EVSD 1804-1807
Disc One, Tracks 1,2,4,5,7-12: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 3: Compass Point, Bahamas & The Hit Factory NY early May-1 Aug.83, Track 6: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt Paris 30 Jan.-mid March 83; Disc Two, Tracks 1,2,4-8: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 3: unknown studio, Paris mid- October-7 November 1982; Track 9: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 10 June-19 Oct 79: Disc Three, Tracks 1,2,4,5,10-16: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 3: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 30 Jan.- mid March 83, Tracks 6-9: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 10 June-19 Oct 79; Disc Four: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82.
4 picture cds (red, orange, green and blue)
Soundboard stereo
Cardboard gatefold cover holding 4 discs in antistatic plastic sleeves.




Disc One: 1. Too Tough (XXX), 2. It Must Be Hell, 3. Undercover Of The Night, 4. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love), 5. She Was Hot, 6. Feel On Baby, 7. All The Way Down, 8. Too Much Blood, 9. Tried To Talk Her Into It, 10. Too Much Blood, 11. Too Much Blood, 12. Pretty Beat Up (Xmas Issue), 13. Dog Shit.

Disc Two: 1. Keep It Cool #1, 2. Keep It Cool #2, 3. Gotta Know You, 4. Wanna Hold You, 5. All The Way Down, 6. Gotta Know You, 7. The Dog, 8. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love), 9. Slave.

Disc Three: 1. Wanna Hold You, 2. Pretty Beat Up, 3. Feel On Baby, 4. The Dog, 5. Keep It Cool, 6. Can’t Find Love, 7. Heartbeat #1, 8. Heartbeat #2, 9. Heartbeat #3, 10. Cooking Up, 11. Something I Want (Your Love), 12. Eliza Upchink, 13. Chri’s Song, 14. Part Of The Night, 15. Pink Pick, 16. Pull Over.

Disc Four: 1. The Golden Mile, 2. The Dog, 3. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love), 4. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love), 5. Melobar, 6. In Your Hand, 7. The Stumble/Hide Away, 8. I Love You Too Much, 9. Still In Love, 10. Munich Hilton, 11. Christine, 12. Identification, 13. Forty.



Empress Valley already released the Art Collins Tapes on an 11 discs box (EVSD 1288-1298) a while ago, but now was prompted to release it again although in a shortened version by Cpt. Acid release of these recordings (Art Collins Tapes vol.1-5 Acid Project 090) after having worked on the DAC collection (The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol.1-5 DAC 200-204) using phase and level correction and Spectral Repair at times. DAC discs were already speed corrected and the material organized in chronological order, in fact getting rid of some stuff reduced the 11 discs to 9. Art Collins entered the music business in 1975, working in Atlantic Records promotion department and then joined Rolling Stones Records of which he eventually became president. In 1982 he turned to management; over the years his roster included Joe Jackson, Marianne Faithfull and Marshall Crenshaw. He died suddenly at 52 years of age and his cassettes were eventually sold by his family and part of them turned out on many Stones bootlegs because they featured 70s-80s outtakes and alternate versions. Lately a batch of never heard tracks popped up in mp3 format and soon became the subject of many releases. Here in fact the sound output is excellent, due to the complete absence of hiss and brutal stereo separation; the tools applied by Cpt.Acid provided to be helpful and Empress Valley has had no problem to credit him on the cover.

Some of the outtakes left out from this compilation include the following: Claudine, Get Yourself Together, We Had It All, Let’s Go Steady, Aladdin Story, High School Girl, Stop That, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever, What Am I Supposed To Do, Stick It Where It Hurts, Can’t Cut The Mustard, Victor Hugo,What I Am Saying Is True, Show Me A Woman, When You’re Gone, Broken Leaves, Broken Head Blues, Discovery Bar, Everlasting Is My Love, Think I’m Going Mad and many takes of Too Much Blood. Anyway, this compilation has excellent sound and could be called a great introduction to these outtakes, even if packaging is not that attractive.

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