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DAC 184
Disc One: San Diego Sports Arena November 10 1969; Disc Two: Madison Square Garden, New York 26 July 1972.
2 cd
Disc One: Audience mono; Disc Two: Soundboard stereo
double slimline jewel case




Disc One: 1. Introduction, 2. Carol, 3. Sympathy For The Devil, 4. Prodigal Son, 5. You Gotta Move, 6. Under My Thumb, 7. Live With Me, 8. Little Queenie, 9. Satisfaction, 10. Honky Tonk Women, 11. Street Fighting Man.

Disc Two: 1. All Down The Line, 2. You Can t Always Get What You Want, 3. Midnight Rambler, 4. Band Introductions, 5. Bye Bye Johnny, 6. Rip This Joint, 7. Love In Vain, 8. Sweet Virginia, 9. Jumping Jack Flash

This release from DAC presents two very well known concerts that have been amongst the best Stones vinyl boots from TMOQ; the label suggest these are both from TMOQ sources, allegedly from the original tapes lent by Dub and not from clean vinyl discs. This double disc is a reprint of recordings that couple famous popular Stones live titles which were released from the TMOQ label back in 1979 when only analogue recordings existed . The first disc present the San Diego Sports Arena 69 US concert that happened on November 10, 1969, and this is a nice source recorded by TMOQ s master Dub Taylor. It is a collection of ten songs from all 15 songs played on that night, but it was recorded with the highest possible quality sound about 50 years ago, and it is exciting still today listening to the outcome. The content is the best recording in the 69-year underground source, it is a good balance that could be comparable to a soundboard recording.

The stop in San Diego for the US 1969 Tour was released on vinyl as San Diego 69 Stoneaged (Box Top and TMOQ 71078), Midnight Ramblers (Phoenix 44785) 2lps, Bill Wyman and His R.Stones (Blue Ribbon 001 and IMP on blue vinyl) which had only 5 songs and 2nd Incarnation (WRMB 387) having only 9 songs. Stone Age (K&S 027), 2 songs can be found on Liver Than You ll Ever Be (TSP 043-2) 2 LP

On compact Stoneaged/San Diego 69 (VGP 008-TMOQ 71078) in December 1996 from a higher generation source, It s No Hanging Matter (VGP 096 complete with New York 72), Liver Than You ll Ever Be (S.Pig 043) had Under My Thumb as Revolution Sixty Nine (Great Dane 9105); San Diego 69: Revisited, Stoneaged (WPCOM 1189 D043) from vinyl, incomplete with 5 tracks missing and on Super Precious Tracks vol.8 (Black Panther Records); later Sister Morphine released it as Nasty Habits, Water Rats & A Woman s Touch (MORPH 032) and also on VGP finally again called Second Incarnation (VGP 369) offering an excellent document of the gig together with Philadelphia 69;other titles are  Live in San Diego 69 (TSP CD 214), Fuck You San Diego (Country Trash 1228) came out offering another source for that show, then San Diego 69 (MFA-69) and on In Concert 1969 (WLR 2160). Also on Storm America (Beelzebub Rec. 3612) and then on Layyer of Cake (Dasuje NHK) offering a stereo recording with Sam Cutler Introduction but lacking Jumping Jack Flash , Love In Vain, Under My Thumb, I m Free and Midnight Rambler that have always been present on other complete releases, seeming to come from the same source that presented TMOQ original vinyl release. Tracks from this show can also be found on Ultra Rare Trax   vol.7 (TGP 130) and vol. 9 (TGP 132), More Rock n Roll Circus (Living Legend 058), Super Precious Tracks vol.8 (Black Panther Rec.058).

