Empress Valley EVSD 1154-1155
Wembley Stadium, London July 7th 1984
2 picture cds, 1 picture DVD, 200 copies limited edition
Discs One, Two: Soundboard stereo, Disc Three: Dolby Digital 2.0
Twofold Gatefold sleeve with OBI and label sticker




Disc One: 1. Highway 61 Revisited, 2. Jokerman, 3. All Along The Watchtower, 4. Just Like A Woman, 5. Maggie’s Farm, 6. I And I, 7. License To Kill (Licence on cover ) , 8. A Hard Rain s A Gonna Fall, 10. Tangled Up In Blue, 11. It s Alright Ma, I m Only Bleeding, 12. Simple Twist Of Fate, 13. Masters Of War, 14. Ballad Of A Thin Man.

Disc Two: 1. Enough Is Enough (Why Should I Choose? on cover), 2. Every Grain Of Sand, 3. Like A Rolling Stone, 4. Mr.Tambourine Man, 5. Girl From The North Country, 6. It Ain t Me Babe, 7. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, 8. It s All Over Now, Baby Blue, 9. Tombstone Blues, 10. Senor, 11. The Times They Are A Changing, 12. Blowin In The Wind, 13. Knockin  On Heaven s Door.

Disc Three: 1. Martha Quinn Interview, 2. Highway 61 Revisited, 3. A Hard Rain s A Gonna Fall , . 4. Like A Rolling Stone, 5. Mr.Tambourine Man, 6. It Ain t Me Babe, 7. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, 8. It s All Over Now, Baby Blue, 9. Tombstone Blues, 10. Senor, 11. The Times They Are A Changing, 12. Blowin In The Wind.


This release presents Bob Dylan s 1984 Wembley full concert as uncirculated multitrack soundboard and this is a first time, since previously just 11 tracks from this concert had appeared on The Soundboard Collection (WLR 2131) an underground box set in soundboard quality. It must be remembered that some songs from this show have been used for the Real Live official album (Highway 61-Maggie s Farm-It Ain t Me Baby-Tangled Up In Blue-Masters of War-Ballad of a Thin Man) as well as on The Complete Album Collection vol. One that came out in 2013. Also It Ain t Me, Babe was featured on Bob Dylan Classics Live in 2007. This collection has been advertised as complete, however it must be pointed out that I ve Got To Use My Imagination (the song sung by bass player Greg Sutton) is missing here, probably because it was not taken into consideration for being released on Real Live, the tape was allegedly provided to Dylan himself for his own selection.   To this regard a funny fact has emerged from Glyn Johns who said in his memoir that he invited Bob to the actual mastering of the Real Live album, and that apparently Bob had never sat through a mastering session before and he was quite fascinated with the whole thing.

The Wembley concert has been released as What’s Real (TNT Studio 940154-5.6) a 3 cd set that offered the whole performance as audience recording. Then from Japan came out Wembley Stadium 1984 ( Masterport 235) a 3 cdr set that presented this concert with a great sounding audience tape even if at the beginning of the concert there a minimal fluctuation, probably due to the original tape. One song, Senor, had appeared on Last Encore (Joke 84) vinyl bootleg. Musically speaking on songs like Highway 61, I And I and  All Along The Watchtower it is Taylor s lead guitar that steals the scene with his soaring solos, while on songs like Just Like A Woman it is Ian McLagan keyboards that bring back that original mid 60s sound. The concert should have ended with Like A Rolling Stone, on which Dylan introduces the band, but then he came back again on acoustic guitar for three more songs and then more songs as encores. There have been special guests too, except for Santana who was always part of the concert for the whole tour, the latter Chrissie Hynde and Eric Clapton joined the band from Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat onwards and Van Morrison played his duet with Dylan on It s All Over Now Baby Blue. The output is really superb, although there is not much stereo separation, but all instruments are quite high in the mix, Ian McLagan s organ during Just Like A Woman really drives the song, Taylor s guitar is much upfront on I And I and Every Grain Of Sand but of course when there are tracks with many guitars playing it gets difficult Most of the times it is a very narrow stereo recording that seems mono, the keyboards appear magically on the right channel (Enough Is Enough); anyway soundwise this is much better than the stale Real Live album were guitars were mixed so low.

As for the third disc it is a DVD of the concert; there have been a couple of different private videos shot by some fans, both shot from the audience pit (Highway 61 Revisited, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat. It s All Over Now, Baby Blue, Tombstone Blues, Senor, The Times They Are A Changing and Blowin   In The Wind). Then   thanks to a vi deo partly broadcasted by MTV on 14, 15 and 16 July 1984 and on 27 January 1985  there is the Martha Quinn Bob Dylan tape, actually released on DVD called The Real Live (WLR 1047). There are 11 songs on this DVD which are the same as Real Live DVD previously mentioned,   but it also includes a full Dylan interview by M.Quinn at the beginning, this is an informal interview with Dylan being very open, laughing too and explaining why he decided to tour again and discussed matters like his early days at the Cafe Wha?, the recording of Infidels and his attitude toward videos .(he disliked Jokerman video) and his own records which he claims he never listens to. MTV broadcasted very little of the interview, but here we have it all; at the end of the interview, Dylan tells Quinn that she asked some really good questions, so maybe that is why he granted her (and her cameraman) full access backstage. Martha Quinn was interviewing Dylan for MTV UK and was given a full backstage pass to follow Dylan s show and went to the man backstage and followed him on stage too, followed by a cameraman that filmed snippets of songs from the unique perspective of the back of the stage. Some songs are almost complete (Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat, It s All Over Now Baby Blue, Tombstone Blues and The Times They Are A Changing) despite Bill Graham s futile attempt and shouts not to film a complete song. This is a fascinating insight into the London 84 show; the camera is shaky at times and the cameraman keeps shooting even when walking from the left side of the stage to the right (we can see his feet while walking) but when it focus on the players it is very intimate, we can see Dylan looking at Van Morrison or Taylor judging when to stop his slide work to allow Clapton a solo. Packaging is superb as usual for this label, however the back cover contain typos on Disc One and Disc Two track listing is wrong since Enough Is Enough is called Why Should I Know and the last encore is The Times They Are A Changing instead of Knocking On Heaven s Door; but instead of correcting it and dumping   what was already printed, they opted to leave it and add an insert with the correct track listing (although there is yet another typo-sang instead of sung). Despite that, this release is excellent due to its content and certainly presents the best Dylan 1984 live set so far.


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