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Discs One, Two: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami 30 August 2019, except for Disc Two, Track 9: One World Together At Home, 18 April 2020, Track 10: 28 February 2018. Disc Three: TSF Jazz Radio, Duc Des Lombards, Paris 8 September 2010 1st show. Discs Four, Five: Performance on 3, BBC Radio 3, Ronnie Scott’s London 12 June 2001, except for Disc Five, Track 9: Olympic St., London Dec.2000. Disc Six: Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo 17 September 1991 2nd show. Discs Seven, Eight: 950 WPEN Radio, Mellon Jazz Festival Philadelphia 24 June 1987, except for Disc Eight Track 9: Matt Lauer, NBC New York 12 October 1993 (aired 25 October). Disc Nine: Pure Charlie- Bonus Interviews, Track 1: Sue Lawley, BBC4 25 February 2001, Track 2: Johnnie Walker, BBC2 6 July 2000, Track 3: Chris Evans Drivetime BBC2 26 March 2008.
9 picture cds
Discs One and Two: Audience stereo, except for Disc Two, Tracks 9,10, Disc Three, Track 1, Disc Eight, Track 9: Soundboard Mono & Discs 3-9: Soundboard stereo.
Cardboard box holding 9 discs wrapped in anti-static sleeves and a 16 pages booklet, Limited Edition 300 numbered copies




Disc One: 1. Opening, 2. Jumping Jack Flash, 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’Roll, 4. Tumbling Dice, 5. Out Of Control, 6. Under My Thumb, 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want/ 2120 South Michigan Avenue (tape only), 8. Sweet Virginia, 9. Dead Flowers, 10. Sympathy For The Devil, 11. Honky Tonk Women, 12. Band Introduction, 13. You Got The Silver.

Disc Two: 1. Before They Make Me Run, 2. Miss You, 3. Paint It Black, 4. Midnight Rambler (incl. Come On In My Kitchen), 5. Start Me Up, 6. Brown Sugar, 7. Gimme Shelter, 8. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Bonus Tracks: 9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 10. NME Interview.

Disc Three: 1. Interview CW, 2. Radio Presenter’s Intro, 3. Unknown Piano Duo, 4. Heathrow Jet, 5. Axel Piano Solo, 6. Lewis Boogie (Ben Waters Piano Solo), 7. CW And Dave Green Intro, 8. Fast Instrumental, 9. Evolution Blues (publicity gap), 10. Keep A Knocking (only the end), 11. Introducing Xavier Richardeau, 12. Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door, 13. Roll’Em Pete, 14. Band Introduction, 15. Farewell Smile, 16. In The Heat, 17. Lady Be Good, 18. Mid Tempo Instrumental, 19. Sympathy For The Drummer (in two parts) and Ben Waters Intro, 20. How Long Blues, 21. Fast Instrumental, 22. Fast Instrumental.

Disc Four: 1. Main Stem, 2. Bemsha Swing, 3. Anthony’s Dice, 4. Roll’Em Charlie, 5. The Ballad, 6. Introducing The Band 1, 7. Tin Tin Deo.

Disc Five: 1. Sunset And The Mockingbird, 2. Little Willie Leaps, 3. Airto, 4. Chasing Reality-Fraction, 5. Introducing The Band 2, 6. The Elvin Suite, 7. Take The A-Train, 8. Charlie Interview, Bonus Track: 9. Here Comes Charlie Now (Chico Hamilton With Charlie).

Disc Six: 1. Intro Ny Bernard Fowler, 2. Practising, Practising, Just Great, 3. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 4. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 5. Blackbird-White Chicks, 6. Bluebird, 7. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 8. Bound For New York, 9. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 10. Terra De Pajaro, 11.  Narration By Bernard Fowler, 12. Bad Seeds-Rye Drinks, 13. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 14. Relaxing At Camarillo, 15. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 16. Going, Going, Going, Gone, 17. Narration By Bernard Fowler, 18. Now’s The Time (Short), 19. Now’s The Time (Encore).

