DAC 179
: Disc One: Tarrant County, Ft. Worth 28 June 2nd show ; Disc Two: Civic Center Arena, Pittsburgh July 22 1972..
2 cd
Soundboard stereo
double slimline jewel case




Disc One: 1. Brown Sugar, 2. Bitch, 3. Rocks Off, 4. Gimme Shelter, 5. Don t Lie To Me, 6. Love In Vain, 7. Sweet Virginia, 8. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 9. Tumbling Dice, 10. Midnight Rambler, 11. Band Introductions, 12. Bye Bye Johnny, 13. Rip This Joint, 14. Jumping Jack Flash, 15. Street Fighting Man.

Disc Two: 1. Brown Sugar, 2. Bitch, 3. Rocks Off, 4. Gimme Shelter, 5. Happy, 6.Tumbling Dice, 7. Love In Vain, 8. Sweet Virginia, 9. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 10. All Down The Line, 11. Midnight Rambler, 12. Band Introductions, 13. Bye Bye Johnny, 14. Rip This Joint, 15. Jumping Jack Flash, 16. Street Fighting Man.


This release from DAC presents another volume of the Stones 1972 US Tour, offering this time two well know soundboard releases that have been recently reissued in Japan on no label discs (reviewed in here), just called Ft.Worth 1972 2nd show and Pittsburgh 1972. The Ft.Worth concert 72 2nd show, presents a lower generation tape with considerably less hiss than before and the added bonus of the introduction, so this can be considered an upgrade although unfortunately the 2 missing tracks (Happy and All Down The Line) are still missing in soundboard quality. It is anyway also interesting to hear in between songs dialogues, like when Jagger introduces Chuck Berry s song Don t Lie To Me as a new song. This is 46 seconds longer than the silver no label release that came out some months ago. The Stones stop at Ft.Worth in 1972 has been documented extensively on vinyl and compact disc. On vinyl, as part of Ladies & Gentlemen soundtrack we can remember: 1 song on Dragon Slayers Pt.1 (Speeder Ball 03) and 2 on Pt.2 (Speeder Ball 04), Mick Taylor We Miss You (RSCP 001), The Great Lost Live Album vol.1 Jack Daniels On Tour (RSVP 06), Philadelphia Special (RSGL 72), The Great Lost Live Album (TSP 006), Beware Of Tumbling Dice,   Rare Little Rock n Rollers ep (Coll.Series 001), Extended Play 2 LP (Great Live Concerts RR EEP 030), Cherry Oh Baby vol.1 (01-105) 5 LP, 2 songs on All Across Your Town (Devil s Disciple 72, The Complete Montreux Rehearsals and More (Decade Records 003), 3 songs on Plug In Flush Out (1SB72) 4 LP, (TSP 006),), 4 songs on American Tour 1972 (Musichien SB 72) 3LP. On compact: A Few Hearts Broken, A Few Strings Busted (SCRO 011-12), Work Sucks Let s Go On Tour vol.1 (A RS Boot Tree) Ahmet Ertegun Thank You Kindly (Coast To Coast 01), Stones Touring Party (Rattlesnake 048-54), Sweet Black Angel (SBA) which contained both Ft.Worth shows in audience quality, Whip s Cracks And Tiger s Snarl (Exile 003-4),A Hard Shot To The Body (Supersonic 200016), Lonestar Shooters (Sister Morphine 034), Ft Worth Special (Boss Hawg 01) which had only soundboard tracks, How s Your Lungs (Stones on Fire 8002), The Return Of The Exiles (Halcyon), M.Taylor We Miss You (VGP 092), Ain t No Angel On Main Street (VGP 133), Ft.Worth Express (Turd on the Run SRS 2006-1 cdr and VGP 205), Plug In Flush Out (VGP 259), Tarrant County 1972 (For Fans Only 003), The Greatest Lost 1972 Live Album (Sodd 046), Brown Sugar (Allegro). We do also have to remember: 1 song on Dragon Slayers (Speeder Ball 003), Live In Usa (Imtrat 902 060),   Plane Sex On The Way To Pittsburgh (Montserrat BRCD 1911,   Philadelphia Special (VGP 260 and Sodd 044),  Sympathy for the Devil (On Stage 12004), Philadelphia Special II (TSP 060-2), An American Affair: Live in Pittsburgh 1972 (VGP 083), remastered as The Royal Dragon (VGP 083), Very Ancient, Thank You Kindly (Scorpio 030),   Ladies and Gentlemen (MD 2002), Unreleased Decca Live