Lone Star Roadhouse, New York 14 May 1992 1st show
1 downlioad cdr
Audience stereo
single slimline jewel case




Mix of sources #1 &#3 completed with #2: 1. Intro & Tuning, 2. Bad Mouth Mama, 3. Hoodoo Thing, 4. How It Feels, 5. You Gotta Move, 6. Shake Your Hips, 7. Banter, 8. Kind Hearted Woman Blues-Me And The Devil Blues, 9. Cairo Motel, 10. Outro, Bonus: Some merged parts: 11. Intro & Bad Mouth Mama, 12. Hoodoo Thing, 13. Shake Your Hips.


We are getting close to the end of this series, here on volume 22 is the 1st show from New York in mid May '92, here the line-up was: Mick Taylor on guitar and vocals, Jimmie Wood on vocals, harmonica and guitar, Jimmy King on guitar and backing vocals, Greg Boaz on bass and backing vocals and David Salinas on drums.

Two recordings were already circulating, the one used were (source #1) and the Maidenlane recording (source #3) to get the best combination. Another version (source #2) was saturated and with noises but contained a more complete tuning and the complete banter after Shake Your Hips, therefore it was chosen to keep all 3 sources to get the best possible sound and the most complete version of the concert’s recording.

 * The banter after “Shake Your Hips’ is now complete and rebuilt this way:

From 0’00 to 0’13: source #3

From 0’13 to 0’58: source #2

From 0’58 to 1’11: source #1

From 1’11 until the end: mix of source #1 & #3

To provide a bit more interest, as a bonus, some merged parts have been added.

As usual all sources have been edited, de-clicked, channels rebalanced and speed synchronized. Unfortunately, the content was too big to burn a cdr, because some dead air had been left at the end of the Outro (Track 10) which needs to be removed, possibly using Audacity, in order to create the disc.  On the Intro the first minute comes from source 3 then there is a mix of the other 2 sources, on the Bonus material the left channel comes from source #1, while the right channel features the Maidenlane recording. On this gig, as well as on any other show of the East Coast in mid ’92 and on the European tour there was no keyboard player which reappeared in the line-up in February ’93, but not with these musicians; it would not be until April ’96 that would permanently be in the band Max Middleton. This release is very good allowing to dig a complete performance of this line-up in a show that features a torrid version of Shake Your Hips and a nice medley of Rover Johnson classics played with style.


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