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02 Arena London 2011

O2 Arena London 17 August 2011.
2 DVD-R, 4:3, NTSC (cover says PAL)
Dolby Digital 2.0
Double DVD Clamshell




Disc One: 1. Mud On The Tires, 2. Welcome To The Future, 3. Ticks, 4. She s Everything To Me, 5. Celebrity, 6. Long Sermon, 7. Working On A Tan, 8. This Is Country Music, 9. I'm Still A Guy, 10. Waitin On A Woman, 11. When I Get Where I m Going, 12. Cigar Song, 13. Whiskey Lullabye, 14. I'm Going To Miss Her, 15. Eastwood, 16. Online & American Saturday Night, 17. Then, 18. Water, 19. Old Alabama, 20. Let The Good Times Roll, 21. Alcohol, 22. Online.

Disc Two: 1. Meeting Brad Paisley, 2. Let The Good Times Roll, 3. Alcohol, 4. Let The Good Times Roll, 5. Let The Good Times Roll-Alcohol, 6.   Let The Good Times Roll, 7. Alcohol, 8.   Let The Good Times Roll, 9. Alcohol, 10. Let The Good Times Roll, 11. Let The Good Times Roll, 12. Let The Good Times Roll, 13. Let The Good Times Roll, 14. Let The Good Times Roll, 15. Alcohol, 16. Let The Good Times Roll.


This new double DVD release presents the Brad Paisley concert from London 02 Arena in mid August of this year, a concert that saw guest spots by  Ron Wood and Darius Rucker. The concert starts with the title track from Brad Paisley 2003 album "Mud On The Tires" followed shortly by 2007 hit "Ticks" that reached number 1 on the Billboard chart and "Celebrity" which was a former hit record. Country rock played in standard style by Paisley that is supported by a good band. The first Disc presents the whole concert shot from two sources, a distant (and low volume) one and a closer one with right audio soundtrack. Some songs are cut and unfortunately they are all divided in chapters, so the concert doesn t flow but after a song there are some seconds of silence; it is also annoying since in order to know total length of any disc it needs to add up all songs length. A pity because audio and video quality are excellent. "Waitin On A Woman" is shot so well it seems to be coming from pro shot and not audience and on this song there is also a great solo by Paisley; on the other side volume fluctuations between songs in unnerving (as from "Eastwood" and "Online").  After 3 encores Ron Wood comes on stage for "Let The Good Time Roll", soon joined by Darius Rucker (the first Afro-American to succeed in country music after Charley Pride) for "Alcohol" which is the final one. Last song on Disc One is a bonus version of "Online" previously cut. Disc Two begins with a 2.32 minutes girl fan video diary with a brief shot from Sky News that must have interviewed her; then she gets into the backstage to meet Paisley. We do get then many different sources (up to 10!) of "Let The Good Times Roll" and "Alcohol" shot from different spots (even from the stage screen) the latter complete since it was cut on the first disc. Packaging has good photos of the event but back cover track listings is pretty messed up.


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02 Arena London 2011


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