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The Godfather Records
(unless noted otherwise) Olympic Studios, London- Side One, Track 1: 13 May 68, Track 2: 29 March 68, Track 3: 16 Feb. 69, Track 4: 13-23 May 68; Side Two, Track 1: October 70, Track 2: February 69, Track 3: Newbury Stargroves 17-31 October 70(sleeve says Redlands) , Track 4: Bearsville St. Woodstock 27 May-8 June 78. Side Three, Track 1: March-May 70, Track 2:22,28 and 30 March 69, Track 3:18 December 70, track 4: Los Angeles unidentified st. early 70, Track 5: 17-31 October 70; Side Four, Track1: 13-23May 68 (sleeve says 1 May), Track 2: Villefranche sur Mer 10 July-23 November 71 (sleeve says December 71, Track 3: Record Plant West December 73 (sleeve says 74), Track 4: Dynamic Sound St. Kingston 25 November-21 December 72 /sleeve says summer 73), Track 4: Musicland St. Munich 8 February-3 March 74: Side Five, Tracks 1,4: Newbury Stargroves 10-15 April 74 (sleeve says Musicland St. Munich January 74), Track 2: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt Oct.-Dec.77, Track 5: Side Six, Track 1:Municland St. Munich 5-9 Dec.85 (sleeve says Montreux 75), Track 2: Compact Point, Nassau 22 Jan.-12 Feb.79, Tracks 3,5:Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 10 Oct.-15 Dec.77, Track 4: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 5 Jan.-2 March 78. Side Seven, Track 1: Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt (10 Oct.15 Dec.77 (on sleeve March 78), Tracks 2,3 Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt 10 June-19 October 79 (on sleeve June December), Side Eight, Track 1: Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt 11 Oct.-mid December 80 mixed with De Doelen St., Rotterdam 22 Jan.-9 Febr. 75, Track 2: Dynamic Sound St. Kingston 25 Nov.-21 Dec.72, Track 3: Compass Point, Nassau early-late May 83 (sleeve says Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt) Side Nine, Track 1: Camden Theatre, London 19 March 64, Track 2:IBC St. London 31 Aug.-2 Sept.66 (65 on sleeve), Track 3: RCA St. Los Angeles 3-10 Dec.65, Track 4: RCA St. Los Angeles 6-9 March 66, Track 5: 10 Aug. 7 Sept. 67, Track 8: 17 April-2 July; Side Ten, Track 1: 9 Feb.31 March 69 (on sleeve April-July), Track 2 MSG,NY 28 Nov.69 1st show (on sleeve 27 Nov.), Track 3: MSG, NY 28 Nov.69 2nd show (sleeve says coming from acetate, but should have been in mono, it is clearly coming from Get Yer Ya Yas Out! 40th Anniversary edition), Track 4 Sunset Sound St. Los Angeles 28 March 72, Track 5:30 June 69 (sleeve says Los Angeles 69). Side Eleven, Tracks 1,2: 17 Apr.-2 July 69 (sleeve says Spring 69), Tracks 3,4 Newbury, Stargroves 17-31 Oct.70 (sleeve says 27 July 70); Side Twelve, Track 1:13-23 May 68 (sleeve says 69). Tracks 2,3: Newbury, Stargroves 17-31 Oct 70. Side Thirteen, Track 1: Island St. London 28 May 73 (sleeve says Dynamic Sound St. Kingston 25 Nov-21 Dec.72), Track 2: Musicland St., Munich 8 Feb.-3 Mar. 74 (on sleeve Jan ), Track 3:Newbury, Stargroves 10 Apr.-25 May 74 (on sleeve April 74), Track 4: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 10 Oct.-15 Dec. 77 (on sleeve Jan.78); Side Fourteen, Track 1: El Mocambo 4/5 March 77 (on sleeve 76), Tracks 2-4: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 5 Jan.-2 Mar.78, Track 5: Compact Point St., Nassau 22 Jan.-12 Feb.79.Side Fifteen, Tracks 1,2:Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 10 Oct.-15 Dec.77, Tracks 3,4: Eldorado St. Los Angeles March 81: Side Sixteen, Track 1: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 2:Compact Point, Nassau and The Hit Factory, NY April-May 83, Track 3: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 5 April-17 June 85, Track 4: Ocean Ways, Los Angeles 6-28 June 05. Side Seventeen, Track 1: RCA St. Los Angeles 2 Nov.64, Track 2: 8-26 Nov.55, Track 3: RCA St. Los Angeles 18 Jan.65, Track 4: 13-23 May 68 (on sleeve 28 June), Track 5: 3 April 68, Track 6: 30 June 68, Track 7: Chess St., Chicago 10 June 64; Side Eighteenth, Track 1: 13-23 May 68, Tracks 2,4,5: Sunset Sound St. Los Angeles 4-19 Dec.71, Track 3: Newbury, Stargroves 17-31 October 71.Side Nineteen, Track 1:16 June-27 July 70, Track 2: Dynamic Sound St., Kingston 25 Nov.-21 Dec.72 . Tracks 3-5: Newbury, Stargroves and Island St. London 10 Pr.-25 May 74: Side Twenty, Track 1: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 10 Oct.77, Track 2: Compass Point St., Nassau 22 Jan.-12 Feb.79, Track 3: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 5 Jan.-2 March 78, Track 4: Pathe Marconi, Boulange Billancourt 10 June-19 Oct.79. Side Twentyone, Track 1: Air St. Montserrat 29 March-5 May 89, Tracks 2,3: Windmill Lane Rec. St., Dublin 3 Nov.-11 Dec 93; Side Twentytwo, Track 1: Sandymouth St. St.Kildare early-29 Sept.93, Track 2: Windmill Lane Rec. St., Dublin 3 Nov.-11 Dec.93, Tracks 3-5: Ocean Ways, Los Angeles 6-28 June 05
11 LPs yellow (Discs 1-4), red (Discs 5-8) and green (Discs 9-11) vinyl.
Soundboard stereo except for Side Seventeen Tracks 1-3: soundboard mono
Lim. Ed. Box set of 300 numbered copies including 11 LPs with own inner sleeves featuring track by track liner notes, 3 large inserts with front and back cd covers replicas and a numbered certificate.




