Track 1: Zildjian Drummers Achievement Awards, Shepherds Bush Empire, London 7 December 08, Track 2: Last Night with D.Letterman, CBS, Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York 10 July 96, Track 3: Metropol, Vienna 31 March 11, Track 4: NBC Later with Bob Costas 12 October 93 (aired 25 October 93), Tracks 5,6: Tonight with J.Ross, Channel 4 5 April 91, Tracks 7,8: WABC Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, New York 13 October 93, Tracks 9-11: J.D.Studios, Madrid 15 June 90, Track 12: NBC Late Night with Conan O’Brien, New York 14 October 93, Tracks 13,14: The Dennis Miller Show Los Angeles 22 July 92, Track 15: The Cleo Laine Show 9 Oct.79.
1 downloiad cdr
Soundboard mono and stereo (Tracks 3,4, 9-11, 12-14)
single slimline jewel case




1. C .Watts Presents Lifetime Achievement to G.Baker, 2. What s New ?, 3. Rehearsals, 4. Interview With C.Watts By Matt Lauer, 5. Interview With C.Watts By J.Ross, 6. Practising, Practising Just Great, 7. Interview With C.Watts by Regis And Kathie Lee, 8. My Foolish Heart, 9. Oh Lord Don t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (rehearsal), 10. Oh Lord Don t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me, 11. Tonight At Noon, 12. Time After Time, 13. Lover Man, 14. Interview With C.Watts By Dennis Miller, 15. I m A Drum.


This release focus on Charlie Watts solo broadcasts over the years when promoting his solo activities, starting with his presentation of a Lifetime Achievement to fellow drummer Ginger Baker, followed by the track that gives title to this compilation, a song performed with his Quintet. 15 years later we have a take from the ABC&D of Boogie Woogie from Vienna with Ben Waters and Axel Zwingenberger on piano and Dave Green on bass , these are many short tracks played as rehearsals which showcase the dynamic range of the four piece band. The Matt Lauer interview s really interesting and revealing of the man s character when he openly speaks of his interests and memories.

Back to the Quintet again from New York first and then from England then the interesting rarely heard broadcast Live with Regis and Kathie Lee featuring Bernard Fowler and 3 tracks from the Madrid studio sessions featuring among others Keith Richards, Chuck Leavell and Bobby Keys. Next Later with Conan O Brien which should have been placed right after the Regis Lee show since it was broadcasted the following day. Finally again the Quintet from 1992 with a Charlie Parker cover and the last track is his drumming exhibition with 2 other drummers from 1979, Jack Parnell ( not Charlie Antolini) and Kenny Clarke, possibly the only time when Charlie played a drum solo on tv.

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