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My Life As A Rolling Stone: Ronnie Wood

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Documentary broadcasted on July 9th 2022 by BBC2
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1. Ronnie Wood

This documentary was broadcasted by the BBC on July 9th, 2022 and is part two of the series My Life As a Rolling Stone, which consisted of one documentary devoted to every band member. From the back cover:

“Ron Wood is a cultural icon, guitar hero and artist. In this documentary he talks exclusively about his career in music and his life as The Rolling Stones. Featuring rare archive footage, many Rolling Stones rare soundtracks and interviews.” The known people interviewed are Rod Stewart, Glyn Johns, Mick Jagger, Kenney Jones, Mick Taylor, Keith Richards, Andy Summers, Joe Walsh, Dan Aykroyd, Chrissie Hynde, Charlie Watts, Jon Bon Jovi, Don Was, Chuck Leavell, Jane Rose, Slash, Bernard Fowler, Stewart Copeland, Lisa Fischer, Joyce Smith.  All the interviews were made by Oliver Murray in New York in March 2022.

The most interesting parts consist of unseen footage, like private films showing the Faces live in the States or revealing stuff like the trade Jagger did with him allowing him to retain rights for I Can Feel The Fire where he was singing back-up vocals, but getting It’s Only Rock’n’Roll for him; however, they could not recreate the original feel, so decided to use that first attempt overdubbing Keith Richards guitar. Another revelation was that insurance for Ron Wood on the 1981 US tour was hard to find, due to his addiction, but Keith covered for him in order to have the tour go; he finally got clean in 2010.

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