Digital Line DL612
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA - January 19, 1990
NTSC Code Free
Stereo Soundboard
Clear DVD Clamshell w/Full Color Double-sided Insert Artwork

Aerosmith Live And F.I.N.E.



1. Heart's Done Time, 2. Same Old Song And Dance, 3. F.I.N.E., 4. Monkey On My Back, 5. Don't Get Mad Get Even, 6. Permanent Vacation, 7. Janie's Got A Gun, 8. Mama Kin, 9. Angel, 10. Hangman Jury, 11. Voodoo Medicine Man, 12. Red House, 13. Rag Doll, 14. Draw The Line, 15. Dream On, 16. Love In An Elevator, 17. Dude Looks Like A Lady, 18. Sweet Emotion, 19. Peter Gunn Theme, 20. Train Kept A-Rollin', 21. Walk This Way

An excellent release from Digital Line that is obviously transfered to DVD from the Master Tape, as the cover notes. 

This is a multi-cam (4 to be sure), Pro-shot affair that is wonderfully directed.  Too bad the video director didn't have control over the Sound Technician for the show!  The video is perfect and super clean all the way through but the audio mix has the drums too prominent with the guitars underneath, along with the vocals.  I thought for sure this would even out as the show progressed but it does not.  I still have to give it a 9 because it is a strong soundboard and you can hear everything distinctly, except Tom Hamilton's is latent until he is front and center for "Sweet Emotion".

I always have to be patient while experiencing contemporary Aerosmith.  I'm not a fan of that late 80's & 90's "sound" or arrangements, and this show is certainly missing the danger or magic of the early years.  In fact, Joe Perry is the only one showing any passion or emotion at all here.  Steven Tyler is energetic but his vocals are bland and effortless.  He's a pro and delivers the goods but he isn't pushing it that's for sure.  In most recordings during this period, it's the new material that seems to bring out the fire in the band but here it's the opposite.  The highlight of the entire show is a fierce rendition of "Draw The Line"!  I was pleased the added saxman didn't step in and ruin this one like he does in "Same Old Song And Dance" and "Mama Kin".  My god, he steps out for those tunes like a Radio Contest Winner who gets to play with the band for an evening and it is embarrassing.  The real detractor here are the arrangements on this outing, the piano on "Dream On" and all that saxophone where it isn't needed.  It just doesn't come off well as you look back 15 years later.

All in all this is a great document of the band at this juncture because this video is pristine and the audio is certainly right there.  The artwork from Digital Line incorporates a series of paintings, I assume were made by "Aerosmith's Best Fan" Calvin Einstein as there is a note of special thanks to him on the back sleeve.  Nice work and it is unique.  Certainly a recommended title for collectors.

While it has very good video quality I am not sure I agree this deserves a 10 as the distance shots are a little soft with loss of detail and the colors bloom a little when the colored lights come on and the blacks are washed out. I would still give it a solid 9 rating...
Comment by classicrocker wrote on 2007-06-08 19:31:06

Followup comment...I have tried two copies now and it appears some copies of this disc have a pressing flaw as the video for the last song "Walk This Way breaks up in spots. it does play all the way through. My vendor told all his copies have this problem so check yours out.
Comment by classicrocker wrote on 2007-06-15 19:43:29

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