Discs 1,2: Forum Los Angeles 11 July 75; Discs 3,4: Tokyo Dome 24 February 90; Discs 5,6: Paradiso, Amsterdam 26 May 95; Discs 7,8: L’Olympia, Paris 3 July 95; Discs 9,10: Brixton Academy London 19 July 95 (Disc 10 Track 11: rehearsal); Disc 11: Track 1 Estadio Nacional, Santiago 3 February 2016, Tracks 2,3: Estadio Unico La Plata, Buenos Aires 10 February 2016, Tracks 4,5 Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo 27 February 2016, Tracks 6,9,10: Foro Sol, Mexico City (booklet says Track 6 Lima) 14 March 2016, Tracks 7-8: Estadio Monumental, Lima 6 March 2016. Disc 12: Japanese Bonus Tracks, tracks 1-3: Hyde Park, London 6 July 2013 Track 4: Tokyo Dome 3 March 95, Track 5: Amsterdam Arena 1 July 98, Track 6: MSG, New York 18 January 2003, Track 7: Beacon Theatre, New York 29 October 2006, Tracks 8,9:Hyde Park, London 13 July 2013, Track 10. Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 10 October 77- 2 March 78, Track 11: Olympic St. London 16 June-27 July 70; Disc Thirteen: Foret National, Bruxelles 17 October 73 2nd show.
13 CD
Soundboard stereo, except for Disc Ten, Track 10: soundboard mono
Cardboard box holding 13 picture cds wrapped in antistatic bags. Lim.Edition 300 numbered copies




Disc One: 1 ..Introduction, 2. Honky Tonk Women, 3 ..All Down The Line, 4. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud, 5..Star Star,  6..Gimme Shelter, 7. Ain t Too Proud To Beg, 7. You Gotta Move, 8. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 9 .. Happy, 10.Tumbling Dice, 10. It s Only Rock n Roll, 11. Band Introductions, 12. Heartbreaker.

Disc Two: 1. Fingerprint File, 2. Angie, 3. Wild Horses, 4. That s Life, 5. Outta Space, 6. Brown Sugar, 7. Midnight Rambler, 8. Rip This Joint, 9. Street Fighting Man, 10. Jumping Jack Flash,11. Sympathy For The Devil.

Disc Three: 1. Continental   Drift, 2. Start Me Up, 3. Bitch, 4. Sad Sad Sad, 5. Harlem Shuffle,6. Tumbling Dice, 7. Miss You, 8. Ruby Tuesday, 9. Almost Hear You Cry, 10. Rock And A Hard Place, 11. Mixed Emotions, 12. Honky Tonk Women, 13. Midnight Rambler

Disc Four: 1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 2. Can’t Be Seen, 3. Happy, 4. Paint It Black, 5. 2000 Light Years From Home, 6. Sympathy For The Devil, 7. Gimme Shelter, 8. It s Only Rock n Roll, 9. Brown Sugar, 10. (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction, 11. Jumping Jack Flash.


Disc Five: 1. Tumbling Dice, 2. Not Fade Away, 3. It s All Over Now, 4. Live With Me, 5. Let It Bleed, 6. The Spider And The Fly, 7. Beast Of Burden, 8. Angie, 9. Wild Horses, 10. Sweet Virginia, 11.Dead Flowers.


Disc Six: 1. Shine A Light, 2. Like A Rolling Stone, 3. Connection, 4. Slipping Away, 5. The Worst, 6. Gimme Shelter, 7. All Down The Line, 8. Respectable, 9. Rip This Joint, 10. Street Fighting Man.


Disc Seven: 1. Honky Tonk Women, 2. Tumbling Dice, 3. You Got Me Rocking, 4. All Down The Line, 5. Shattered, 6. Beast Of Burden, 7. Let It Bleed, 8. Angie, 9. Wild Horses, 10. Down In The Bottom, 11. Shine A Light, 12. Like A Rolling Stone, 13. I Go Wild.


Disc Eight: 1. Miss You, 2. Connection, 3. Slipping Away, 4. Midnight Rambler, 5. Rip This Joint, 6. Start Me Up, 7. It s Only Rock n Roll, 8. Brown Sugar, 9. Jumping Jack Flash.


