Pop Show 17 July 64, Tracks 11-14: Top Gear 17 (bc 23) July 64; Tracks 15,16: Rhythm And Blues 8 (bc 31) October 64, Tracks 17-20 Top Gear 1 (bc 6) March 65, Track 21-23: Big Beat 65 11 (18 bc) April 65, Tracks 24-29: Yeh Yeh! 20 (bc 30) August 65, Tracks 30,31: Saturday Club 20 August (bc18 September) 65.
2 picture cds
Soundboard mono
double slimline jewel case




Disc One: 1. Come On, 2. Memphis, Tennessee, 3. Roll Over Beethoven, 4. Don t Lie To Me, 5. You Better Move On, 6. I Wanna Be Your Man, 7. Mona (I Need You Baby), 8. Walking The Dog, 9. Bye Bye Johnny, 10. Roll Over Beethoven, 11. Beautiful Delilah, 12. Route 66, 13. Cops And Robbers, 14. You Better Move On, 15. Mona, 16. Hi Heeled Sneakers, 17. Little By Little, 18. I Just Wanna Make Love To You, 19. I m Moving On, 20. I Just Wanna Make Love To You, 21. Walking The Dog, 22. Not Fade Away, 23. Beautiful Delilah, 24. Hi Heeled Sneakers, 25. Carol, 26. Not Fade Away, 27. I Just Wanna Make Love To You, 28. I m Alright.

Disc Two: 1. Down In The Bottom, 2. You Can Make It If You Try, 3.Route 66, 4. Confessin The Blues, 5. Down The Road Apiece, 6. It s All Over Now, 7. If You Need Me, 8. Confessin The Blues, 9. Carol, 10. Mona, 11. Around And Around, 12. If You Need Me, 13. I Can t Be Satisfied, 14. Crackin Up, 15. Ain t That Loving You Baby, 16. 2120 South Michigan Avenue, 17. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 18. Down The Road Apiece, 19. The Last Time, 20. Interview With Mick Jagger And Brian Jones, 21. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love-Pain In My Heart (not on cover), 22. Around And Around, 23. The Last Time, 24. Mercy, Mercy, 25. Oh Baby, We Got A Good Thing Goin, 26. Interview With Mick Jagger, 27. (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction, 28. The Spider And The Fly, 29. Interview With Mick Jagger, 30. Cry To Me, 31. Fanny Mae.


Here is another mid-underground set that presents the Stones British Broadcasts pompously called Complete. First a look at their own presentation: The Stones radio recordings from their early days have been out countless times before but this is the best looking package to come out so far. Like many bands of the day, The Stones had to peddle their wares on the airwaves with the best of them. Their earliest appearances saw them playing most of the material they recorded on their first few singles and debut album. However, they used the opportunity to play some other songs which they hadn t committed to wax. Most of the performances were for the BBC Radio s flagship pop programme Saturday Club but the band also appeared on the Joe Loss Show a couple of times and on Top Gear, a new show concocted by the BBC to compete with the rise of pirate radio. Nothing to comment on this, however lots to say on the Complete side: first of all many are the Stones broadcasts that are considered lost or not circulating, just considering 1963: Ready Steady Go from 23 August , Scene at 6.30 from 29 August , Lucky Stars Summer Spin from 7 July & 8 September,   Thank Your Lucky Stars from 17 November, let alone the other years (especially for Top of the Pops March 65). Unfortunately even some of the shows that are included here are incomplete too: on Saturday Club from 26 October 1963 Talking About you and Money are missing, on Alexis Korner s Rhythm and Blues from 8 October 64   Dust My Pyramids, Around & Around , If you Need me and Mona are missing; on Top Gear from 17 July 64 It s All Over Now is missing and on the March 1st 65 appearance If You Need Me is missing; on Saturday Club 20 Aug 65 Satisfaction, The Spider and The Fly and Oh Baby, We Got A Good Thing Goin are missing. However the overall sound output is really excellent, from the very first track with no hiss, no muddy vibrations and clear cut sounds with minimal distortion on some tracks, it is quite likely they come from some fan that had processed these recordings electronically. Anyway it must be said that tracks like the 2 live songs from the 1964 British tour broadcasted on 28 March 64 on Saturday Club never sounded that crisp and they also include the radio mc introductions, which I never heard before, so it is also possible these tracks really stem from first hand collectors tapes, transcription discs; or a mix of both. Amazingly the Rhythm and Blues tracks from March 19, 1964 are here in mono and since it would really pointless to release a fold down mono version of what it is available in stereo on countless bootlegs maybe they are really coming from a different source than the usual one. This hypothesis is substantiated y the fact that some shows (Joe Loss Pop Show) come without any track separation, but run continuously and some (Saturday Club from 13 April 64 have Brian Matthews introductions. (I don t recall having heard before Walking The Dog comment on an ep coming out this Friday). Another very great sounding show is Yeh!Yeh! that is here presented in full with Jagger and Jones interview, very likely coming from a transcription disc as well as the last show (Saturday Club) which, despite missing many songs from the original broadcast-see above- features another Jagger interview too . Let s talk about packaging, the set includes a nice booklet with early reviews from Beat Monthly, Record Mirror and Music Echo and many rarely seen pictures. The back cover presents track listings with few lines from the letter Brian Jones wrote to the BBC in January 1963 and the usual funny information these mid underground releases present, in this case the original recordings (having been re-mastered by London Calling) have orbiterdictum trade mark under the license from ODL and are watermark protected (?); the discs themselves have a small picture on top on white coating and label data, including the amazing copying and broadcasting is prohibited. Finally, it must be said that there exist also a vinyl version with all tracks split in 3 coloured vinyl LPs any of which is as expensive as this 2 cd set. Far from being the definitive collection of the Stones BBC broadcasts collectors have been waiting for however this release presents very good sounding   songs and has the merit of highlighting what is still a gap in the Stones own version of their recorded history, their early days which have but been brushed by their releases in the last decade. The fact that some known mail order sellers have retired this product from their listings following communication of unavailability from the label (?) leaves at least a small hope for a future official release(wishful thinking).





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