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24 Mar 2008 
Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin release news...

An early Easter and an early lull in the proceedings!

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News Column for March 24, 2008.)

18 Mar 2008 
New Godfather Records & Apocalypse Sound, Mid Valley & more...

A nice flurry of announcements to relay on this late St. Pattie's Day Eve!

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News Column for March 17, 2008.)

10 Mar 2008
New CLAPTON, TRAFFIC, OASIS in the news...

We get the latest from Tarantura as the core of what was a fairly anemic news this week.

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News column for March 10, 2008.)



03 Mar 2008 
The latest from Tarantura, Hot Details from Scorpio & more...

It's the "to hell with Winter" version of the Bootleg News this week here at HotWacks On-line!

(Click below for the complete column for March 3, 2008.)

25 Feb 2008 

A dose of new titles to present in this weeks' bootleg news roundup here at HotWacks On-line.

(Click below for the complete News Column for February 25, 2008.)

18 Feb 2008
CSNY Box Set seeing the light?...Dylan, Genesis and Queen...

Could we see finally see the goods from Aurora Borealis this Spring?  Click the link below for an update and the rest of the Bootleg News for February 18, 2008.

11 Feb 2008 
It's only a hobby, but we're obsessed with it....

News of a new label and a nice batch of titles to summarize the week with...

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News Column for February 11, 2008.)

04 Feb 2008 
The Vinyl Revival continuing to make statements, and more!

We've been talking about all the new vinyl releases, check out the latest and catch up on the week in Bootleg News.

(Click below for the complete News Column for February 4, 2008.)

28 Jan 2008 
New Pink Floyd and more Led Zeppelin...

New titles from Sigma and the latest on the Zeppelin releases comprise the bootleg news this week!

(Click below for the complete bootleg news column for January 28, 2008.)

22 Jan 2008 
Surely there is something new this week???

Click on in for the latest in what's been announced this past week in underground bootleg titles.

14 Jan 2008
Rattlesnake Titles update, ELP and Jeff Beck in the news...

Variety in small numbers but no less interesting.  Click below for the complete Bootleg News Column for January 14, 2008.

07 Jan 2008 
Let's keep it rocking in '08!

A nod to 2007's wild finish and a quick look at what's announced early in this New Year.

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News Colum for this first Monday of 2008.)

26 Dec 2007 
Holiday Bootleg Release Update!

A few nice release announcements to hightlight in between the holidays this week, click in for the details.

(Click below for the complete Bootleg News for December 26, 2007.)

17 Dec 2007
Purging the explicit with the illegitimate!...

 On with the business of the day, and that is the latest in Bootleg News.  Click on in and get the full dose of what's new.

(Click below for the full News Column for December 17, 2007.)

10 Dec 2007
It's a Led Zeppelin Monday!...

It's been an exciting day for Zep fans for sure.  We have Zep boot news to go along with the big reunion today, and more...

(Click below for the complete News Column for December 10, 2007.)

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