2007 HotWacks On-line Top 10 Lists
19 Dec 2007

Svengi's Top 10 CD Picks for 2007

Led Zeppelin The Great Lost Live Album Nasty Music LabelBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Mountain Of Love The Godfather Records

  1. Led Zeppelin "The Great Lost Live Album" Nasty Music  / "Live At Southampton University Working Tapes" Empress Valley
  2. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band "Mountain Of Love"  The Godfather Records
  3. Bob Dylan "By The Waterfront Docks" Scorpio Label
  4. Pink Floyd "Celestial Voices" Rover Records
  5. Bob Dylan "The Genuine Supper Club Soundboards" 3CD  No Label /  ALSO:  "(And It Ain't) In The Seats Of A Supper Club" The Liberator Label
  6. Led Zeppelin "Legendary Reunion 2007" Wendy Records
  7. The Rolling Stones "Time Trip Volume 5" Scorpio Label
  8. Neil Young "Wet Show" Tarantura Label
  9. Led Zeppelin "Days Confused" Empress Valley
  10. John Lennon "Journals Parts 1 & 2" 5CD each CEDREM Soundlab

Comments:  What a year to try and distill down.  I could add 5 more!...The Dylan 2007 Euro Tour set from Crystal Cat, Queen "A Very Special Christmas" from Godfather Records, Stones "Got To Be Worked On" from Rover Records, Zeppelin Studio Sessions from Scorpio, Clapton Rainbow Concert DVD-Audio from Mid-Valley, Zeppelin "L'Olympia" from Wendy, quite a year on the audio and I guess that's more than five more...on to the DVDs.

Svengi's Top 10 DVD Picks for 2007

Led Zeppelin 02 Arena London 12.10.07 Third Eye Productions  Led Zeppelin Demand Unprecedented Empress Valley Label  Rolling Stones Supernova Halcyon Label

  1. Led Zeppelin "02 Arena London 12.10.07" Third Eye Productions
  2. Led Zeppelin "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock And Roll" Empress Valley
  3. Rolling Stones "Supernova" Halcyon
  4. The Who "Roadrunners" Apocalypse Sound
  5. Bruce Springsteen "Dancing In The Parc" Apocalypse Sound / "Breathless In Paris" No Label
  6. Jimmy Page & Black Crowes Jones Beach July 10, 2000 Bad Wizard
  7. Black Sabbath "Black Mass" Retro Tone
  8. Led Zeppelin "Knights Of The Court" Genuine Masters / "Story So Far" Bad Wizard
  9. Elvis Presley "Chain Reaction" Generic Euro Release
  10. Led Zeppelin "Days And Confused" Seymour Vision