Disc Seven: 1. Intro 950 Pen Radio, 2. Skyliner, 3. Stompin’ At The Savoy, 4. Robbin’s Nest, 5. Raunchy, 6. Points North, 7. Thigh Boots, 8. Lester Leaps In, 9. Outro First Set.

Disc Eight: 1. See You C.B., 2. Jumping With Symphony Sid, 3. Sono, 4. Charlie’s Angels, 5. Stardust, 6. Flamingo, 7. Flying Home & Reprise, 8. Outro, Bonus: 9. Charlie Watts On Later.

Disc Nine: 1. BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Disc, 2. BBC Radio 2 Jim Keltner Project & More, 3. BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Interview.


This release is the first tribute to the late great Charlie Watts and presents his last show with the Stones as well as solo broadcasts over the years when promoted his solo activities. The Hard Rock Café in Miami, which was the final concert of the 2019 US Tour had been previously released as no label releases No Filter Miami 2019 (2 cdr) and Miami Gardens 2019 (2 cd & 1 DVD-R), a tour that has escaped the usual coverage by WLR, so this is the first time this label presents such recording. It is in fact a very nice stereo well balanced document of that night concert which should have been played in September but was anticipated due to a forthcoming storm. Amazingly this is also the last time the band played Brown Sugar in the USA. At the end of Disc Two there is the version of You Can’t Always Gey What You Want the band played with each member at his own location, possibly he only time this version is available on silver, as well as the NME C.Watts interview, which is interesting, unfortunately the questions are omitted, so we only get Charlie’s answers and guess what the questions were. The second concert is a 2008 broadcast from TSF Jazz Radio of an ABC &D of Boogie Woogie, the combo he played in with his teenage friend Dave Green on double bass, Axel Zwingerberger and Ben Waters on piano, in this show there is also Xavier Richardeau on sax on Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door and Roll’Em Pete. This is a very enjoyable recording, too bad the radio announcer talks over between songs preventing listeners to hear what is said on stage. Charlie Watts starts playing after being introduced by Ben Waters together with Dave Green. Discs Four and Five presents the CW Tentet live and come from the original BBC3 2001 broadcast of the June 12th Ronnie Scott’s show, in the booklet it is noted that the 2004 Watts at Scott’s album included tracks from June 12th and 14th concerts. The bonus track Here Comes Charlie is from the official Chico Hamilton Forestorn cd which was released on the same day. Disc Six is the only one that presents a concert previously released on silver disc Aoyama Concert (Empress Valley EVSD 717) whose front cover shot by Jill Fumanovsky from the Sunday Times won award; this is a concert held in Japan to present the album From One Charlie dedicated to Charlie Parker, whose title has been incorrectly quoted here. This was the Charlie Watts Quintet which included six people including Charlie for this trip to Japan. The following discs are the recording of both shows played in 1987 in Philadelphia at the Mellon Jazz Festival (funny how the music has been displayed here, backwards) which was broadcasted by 950 WPEN Radio; we have here the Charlie Watts Orchestra which consisted of 30 players, besides Charlie, that played a somehow more traditional swing jazz. This disc ends with the Matt Lauer 1993 interview from Later, which is most of the times referred at as Later with Bob Costas (who Lauer replaced that night) and happened on the day the album Warm and Tender was released. The last disc consists of three if the interviews Charlie Watts gave over the years, starting with the Desert Island Disc from BBC4 (that was repeated on June 3rd, 2011 by BBC6), unfortunately the music tracks are shortened, so it lasts 35 minutes in all; next comes a Johnny Walker interview from July 2000 and disc ends with Chris Evans 2008 live interview from London. All in all, this is a nice box and due tribute to Charlie Watts, hard to say how many copies it sold, but waiting for something official this is certainly a great release, even if it could have included some more things though, like the concert recently broadcasted by BBC2 of the Tentet in Cardiff from 2001 and as far as interviews Stone Alone, The Charlie Watts Story by Stuart Maconie from 5 August 2000 and a fitting end would have been David Hepworth BBC4 obituary from August 24th, 2021.

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