Disc Nine: 1. Honky Tonk Women, 2. Tumbling Dice, 3. You Got Me Rocking, 4. Live With Me, 5. Black Limousine, 6. Dead Flowers, 7. Sweet Virginia, 8. Far Away Eyes, 9. Love In Vain, 10. Down In The Bottom, 11. Shine A Light, 12. Like A Rolling Stone.


Disc Ten: 1. Monkey Man, 2. I Go Wild, 3. Miss You, 4. Connection, 5. Slipping Away, 6. Midnight Rambler, 7. Rip This Joint, 8. Start Me Up, 9. Brown Sugar, 10. Jumping Jack Flash, 11. Can t Get Next To You.


Disc Eleven: 1. Jumping Jack Flash, 2. Out Of Control, 3. Paint It Black, 4. Honky Tonk Women, 5. Sympathy For The Devil, 6. You Got The Silver, 7. Midnight Rambler, 8. Miss You, 9. Street Fighting Man, 10. Wild Horses.


Disc Twelve: 1. All Down The Line, 2. Bitch, 3. Beast Of Burden, 4. Sweet Virginia, 5. Angie, 6. I Just Wanna Make Love To You, 7. If You Can t Rock Me, 8. Undercover Of The Night, 9. Tumbling Dice, 10. Happy, 11. So Young, 11. All Down The Line.


Disc Thirteen: 1. Brown Sugar, 2. Gimme Shelter, 3. Happy, 4. Tumbling Dice, 5. Star Star, 6. Dancing With Mr.D, 7. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, 9. Angie, 10. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 11. Midnight Rambler, 12. Honky Tonk Women, 13. All Down the Line, 14. Rip This Joint, 15. Jumping Jack Flash, 16. Street Fighting Man.(Tracks 10-16 only on booklet).


This new box presents concerts and songs allegedly only released on silver disc in Japan, starting from the 1975 July 11th concert which came out officially in November 2014 as Los Angeles Forum 1975 (incorrectly labelled as July 12th) that featured also a 2 cd set from July 13 th . Only in Japan in fact a 2 cd version of the show was released by the famous Ward Records to accompany the DVD set (WRZ-043-044); this is an excellent concert, one of the best of the whole 1975 tour, on Sympathy for the Devil Keith Richards and Ron Wood are really soloing non stop and it must have   been a hell of a job for Bob Clearmountain to mix it properly.

The same can be said for the Tokyo 24 February 1990 release which was only released in Japan (Ward GQBS -90274-6) as DVD and 2 cd set called From the Vault Extra at end of March 2017.

The following 3 concerts have been released only in DVD or Blu Ray format all over the world except for Japan where Totally Stripped Deluxe featured also 2cd for each show (Ward ERSBD 3025-2 for Amsterdam), (Ward   GQBS 90278-2 for Paris) and (Ward ERSBD 3025-4 for London ) .On the Amsterdam show the first track is the rehearsal version of Tumbling Dice, which can be found in its entirety in the Totally Stripped set.

Disc Eleven presents tracks from Ole Ole Tour come from an extra disc that supplemented the DVD/Blu Ray Japa release (Ward GQBS 90295-2) hat came out in May 2017 offering songs stemming from various South American locations, actually only Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man and Wild Horses were exclusively released in Japan.

Disc no.12 features various tracks recorded over   the years from 95 (and not 97 as written on the booklet) through 2016 and released just in Japan; obviously having the full concerts included the songs from Totally Stripped are redundant. The last album is the famous Bruxelles 73 concert which was released in Japan   as 2 cd set too (Ward GQCX 90004-5) unfortunately only the first part of the concert is present, due to a software failure, pathetic justification written on the booklet of American Tour 1981 Part 4 which had the hole show included. I still find it unbelievable that this label does not CHECK their releases before pressing them. So, this box is more a pirate than a bootleg release, however it presents tracks only available in expensive Japan limited editions and so it would have represented good   value for money had it been complete; unfortunately, instead of offering a replacement for Disc Thirteen collectors are forced to buy American Tour 1981 Part 4 cd box set in order to get a full Bruxelles 73 recording, this could be a fruitful marketing strategy on short term, but a short sighted one on a long term. Packaging presents a quite dull reproduction of the Japan 90 DVD release theme on front of the box, the booklet is mostly OK, however rating is being influenced by Disc Thirteen failure.


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