The second disc contains the 72 US Tour concert held in New York Madison Square Gardens on July 26, 1972, on Mick s 29th birthday as well. It contains excerpts of 8 songs from the 16 songs played on the day. It is recorded from a stereo soundboard source directly connected to the PA board which is said to have obtained the ok from the Stones tour staff. Although the balance is somewhat lower, Keith and Mick Taylor s guitar are cleanly separated on the left and right channel. This is also an excellent and famous source. In the analogue era, this show was released on a vinyl album of the same name that came out showing the soundboard songs first from TMOQ (71080), ((Box Top Records) and later (TSP 038); on vinyl itt was also released as Happy Bithday Mick! (Wizardo), Madison 72 (CBM HH ST), Mick’s Birthday Party (TMOQ 72017), Mick s 29th Birthday Party (TMOQ 71080) tthat came out in 1989, Live at Madison Square Gardens 72 (Berkley   R 2004). Spare songs can be found on other vinyl bootlegs like 6 on Cocksucker Blues (TKRWM 1822) and on Stray Cat Blues (Toasted Records 25 914), 3 songs on The Best of the RS Live in Concert (BRS 775) . On the ep Five By Five Alive (PD 50 096)there is Bye Bye Johnny while Sweet Virginia is on The Jean Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue (TAKRL 1919), Taxile on Main Street (Town Records 242HS).and on Sonic Barbecue (Beacon Island 2S717).   On Nasty Songs (TAKRL 24909) there are 4 songs, 2 songs on An American Affair (Saturated Recordworks 25-704A), on Renny s Album (ZAP 7886)   and some years ago the reborn TSP released the album again on purple vinyl (TSP 038). Naturally it has been released on many cds including Touring Party 1972 (Rattlesnake 048-054) that had an almost complete version missing only Street Fighting Man and Uptight-Satisfaction, Nasty Music The Original (SODD 012 VGP 002) with 4 tracks where SODD re-released in 2000 VGP 1997 title; Midnight Ramblers (Toasted 44785), A Slice of Rock n Roll (VGP 244) that had 6 songs form the 26th July show, Tour 1972, Live at MSG 1972, Cocksucker Blues, Nasty Songs (DAC 065) that presented another matrix of audience and soundboard songs, Welcome to New York (VGP 312) presented a quasi complete audience recording (with 2.26 minutes of Street Fighting Man) and the usual soundboard tracks. On Nasty Music The Best Ever (SODD 052-053) there are 4 songs as well as on Mick s Birthday Party (Montserrat BRCD 1913), same thing on Welcome to New York (TSP 038), on Nasty Music (SODD 002-3) 2 cds and on Ladies and Gentlemen (Mighty Diamonds  MD 2002) there are the 9 soundboard songs, while 8 are on Jumping Jack Flash (Oil Well RSC 012), 4 on Jump /Flashback 04.90.0113) and on Hot Stuff Vol.1 (Great Dane 9416). Other songs are on Work Sucks Let s Go on Tour Vol.3 (Boot Tree), Nasty Music 2 cdr (Nanker 001-2), 2 songs on The Missing Years (Great Dane CD SAT 3), 5 songs on Greatest Rarities vol. 1 (ADAM VIII CD 49 029) and 3 more on Vol.2 (49030), 7 songs on the recently released American Exile (Scorpio Am.Exile 1972 /1-3). The whole audience recording has been released on Madison a 4 cdr set from Pignose (PIG 124) that had also both July 25th   shows. It must be remembered that also SODD re-released this show with the same title (022) presenting the soundboard songs; 6 songs came out on The Loveliest Night of Seattle (IMP 034-5) another version of this concert that had   the-soundboard part and two other TMOQ digipack have come out recently, one (TMOQ C0509T) again called Welcome to New York and the other (TMOQ 02-003) the only one to have Street Fighting Man in audience quality but from the 25th July; in 2013 another Welcome to New York digipack came out (Archive Master Series) in blue cover offering tracks from audience from a torrent and soundboard. It also has to be remembered Welcome to New Your on Mick s Birthday (Tarantura TCDRS 31)

 Since the release of original TMOQ LP happened in 1973, it is already 45 years, but this is a lively performance that does not feel that old. It is a classic work to say as a masterpiece of rock music, as can be seen from the reputation that this concert has always had. The label intent seems to have been to process the newly revived gems with the latest mastering technology, offering the outcome to all collectors, however it is still puzzling why proper tracks order has not been followed by placing Love in Vain and Sweet Virginia at the end instead that at the beginning of the disc.

Packaging is nice, although a never used front cover shot would have been preferable, instead of the same one used for the LP of the same name.

Hotwacks Hot Wacks Book IX (9) Printed in Canada July 1981


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