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Discs One-Five: Pathe Marconi St. Boulogne Billancourt Paris 7 November- 19 December 82 and 30 January-mid March 83 except for Disc One, Tracks 13,14 and Disc Two, Tracks 2-4,11: Compass Points, Nassau April 83 & The Hit Factory, New York 9 May-1 August 83, Disc Four, Tracks 4-10: Paris, Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt October 82, Track 12: WYSP Radio Philadelphia 83, Track 13: Top of the Pops 17 November 83; Disc 6: Bonus Vinyl 20. November 1983 US radio NBC ‚The Source interview with Mick Jagger by Dan Formanto
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Soundboard Stereo except for Disc One, Track 10, Disc Two, Track 14, Disc Three, Track 10, Disc Four Tracks 4-10,16: soundboard mono
6 Discs Fatboy case with three 4 pages booklets.




Disc One: 1. Undercover Of The Night, 2. Undercover Of The Night, 3. Train Song (All About You), 4. The Golden Mile, 5. I m A Little Mixed Up, 6. Forty, 7. Dance Mr.K, 8. I Love You Too Much, 9. Eliza Upchink III, 10. Can t Find Love III, 11. Can t Find Love IV , 12. Can t Find Love V, 13. Feel On Baby (Long extended mix), 14. Feel On Baby, 15. She Was Hot, 16. Show Me A Woman.

Disc Two: 1. Munich Hilton (fragment), 2. Too Much Blood (Long extended mix), 3. Too Much Blood, 4. She Was Hot, 5. Boogie With Stu I, 6. Christine, 7. Heartbeat, 8. Identification , 9. All The Way Down I, 10. All The Way Down II, 11. Undercover Of The Night II, 12. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) I, 13. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) II, 14. Tried To Talk Her Into It II.

Disc Three: 1. Tried To Talk Her Into It I, 2. Keep It Cool I, 3. Keep It Cool III, 4. High School Girl, 5. Eliza Upchink II, 6. Stop That, 7. Blues Jam I (Boogie With Stu II on cover), 8. Boogie With Stu II (Blues Jam I on cover), 9. Blues Jam II, 10. Wanna Hold You II, 11. Undercover Of The Night (Radio Tape).

Disc Four: 1. Eliza Upchink I, 2. Too Much Blood I, 3. Keep It Cool II, 4. Wanna Hold You I, 5. She Was Hot (Country Version), 6. Can t Find Love I, 7. Can t Find Love II, 8. What I Am Saying Is True I I, 9. What I Am Saying Is True II, 10. What I Am Saying Is True III, 11. Munich Hilton, 12. Undercover Of The Night (WYSP Radio Tape), 13. Undercover Of The Night (TOTP 83).

Disc Five: 1. Too Much Blood (Video Take), 2. She Was Hot (Long Take), 3. Wanna Hold You (Long Take), 4. Too Tough, 5. Golden Caddy III, 6. Cook Cook Blues, 7. Golden Caddy IV, 8. Reggae Jam, 9. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love)-(Long Take), 10. Pretty Beat Up (Instrumental) 11. She Was Hot (Video Take).

Disc Six: Mick Jagger Undercover, NBC The Source: 1. Undercover Of The Night, 2. She Was Hot, 3. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love), 4. Wanna Hold You, 5. Feel On Baby, 6. Too Much Blood, 7. Pretty Beat Up, 8. Too Tough, 9. All The Way Down, 10. It Must Be Hell, 11. Introduction.


After what has come out recently regarding the Stones 82-83 sessions from which Undercover came out, we can easily say that a comprehensive collection may have no less than 10 cds.

