Cpt. Acid Remasters
Empire Burlesque Studio Outtakes, Late July 1984 Delta Studios, New York, Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles Fall 1984, Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles January1985 and The Record Plant, New York February 1985.
2 download cdrs, transfer from very good quality vinyl discs > Technics SL-110/SME 3009 Series 111/Goldring G1010 > Onkyo P-304 Pre Amp > Soundforge 9 > FLAC Level 6 Align on sector boundaries, minimal vinyl restoration applied
Soundboard Stereo
Double Slimline Jewel case




Disc One: Side One: 1. New Danville Girl, 2. Tight Connection To My Heart, 3. Clean-Cut Kid Side Two: 4. I'll Remember You, 5. Seeing The Real You At Last, 6. Something's Burning #1, 7. Trust Yourself, 8. Emotionally Yours.

Disc Two: Side Three 1. When The Night Comes Falling, 2. Never Gonna Be The Same, 3. Straight A's In Love, 4. Waiting To Get Beat 5. The Very Thought Of You, 6. Firebird (Instrumental No. 1)Side Four 7. Drifting Too Far From Shore, 8. Who Loves Ya More, 9. Groovin' At Delta (Instrumental No. 2), 10. Go 'way Little Boy, 11. Something's Burning #2.


Just when has appeared on the market the excellent Springtime in New York set that features on 5 discs many unheard songs and outtakes from the early to mid ‘80s by Dylan surrounded by Mick Taylor, Mark Knopfler and Ron Wood among others (by the way this is how to satisfy collectors and fans, not releasing an extra disc with outtakes taken from the past whatever the year, in addition to the reissued albums like the Stones have done from the Exile reissue onwards) here we have a remaster of one of Dylan’s great vinyl bootlegs. It is nice to be able to listen to these outtakes from that old vinyl album that has been phase and level corrected as well as pitch, where needed. Also new EQ and some editing and cleaning of vinyl clicks had been done. This is nothing new because was remastered by Captain Acid back in July 2020, though.

The original vinyl album came out in 1987 by GWW as can be seen on the front cover of this release, just adapted from the original artwork. The work done on these songs is nice, we can listen to them with (almost) no audible vinyl noises and dig some of them, like the excellent Tight Connection To My Heart which was in fact coming from the Infidels sessions, while most of the rest is from the Empire Burlesque sessions. Precious work especially for those that cannot have the vinyl release.


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