Apocalypse Sound AS 116
Various TV Appearances & Promo Films (See Tracklisting)
DVD9 Dual Layer Disc, NTSC, All Region
Approximately 3 hours, 50 minutes
Various Mono and Stereo Broadcast
Deluxe Color Triple Foldout DVD Digipack

Mod Generation DVD front

Mod Generation DVD inner panel



TV Appearances
Ready Steady Go July 2, 1965:  1. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, 2. Shout And Shimmy
Ready Steady Go, August 3, 1965:  3. I Can't Explain, 4. My Generation, 5. Daddy Rolling Stone
Shindig Goes To London - Richmond Jazz Festival, August 6, 1965:  6. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, 7. Shout And Shimmy
A Whole Scene Going, January 5, 1966:  8. Out In The Street, 9. Heatwave/Pete Townshend Interview, 10. It's Not True
Popside, Swedish Television, June 3, 1966:
11. Intro To Popside, 12. The Ox, 13. Daddy Rolling Stone, 14. It's Not True, 15. Bald Headed Woman, 16. The Kids Are Alright, 17. Substitute, 18. My Generation
Beat Club, January 15, 1967: 19. I'm A Boy, 20. Heatwave, 21. Happy Jack
Marquee Club, London, March 2, 1967:  22. Happy Jack, 23. So Sad About Us, 24. My Generation
Beat Club, June 18, 1967:  25. Pictures Of Lily
Helsinki, Finland, May 1, 1967:  26. Arrival and Interview, 27. Substitute, 28. My Generation
Twice A Fortnight, October 16, 1967:  29. I Can See For Miles
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, September 17, 1967:  30. I Can See For Miles, 31. My Generation
Beat Club, October 7, 1967: 32. Magic Bus
All My Loving, November 3, 1968:  33. Pete Townshend Interview, 34. My Generation
Surprise Partie, French TV, December 31, 1968:
35. I'm A Boy, 36. I Can See For Miles, 37. Magic Bus
Pop Goes The Sixties, December 31, 1969:  38. I Can See For Miles
This Is Tom Jones, April 18, 1969: 39. Pinball Wizard

Promotional Films
Promo Film Montage 1965:  1. I Can't Explain
Promo Film (U.S. Version), March 21, 1966:  2. Substitute
Promo Film (UK Version), March 21, 1966: 3. Substitute
Promo Film, July 1966: 4. The Kids Are Alright
Promo Film, December 19, 1966:  5. Happy Jack
Promo Film, 1966: 6. Bucket T
Promo Film, 1967: 7. Pictures of Lily
Promo Film, 1967: 8. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Promo Film, September 1967: 9. I Can See For Miles
Promo Film, February 26, 1968: 10. Call Me Lightning
Tommy Promotional Films, Beat Club - August 27 & 28, 1968:
11. Introduction
12. Pinball Wizard
13. Pete Townshend Interview
14. Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
15. Smash The Mirror
16. Pete Townshend Interview
17. Sally Simpson
18. I'm Free
19. Pete Townshend Interview
20. Tommy's Holiday Camp
21. We're Not Gonna Take It
22. See Me, Feel Me
Promo Film, Live USA 1969: 23. Pinball Wizard


In the Winter of 2005-2006, Scorpio released the double silver Who DVD set, "Purple Hearts And Power Chords:  The Who On Film 1965-1969".   A fantastic compilation by any standards to provide all the essential early Who video documents.  As accolades and praise were offered up from collectors on the set, the source was actually a Euro fan-produced product in which Scorpio keenly sought out and did the proper thing by getting the effort onto silver DVD for us.  As we've seen from that label's DVD efforts, not alot of blood and sweat into presentation but typically we get pretty high quality fare.  Now, take the good from Scorpio's set and re-theme and sort the contents, capitalize on today's Dual Layer DVD-9 technology - leverage your premium packaging capabilities - and you have Apocaypse Sounds new Who DVD, "Mod Generation - TV Appearances And Promotional Films From 1965-1969"

The material offered is completely the same, and of the same quality as, Scorpio's set.  Apocalypse Sound however, has divided the material into two batches of clips as the title suggests; TV Appearances, and the Promotional Films for the 5 year period documented.  What continues to amaze me is the integrity and consistency of the sources utilized throughout.  No easy task for such early material, not to mention the quantity of clips!  The vast majority are stellar as is the audio quality.  The only exception to the rule here is the August 6, 1965 Richmond Jazz Festival footage which is where the both the audio and video quality takes a slight dip but somehow seems appropriate for the era and the black & white footage.  It doesn't really detract from the whole historical trip you're on.  This is just such a great piece on every level I cannot praise this particular package enough.  I absolutely love the Scorpio set too but when you get this all on one disc and in such primo digipack packaging - this finely produced version from Apocalypse Sound rivals anything on the commercial shelves.  I will say that I almost prefer the chronological programming of the orignal running order that Scorpio presented.  The mixing of the live miming and actual live footage with the campy promotional vids keeps things nicely mixed.  But if AS was going to serve up the same material - they handled it the right way by re-formatting things and giving the collecting community a slightly different take with a major upgrade in the package.  The tracklisting and sources above kind of speak for themselves - vintage and priceless video galore.  I had to include a scan of one of the inner panels of the DVD Digipack here for everyone as it's probably one of the greatest photos of young Pete Townshend onstage throwing his guitar up in the air!...and I've never seen it before either.  Brilliant inclusion of photography utilized by Apocalypse Sound.  Actually, this one my be easier to track down than the Scorpio 2DVD version but if you come across that one, don't pass it up either. 

Apocalypse Sound has continued to also upgrade their video programming efforts with slickly produced menus and navigation.  Not just that but the label has gotten quite consistent with their standards of sourcing and producing titles so kudos should be given for their attentiveness to offer premium goods. 

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