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DAC 180
Disc One, Tracks 1,3,4: Chess St. Chicago 11 June 64; Tracks 2,5: Chess St. Chicago 10 June 64; Track 6: Regent Sound St. London 4 February 64; Track 7: Regent Sound St. London 21-23 July.64; Track 8: RCA St. Los Angeles 6 September 65; Track 9: RCA St. Los Angeles 3-11 August 66; Track 10: Olympic Sound St. London 8-26 November 66; Tracks 11: Olympic Sound St. London 17 March-3 April 68; Track 12: Olympic Sound St. London 20 April 68; Track 13: Olympic Sound St. London 9 February-31 March 69; Track 14: Olympic Sound St. London March-May 70; Tracks 15,16: Sunset Sound St.-Elektra St. Los Angeles 17 October-2 November 69; Track 17: 17-20 Blues Sumet Burnet Rec.St. Dallas 23 June 72; Track 18-20: Island Rec. St. London May 73; Disc Two, Track 1: De Lane Lea St. London 14 November 64, Tracks 2,3,6: Chess St. Chicago 8 November 64; Tracks 4,7,8: Regent Sound St. London 20-21 November 63; Track 5: Regent Sound St. London 28 September 64; Track 9: IBC St. London 15 March 66; Tracks 10,11: RCA St.Los Angeles 6-9 March 66; Tracks 12,13: IBC St. London 31 August- 2 September 66, Track 14: RCA St. Los Angeles 6-9 March 66, Tracks 15,16,19-21: RCA St. Los Angeles 3-10 December 65, Track 17: RCA St. Los Angeles 17 January-18 February 65, Track 18: RCA St. Los Angeles 2 November 64.
2 cd
Soundboard stereo except for Disc One, Tracks 6,9,10,12 and Disc Two, Tracks 1-12, 19-21: Soundboard mono.
double slimline jewel case




Disc One: 1. High Heeled Sneakers, 2. Stewed And Keefed, 3. Tell Me Baby, 4. Down In The Bottom, 5. Don t Lie To Me, 6. Spector And Pitney Came Too, 7. Heart Of Stone II, 8. Looking Tired, 9. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? I, 10. Get Yourself Together III, 11. Pay Your Dues, 12. Jumping Jack Flash IV, 13. Honky Tonk Women I, 14. Good Time Women, 15. All Down The Line I, 16. Hillside Blues, 17. 32-20 Blues, 18. Dancing With Mr.D. III, 19. Criss Cross Man III, 20. Silver Train II.

Disc Two: 1. Go Home Girl, 2. Mercy Mercy I, 3.Key To The Highway, 4. Leave Me Alone, 5. Susie Q I, 6. Goodbye Girl, 7. It Should Be You, 8. That Girl Belongs To Yesterday, 9. Con Le Mie Lacrime I, 10. Paint It Black I, 11. Lady Jane I, 12. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? II,  13. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? IV, 14. Paint It Black III, 15. 19th Nervous Breakdown II, 16. 19th Nervous Breakdown III, 17. The Last Time III, 18. Heart Of Stone III, 19. Goin Home I/II, 20. Mother s Little Helper II, 21.19th Nervous Breakdown I.


A collection of tracks with the same title was released 24 years ago by Scorpio label with the title Old Masters 3rd and here we have after almost 25 years its re-master. This was the title of one of  Mott The Hoople s albums, but here we have a number of studio outtakes from 64 to 73 presenting popular titles with outtakes that made here their first appearance. Of special interest are the recordings from Chess Studios 64 presented in stereo as well as songs coming from the early days of Decca in good sound quality. This time Disc One first part focussed on re-mastering with pitch correction every song, with sound level alignment in order to present upgraded versions. On the Chess tracks there is less hiss than on the Yellow Dog version and a clearer high range frequencies, however heating them in full stereo is a real bonus. Chess was so advanced at the times that it seemed impossible they did not record these in stereo, now we finally can hear at least some of them (ain t it weird that the November tracks are still in mono? I guess it is up to the collectors that is holding them). Also Don t Lie To Me is showing a broad mix with good left and right separation that is different from the version on Metamorphosis, not having fade-out at the end.  Heart Of Stone is the version whose recording credits were lost on the master, however John McLaughlin and Jimmy Page are believed to have played here. Looking Tired is in real stereo, one of the best outtakes from the Aftermath period with Ian Stewart piano standing out on the left channel. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby is an early version from RCA Studios, while Get Yourself Together comes from the famous Between The Buttons period and has the best sound quality so far. Pay Your Dues is the early version of the famous Street Fighting Man with the stereo sound spreading on the right and left channel for a greatly upgraded version. Track 12 is the promo video version of Jumping Jack Flash. While Honky Tonk Women is a stereo mix with different vocals   from an acetate. Track 14 is the well known Goodtime Women that has also been released officially. All Down The Line is the acoustic version that was not released. The jamming sound of Hillside Blues (also known as I Don t Know The Reason Why) is allegedly been tried at the first session when Taylor joined the Stones in May 69 and recorded in Los Angeles 5 months later and features Bobby Keys on sax while the Robert Johnson song comes from the famous 72 Dallas rehearsals in the middle of the US Tour. The last three songs are outtake of Goat s Head Soup that have always been released with fast speed and had not been released in a decent state until now, but this time they have been re-mastered and can be heard in the best condition ever.