Album (Stonehenge 003), 2 songs on Ladies and Gentlemen (EVSD bonus disc to 14 On Fire Tour in Abu Dhabi), on Ladies and Gentlemen North American Tour 72 (Sister Morphine 25), Ladies and Gentlemen (Halcyon), Turn the Heat Up (Bad Wizard 24-27 72), Love In Vain (Great Dane 9007), Philadelphia Special (TSP 050), 3 songs on Ladies and Gentlemen 24 bit remaster (Pignose 011) Ladies and Gentlemen (DAC),   Dragon Slayers (VGP 001), Ladies and Gentleman, the RS (TMOQ 002-6) American Exile (Scorpio 1972 1-3), You Can t Do That Baby (VGP 314), All Across Your Town (Devil s Disciple 72), Plug In Flush Out (Sodd 056-9), 4 songs on Keep Your Motor Running (Sister Morphine 45). As for Pittsburgh 72 concert again in soundboard quality, it can surely be called an upgrade; this show was released at first on tape but had an atrocious sound quality, then on Sweet s Virginia s Saturday Night Smelter Blues (Esky Product Esky 003) came a combination of audience (tracks 1-11) and soundboard (tracks 12-17). On compact it was released as An American Affair (VGP 083) that had Sweet Virginia coming from Ft.Worth 1972 2nd concert, replaced with the original version on The Royal Dragon (VGP 083) the only case of a reissue from VGP with different title and cover, but porting the same catalogue number. Then it came out as Plane Sex On The Way to Pittsburgh (Montserrat BRCD 1911) where Street Fighting Man was sourced from Sydney 27 February 73 and as Work Sucks Let s Go On Tour Vol.4   (A RS Boot Tree); later we got Pittsburgh 72 (Cellar Dweller 070719170). All these titles had a complete set but with Street Fighting Man fading out. All Down The Line from this show can be found on Washington 1972 (IMP CD 043-44) and the band s introduction can be found on Very Ancient, Thanks You Kindly (Scorpio 30). This recording has always been suffering from hiss and been pretty rough at the beginning for a couple of minutes when some engineer seems to be adjusting knobs but this version is better than before; regardless of a bit of distortion in the first few seconds of Brown Sugar and no audible hiss; each guitar is given its channel so it is easy to distinguish and follow Richards and Taylor on each song. The concert followed the famous Philadelphia three shows in two days and portrays the same energy and committed playing from all musicians involved. Just before Love In Vain Jagger jokes: It s very nice to be back in Pittsburgh, we haven t been here since 1956! This is a typical 72 US Tour concert with great solos from Taylor (introduced as The Lady with the Lipstick On) especially on Love In Vain and a rowdy Midnight Rambler that is driven by Richards frantic guitar work and embellished by Nicky Hopkins piano that at times gets its way upfront. Unfortunately here too Sweet Virginia comes from Ft.Worth 2nd show as in all other soundboard releases of this concert(in worse sound output than on the other disc); on You Can t Always get What You Want some percussions can be heard throughout, possibly played by Stevie Wonder drummer (?) while Street Fighting Man is here to be heard in full with fantastic Nicky Hopkins piano runs at its end and that is a great improvement even with regards to the no label release that in all was shorter than this by over 7 minutes, also due to the fact that here are featured more in between songs comments like the one famously addressed at the   empty bottle thrower, right before All Down the Line . These are so called rough soundboards, meaning that no post production/mixing has been done and this is much better for music lovers, since there is a clear separation between the two guitars that can be heard each on its own channel, therefore appreciating every player s style in full.



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