About this new 6 discs pack of Undercover outtakes, this time assembled home by a creative (most likely too much) Stones collector, it presents many outtakes reworked to find the best pitch and speed, something many labels that produce (that is copy) these works have a tendency not to do; many are the reasons for that, mostly because they believe the tape acquired being a genuine low generation find will be the closest possible to the original recording (not considering that over time recordings like this that 90% come from cassette tapes degenerate in quality); another reason is that quite frankly they believe that if a collector looks at a track s duration and sees that it has a different length compared to the known one, this will help in selling, not taking into consideration that the extended length may be the result of a slower running tape. However the fact that this compilation presents re-mastered tracks at the right speed is the only bonus to be find here, in fact the are 5 songs that allegedly never before saw the light of day offering longer versions of The Golden Mile (8.48), Forty (8.33), Christine (7.09), Show Me A Woman (5.04, previously known as In Your Hand) and Keep It Cool (27.05); unfortunately this claim is not substantiated, the only genuine tracks being those just released by DAC in their own Too Much Blood and The Virchov Tape. The tracks that have had their speed corrected are:

Dance Mr.K (under the name Still In Love III), Can t Find Love IV, Feel On Baby (Disc One, Track no.14), Too Much Blood (Disc Two, Track 3), All The Way Down I (Disc Two, Track 9) & II (Disc Two, Track 10), Undercover Of The Night (Disc Two Track 11), Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) (Disc Two, Track 12), Tried To Talk Her Into It II (Disc Two, Track 13), Stop That (Disc Three, Track 6), Wanna Hold You II (Disc Three, Track 10), Eliza Upchink I (Disc Four, Track 1), Too Much Blood I (Disc Four, Track 2), Munich Hilton (Disc Four, Track 11), Too Much Blood (Video Take) (Disc Five, Track 1), She Was Hot (Long Take) (Disc Five, Track 2), Wanna Hold You (Long Take) (Disc Five, Track 3), Too Tough (Disc Five, Track 4), Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) (Long Take) (Disc Five, Track 9, Pretty Beat Up (Instrumental) (Disc Five, Track 10), She Was Hot (Video Take) (Disc Five, Track 11). Unfortunately some outtakes have been previously called with different name, apart from Dance Mr.K being Still In Love III and Show Me A Woman called In Your Hand or Mick s Idea, we also have I Love You Too Much formerly called Run And Take. Some of better sounding tracks are Eliza Upchink III a new mix with its fantastic guitar effects, then there are alternate long extended mixes like Feel On Baby (11 minutes) on Disc One and Too Much Blood on Disc Two (15 minutes), remarkable  being Feel On Baby first take with Jagger singing alone, for first time was available on DAC Too Much Blood but at the wrong speed.

Some instrumental versions shall be pointed out  like Pretty Beat Up and Reggae Jam on Disc Five,

As well as Golden Caddy which are here called I & II, however these instrumentals were first recorded in 1977 and later in 82, so the versions here are III & IV.

The worst part of this compilation is the fact that the 4 extended songs that were marketed as new, are in fact fakes done by looping parts, so nothing here can be treasured about The Golden Mile, Forty, Christine, In Your Hand and Keep It Cool III which were supposed to be the stars of the set, that unfortunately has turned out to be a real bummer. Disc Six is a copy of Uncovered Undercover that came out as an NBC vinyl radio show where Jagger presented Undercover tracks, later to be released in 1986 also as bootleg picture disc called Uncovered Undercover (King Kong Rec. KKP 3) in 100 copies, strangely the final salute is called….Introduction and the whole is shorter than the original radio show which can be heard also on Complete Undercover Sessions (Goldplate   1701 CD 01-6).

 Artwork is essential with inserts available too (however some are just copies of   Undercover Complete Session by Sweet Black Angels), unfortunately the accompanying liner notes are pretty much messed up with tracks wrongly identified (for instance Keep It Cool III is on Disc Three (no.33) and not Four (no.44) as written in here and on the cover as well; another problem is on Disc Three where Blues Jam I and Boogie With Stu II are one on place of the other. I am also a bit puzzled by Wanna Hold You II which clocks in at 5.12, but was known to be 7 minutes long on other boots. The last track on Disc Three is a version of Undercover Of The Night that has Keith Richards talking at the beginning of it, it says it is a radio recording, but most likely comes from a radio show, the song itself is the single officially released track.

This could have been a nice new compilation with great work done on getting tracks at the right speed, unfortunately the whole job has been marred by those fakes

Hotwacks Hot Wacks Book IX (9) Printed in Canada July 1981


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