Disc Two also contains a large amount of valuable outtakes from the UK Decca period, which were released under Scorpio s Bad Wizard. The content recorded on this disc is almost the same as what on the Bad Wizard release from 2007 called Time Trip Vol.5”which despite being great,   had many problems, such as bad editing by Scorpio, incorrect tape speed due to the original source. Interestingly after all this time the sources of original tracks have appeared . At the same time when Time Trip Vol.5” was released came also out from Rattle Snake label Key To The Highway sporting Master Tape Version on front sleeve, which featured a real upgrade, anyway here each recorded track has been re worked with no noise or errors in  sound, which were previously present 2 or 3 times per song. On Disc Two Nine songs from 1 to 9 are from a tape-to-tape dubbing session in the studio. Despite having been copied at half speed tape speed of 7.5 ips instead of normal 15 ips, the sound quality and tape condition are near perfect. Seven songs from 1 to 4, 6 to 8, which probably will not remain in the warehouse of the UK Decca, can be said to be a treasure find for fans. The first one Go Home Girl is a cover of an Arthur Alexander original, Mercy Mercy and Key to The Highway come from Chicago Chess Studios and the former compared with the released version, is a jazzy version, although it featured a problem on the first note of the guitar intro that can be heard on Rattlesnake version where the sound quality was been improved but the pitch was still too fast. On Key To The Highway a rumour was that the second guitar was played actually by Muddy Waters, however this doesn t seem to be the case. However the sound quality was improved too and an accurate tape speed shows the song as it was for the first time. Susie Q features Jagger counting at the beginning, 4, 7 and 8 are demo recordings for other artists. Goodbye Girl is a song written by Bill Wyman and recorded at Chess too. Paint it Black lacks the harpsichord that was overdubbed later and can be heard on the regular release. Tracks 10, 11 and 12 are instrumental backing tracks for CBS Ed Sullivan show in 66 with Lady Jane that is a shortened version shrunk to 2 minutes and 20 seconds for the show. On have You Seen Your Mother, Baby second version both guitars have different takes and phrases than release versions.   The six songs from 13 to 18 are real stereo version of the initial songs that first appeared in Scorpio s Dartford Renegades. It seems they come from a mix of some sessions held at the US RCA studio  in 1966 and are coming from two reels recorded at the speed of 15 ips. On Paint It Black there is a separate stereo mix where the sound of Brian s sitar can be heard on the right channel after Charlie  s drum beat when the intro is mixed out. This is something that is not reported on many Stones sites. 19th Nervous Breakdown finishes with a messy echo that adds a chaotic atmosphere which seemed to have been Keith Richards decision. In the right mix on the right side at the end it is possible to hear the brass being mixed out in the regular mix. The Last Time is a stereo version with different vocals. Heart Of Stone is an extended mix longer than the regular stereo mix with a slow fade out of 6 seconds. Goin Home is a mono mix where can be heard the intro redone before the OK The last two songs are for the first time on cd in this record with Mother s Little Helper that is the backing version, with Keith singing   the intro :what a drag it is getting old   part and Mick vocals that follow. The last version of 19th Nervous Breakdown is an unusual take that adds 15 additional vocal versions with Keith s additional guitar overdubbed that was unknown up till now. The sound quality on Disc Two is especially good although many tracks are in mono. As a sequel to DAC collection called Time Trip 4 cds that was very popular, this work could also be considered a must have by all means. Packaging is nice offering an outtake from Beggars Banquet Sessions and track listings specifications inside the front booklet.





Hotwacks Hot Wacks Book IX (9) Printed in Canada July 1981


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