Hang Ten
Carnegie Hall, New York City, November 23, 1972
Single CD
Professional Stereo Soundboard
Clear Jewel Case Art



1. 1972 Radio Promo, 2. Darlin', 3. Only With You, 4. Heroes & Villains, 5. Long Promised, 6. Don't Worry Baby, 7. Student Demonstration Time, 8. I Get Around, 9. Marcella, 10. California Saga, 11. Help Me Rhonda, 12. Wonderful/Don't Worry Bill, 13. God Only Knows    Bonus Live Tracks - Various Locations 1967 :  14. Barbara Ann, 15. Surfer Girl, 16. Wouldn't It Be Nice, 17. California Girls, 18. Good Vibrations, 19. Graduation Day

From the insert sleeve, "Welcome to the first release of Hang Ten Records, a Beach Boys exclusive label made by fans for fans." This is a very cool find by the label and a superb recording, presented here for the very first time.  Hang Ten has added some fantastic soundboard bonus tracks circa 1967.  Frankly, those bonus tracks prove key in terms of total enjoyment of this disc too!

This stereo soundboard recording was produced with the intentions of releasing a live album from the band in the early 70's.  This wasn't exactly the most creatively pleasing period for The Beach Boys and I'm sure most would agree.  There is only about an hour of this show that has surfaced in this stellar quality - from this source.  Did the best get retained?  I only say that because, while it is understood that this is a "warts and all" recording, the performance still lacks some real meat and emotion.  If this is it, you soon understand why the project was shelved, or at least why this particular show wasn't utilized commercially.

The audience can be heard faintly in the background  but we can't catch the comments that precipitate some of Mike Love's pompous comments from the stage.  This guy is really a case. The band also has to deal with some technical glitches that seem to throw their game off a bit, and stifles any potential momentum they try to establish.  This recording is really a gem for the mere fact that we get to hear Dennis Wilson as a primary spokesman for the band during the initial part of the set.  That's what makes these historic documents stir such keen interest in us collectors.  Where else can you find a cool sample of what these artists were about in such candid fashion?...and in their element?  The harmonies are really hit-and-miss throughout the show.  Thank god for Carl Wilson.  He seems to really be the only one who can hit a proper note consistently.  Inadequacies on that level shine through on favorites like "I Get Around" and "Help Me Rhonda".  You find yourself chiming in on the missing Brian Wilson parts.  Oh well.  This is seemingly, the only live audio document from the band during this period.  The core material of this show would be released on the then forthcoming "Holland" LP.

So, all the elements and dynamics that were perhaps missing from the core Carnegie Hall '72 recording here, are compensated by the inclusion of an incredibly meticulous selection of soundboard/broadcast bonus tracks from Hang Ten.  The various 1967 live tracks tacked on to fill out the disc are really wonderful.  There isn't any source information provided to identify where they are taken from, but they really present the band at their peak and the sound here is excellent.  Kudos to Hang Ten for offering a well balanced peak into a chapter of the band that hasn't been presented until now.  Beach Boys collectors will eat this title up.

The disc comes with clear jewel case artwork that is very nicely designed but the quality of paper could have been upgraded to give it proper respect for what it is. The Hang Ten Label also indicates in their release/label info on the back that this part of their Original Master Series.  Quite a kickoff for the label and we certainly hope there is more where this one came from!  Amazing stuff.






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