Through The Vaults, Darkly Volume One

Side One: 1.Dear Doctor, 2. Child Of The Moon, 3. You Got The Silver (on sleeve You ve Got The Silver), 4. Downtown Suzie (Susie on sleeve).

Side Two: 1. Travellin Man, 2. Gimme Shelter, 3. Highway Child, 4. Schoolboy Blues.
Through The Vaults, Darkly Volume Two

Side Three: 1. Cocksucker Blues, 2. Sister Morphine, 3. Brown Sugar (Original Version Featuring – Eric Clapton), 4. Wild Horses, 5. Good Time Woman.

Side Four: 1. Gimme A Hamburger, 2. I Ain t Signifying (I Ain t Gonna Lie on sleeve ) , 3. Too Many Cooks, 4. Criss Cross Man, 5. Drift Away.
Through The Vaults, Darkly Volume Three

Side Five: 1. Dance Little Sister, 2. Everlasting Is My Love , 3. Fingerprint File (Original Long Version).
Side Six: 1. Fool To Cry, 2. Let s Go Steady, 3. Yellow Cab, 4. Claudine, 5. You Win Again.
Through The Vaults, Darkly Volume Four

Side Seven: 1. Misty Roads, 2. We Had It All (We ve Had It All on sleeve), 3. Indian Girl, 4. Summer Romance.
Side Eight: 1. Slave (Original Long Version), 2. Waiting For A Friend, 3. Undercover Of The Night.
No Spare Parts Volume One

Side Nine: 1. Cops & Robbers, 2. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (on sleeve Have You Seen Your Mother, Lately!), 3. 19th Nervous Breakdown, 4. Paint It Black, 5. 2000 Light Years From Home, 6. Country Honk.
Side Ten: 1. Honky Tonk Woman, 2. Satisfaction (Live), 3. You Gotta Move, 4. Exile On Main Street Blues, 5. I Don t Know The Reason Why.
No Spare Parts Volume Two

Side Eleven: 1. Jiving Sister Fanny, 2. Loving Cup, 3. Potted Shrimp, 4. Shake Your Hips.
Side Twelve: 1. Still A Fool, 2. Stop Breaking Down, 3. Sway.

