Zion 111
Beverly Theater, Los Angeles, CA. USA 23rd May 1984
2 picture cds
Soundboard stereo
double slimline jewel case, Lim.Numbered Ed.




Disc One: 1. Instrumental, 2. Maggie s Farm, 3. All Along The Watchtower take 1&2, 4. Just Like A Woman take 1&2, 5. When You Gonna Wake Up take 1&2, 6. Shelter From The Storm take 1, 7. Watered-Down Love, 8. Masters Of War, 9. Jokerman take 1, 10. Simple Twist Of Fate take 1, 11. Simple Twist Of Fate take 2, 12. Man Of Peace take 1&2, 13. I And I, 14. It s All Over Now Baby Blue take 1, 15. Ballad Of A Thin Man take 1, 16. Heart Of Mine, 17. Highway 61 Revisited take 1, 18. I See You Around And Around, 19. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, 20. It s All Over Now Baby Blue take 2, 21. Almost Done take 1, 22. Always On My Mind take 1-3, 23. Every Grain Of Sand, 24. Girl From The North Country take 1.

Disc Two: 1. War Time, War Time, War Time, 2. Almost Done take 2&3, 3. Enough Is Enough, 4. Dirty Lies, 5. Why Do I Have To Choose, 6. To Each His Own, 7. Jokerman take 2, 8. All Along The Watchtower take 3, 9. Just Like A Woman take 3, 10. Highway 61 Revisited take 2, 11. I And I take 2, 12. Girl From The North Country take 2, 13. Shelter From The Storm take 2&3, 14. License To Kill, 15. Ballad Of A Thin Man take 2, 16. When You Gonna Wake Up take 3&4. 17. To Ramona.


Bob Dylan s 1984 tour rehearsals   in Los Angeles did come out on a vinyl bootleg called Dress Rehearsals (Kornyfone Rec.TAKRL 1409) This great sounding album represents about half of the 1984 Tour rehearsals from the Beverly Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Released in 1988 it has a great sound output, albeit slightly muffled. In the mid 80s TMQ teamed up with TAKRL and put out a ton of one color jackets with just the band s name on front and even though these titles were limited to 500 copies, due to the covers were not been appreciated much; anyway this LP is one of the first issues from this labels marriage. Then the same rehearsals were released on   64-84 Majestic Bells of Bolt (Mighty White Prod. MW-02) and Underdog Soldier- An Epitaph for America (MWP). On compact came out Dirty Lies (Wanted Man 045-6) but even though this set is listed on the cover as Beverley Theater May23-25 1984, it was believed that the songs came from the tour rehearsals in Verona. In 2008 was released Angel of Rain (Rattle Snake 226), this being the first release on compact of material that has circulated among collectors for over two decades. Rattle Snake continued their commitment to quality releases with this great sounding and beautiful looking package. 8 tracks can also be found on Soundboard Collection 1984 (WLR 2131) 10 discs set. As this tour was supposed to be carried out using a big venue such as a European stadium or an outdoor venue, the band serving as Dylan s back was quite different from the gospel band from 1979 to 1981 It was decided to organize it using first rate musicians. The chief guitar player was Mick Taylor, he already proved to be important in the session for Infidels in 1983, and trust from Dylan was sufficiently obtained. It would be a natural course for him to participate. Ian McLagan formerly from the Faces also a live support member of Stones joined on keyboards. The band consolidated around these Stones sidemen for the 1984 tour.
The rehearsals for the European tour were done from the end of May and this limited edition double set is the compilation of sound sources. From the LP soundboard to Rattle Snake s Angel of Rain the sound quality did improve considerably, but it is natural that the rehearsal s outgoing sound source seemed to be hypnotic and with low frequencies sounding like a chronic disease, so Rattle Snake strongly equalized everything. Certainly, although the noise was confined, it was the end of   sound fidelity drifting between songs. It was a pre-equalized equalization. For this release the sound is from another dimension. Furthermore, the pitch fluctuation that was slightly fluctuating among the sound sources was precisely adjusted, and finally passed through without any further stress!

On the second disc, a rehearsal sound source that in the past was released under the title  Dirty Lies. Since the release on that boot a long time has passed from its appearance, maybe many collectors asked for these rehearsals to be released for the first time together. As said before many believe these rehearsals do not come from L.A., because this is a stereo recording with a strong separation between the instruments, however these are not rehearsals from Italy, how was supposed. In addition to the overall loose playing, they really seem to be the continuation of the rehearsal on the 23rd  of May because of the performance of the incomplete song Almost Done which Dylan had tried on the first disc. It is highly probable that these are rehearsals that took place on the same day, anyway this release is crowned with essential tracks, having cut off all the instrumental jams heard (it could have been a 3 discs set) so that it would fit in two discs.
As result of cutting instrumentals and putting them on two discs, it is a suddenly easy-to-hear its content. Also, unlike the rehearsal from other artists, in the case of Dylan, the band is freely playing even in the so-called training classes scene, and in the meantime he himself also is tastefully singing. It is possible to get an insight, for example, in the first song as soon as he sang Just Like A Woman, Dylan s song became aggressive, just like a song from Infidels, which was released before the first performance on this tour, it is possible to feel in the performance here the high tension that is comparable to the actual performance.
Regarding Mick Taylor s guitar, Dylan has already played it as he likes, playing the playful game like on Shelter From The Storm, it s no longer the real thing itself; listening to it anybody will just be overwhelmed by the fierce performance of the whole band.

In the second sound source, it is very interesting moment where Dylan actively tries incomplete songs and Willie Nelson s covers. Among them, the incomplete song War Time, War Time, War Time is a hard rock number that Dylan of the 1980s seems to be all about to use, and the performance of the band surprises as much as it is unexpectedly with an aggressive guitar solo. Conversely, the quiet Almost Done   is a song that he already tried at first acoustically, but here the band is also participating in the performance and the atmosphere reminds of the later Born In Time, with music just drifting.
When Taylor arrived in Japan for the first time in 1987, he was questioned about this tour and testified that Dylan was used to make songs on the spot, but they came out correctly.
And for the second disc, the sound quality has become suddenly natural and clearer than Dirty Lies which had noise reduction on the cassette. If you pay attention you should be able to understand the intent of the editing that cut off all the instrumentals this time. There is a sound of a guitar which is neither Dylan nor Taylor heard everywhere from the previous incomplete song War Time, War Time, War Time through Willie Nelson s song To Each His Own, it possibly could be Carlos Santana who was involved in the live performance many times on the encores. The sound source contained in both discs is of the highest tone quality ever, and we can experience the rehearsals in full, so this title can be enjoyed in full!


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