Cult of Evil Gods evilcd-002
Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden - October 15th, 2002
FM broadcast
single jewel case




Nemesis Divina, Mental Mercury, Black Metal - Fuel For Hatred, Possessed, Dominions of Satyricon, Havoc Vulture, Hvite Krists Tod, Mother North. 

Of all the black metal bands coming out of Scandinavia, Satyricon have enjoyed the greatest degree of success and respect.  Volcano, their 2002 release on Satyr's own Moonfog label, scooped up oodles and awards including the Norwegian Grammy for best metal album that year.  Columbia, Bob Dylan's label, have released that LP in this country to some success.  The band were never beholden to the "true" ideology that was so important in the scene in the early ninties.  They were able to expand their music past the black metal sound to incorporate atmospheric keyboards, death metal and even some punk ("Fuel For Hatred" comes to mind) but never becoming too cheesy like Cradle Of Filth.  Everything they do sounds very hostile and aggressive.     

Live In Stockholm is a new release on the Cult Of Evil Gods label and they use a fantastic, professionally mixed tape made for Swedish radio.  There is some debate about the actual date and location of the tape since no mention is made on the sleeve.  Some people place it in either 2003 or 2004, but it's definitely from October 15th, 2002.  Satyr observes on his website:  "Stockholm was cool, with a pretty good crowd and a good turn-out. The show was recorded live by SR P3 and we're still listening to it trying to find out what can be broadcasted from it. Slight intonation problems with one of the guitars made certain songs and parts sound foul. The show was supposed to be at Göta Källäre, but it was moved to Klubben so that we could use pyro. Now the lousy swedish promoter did not take care of the permit from the local police so we couldn't use pyro anyway! Pathetic."

The set is a good cross section of their material and even includes a short nod to Venom with "Black Metal" seguing into "Fuel For Hatred".  All of Satyr's comments on stage are in Swedish.  The only drawback to this release is what plagues other releases from this label, the gaps between the tracks.  Hopefully Cult Of Evil Gods will correct this in the future (since it's on all of his titles) and continue to produce essential black metal releases.  Hopefully a recording of Satyricon's headlining set from last summer's Wacken Open Air Festival was taped and will make it to pressed disc.  It would be great to hear them before 40,000.  Further they were joined on stage by Nocturno Culto and peformed several Darkthrone songs.  But Live In Stockholm has flawless sound and is highly recommended.     

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