No Spare Parts Volume Three
Side Thirteen: 1. Winter, 2. Living In The Heart Of Love, 3. If You Can t Rock Me, 4.Don t Be A Stranger (Do You Get Enough-Lucky In Love on sleeve).

Side Fourteen: 1. Little Red Rooster (Live), 2 . Faraway Eyes , 3. I Love You Too Much (I Can t Help It on sleeve), 4. I Need You, 5. I Think I m Going Mad.
No Spare Parts Volume Four

Side Fifteen: 1. No Spare Parts, 2. So Young, 3. Over The Rainbow (Somewhere Over The Rainbow on sleeve), 4. The Nearness Of You.
Side Sixteen: 1. Tried To Talk Her Into It (I Tried To Talk Her Into It on sleeve ) , 2. She Was Hot (Long Original Version), 3. Crushed Pearl, 4. Dangerous Beauty.

The Last Time Volume One
Side Seventeen: 1. We Got A Good Thing Going, 2. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue, 3. The Last Time, 4. Family, 5. Stray Cat Blues, 6. I Don t Know Why (I Love You Baby), 7. Stewed And Keefed.
Side Eighteen: 1. Blood Red Wine, 2. All Down The Line, 3. Sweet Virginia, 4. Shine A Light,  5. Shake Your Hips.

The Last Time Volume Two
Side Nineteen: 1. I m Going Down, 2. Angie, 3. Till The Next Time (We Say Goodbye), 4. Time Waits For No One, 5. Ain t Too Proud To Beg.
Side Twenty: 1. Miss You, 2. Let s Go Steady Again, 3. Beast Of Burden, 4. Ain t No Use In Cryin.

The Last Time Volume Three
Side Twenty-one: 1. Almost Hear You Cry (Slippin Away on sleeve), 2. Thru And Thru (Long Version), 3. Love Is Strong (Studio Rehearsal Take).
Side Twenty-two: 1. Ivy League, 2. Sparks Will Fly, 3. Under The Radar, 4. Don t Wanna Go Home (I Don t Wanna Go Home on sleeve), 5. Streets Of Love (The Streets Of Love on sleeve).


This newly released double album comes in two versions: a colored vinyl and a black vinyl box the latter in only 50 numbered copies. The music that comes out is a mix of known outtakes from the 60s through 2005 in quite good quality. Lovers of vinyl and particular releases will love this product; in the label s words: for the first time on LP the definitive 1964-2005 collection of outtakes and alternate versions from studio reels and original acetates with 97 re-mastered tracks for vinyl. Some words on packaging, the box, inserts, inner sleeves and the discs themselves are beautiful and will certainly please any collector, however tracks sources are grossly in error and there are some mistakes on songs names too (You ve Got The Silver, We ve Had It All and the funny Have You See Your Mother, Lately) that make me wonder if the compiler was really a Stones connoisseur. Editing is questionable too on some cases, I personally don t like the merge of two outtakes coming from different times (Slave) into one, plus there is no reason to leave Long John Baldry announcing You Better Move On after Cops and Robbers since the song is not included; there is also a serious mistake at the end on Disc Twenty-one which is Almost Hear You Cry, miscalled Slippin Away. Minor things that, anyway, matter. On some tracks there are skips too (Loving Cup at the beginning). Soundwise the tracks having been remastered and actually there are some of them sounding real good like for instance Sway which is here presented with Keith Richards backing vocals at about the same level than Jagger lead vocals, I did not recall such good sounding stereo track anywhere else. So, despite the artistic beauty of this box set, it is also recommendable to collectors interested in good looking (and sounding) Stones releases.



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