WLR-SF 6874
Disc One: London, Olympic Sound Studios 17 March-3 April 68. Disc Two, Tracks 1-5, 13: Los Angeles Sunset Sound Studios 7-25 July 68 (booklet says London, Olympic Sound Studios 20 April 68), Tracks 6-10: London, Olympic Sound Studios 4-10 June 68, Tracks 11,12: London Olympic Sound Studios 28 June 68, Track 14: London, unknown studio September 68, Track 15: Los Angeles, Western Studios December 68, Jagger vocals rec. in London in Autumn 68, Tracks 16,18: London Olympic Sound Studios 17 November 68, Track 17: Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios 7-25 July 68. Disc Three, Tracks 1-10: London, Olympic Sound Studios 4-10 June 68, Tracks 11,12: London, Olympic Sound Studios 28 June 68, Track 13: Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios 7-25 July 68, Tracks 14,15: London, unknown Studio Sept. 68, Tracks 16,17: London, Olympic Sound Studios 17 November 68, Track 18: Los Angeles, Western Studios December 68. Disc Four, Tracks 1-6,8: London, Olympic Sound Studios 10 February -31 March 69, Track 7: Olympic Sound Studios, London 9 February-31 March 69, Tracks 10-15: Olympic Sound Studios 23 April 69, Tracks 9, 16: London, Olympic Sound Studios 17 April-2 July 69. Disc Five, Tracks 1-5: London, Olympic Sound Studios 17 April-2 July 69, Tracks 6-15: Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios 17-26 October 69 & Elektra Studios 18 October-2 November 69, Track 16: Los Angeles, RCA Studios 7-25 July 68, Track 17: Middlesex, Twickenham Studios Sept. 69. Disc Six, Tracks 1-4: Florence, Muscle Shoals Sound Studio 2-4 December 69, Tracks 5-14,16,20: Olympic Sound St. London 9-18 December 69, Track 13: Los Angeles early 70, Tracks 15, 18, 19: Olympic Sound Studios & Newbury, Stargroves 16 June-27 July 70, Track 17: Olympic Sound St., London and Newbury, Stargroves March-May 70. Disc Seven, Tracks 1-4: London, Olympic Sound Studios 16 June-27 July 70 (Tracks 2,8 also One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09), Track 5: Olympic Sound St., London July 70, Track 6: Olympic Sound St. & Newbury, Stargroves March-May 70, Tracks 7-10,12-18: Newbury, Stargroves and Olympic Sound St. London 17-31 October 70 (Track 16 also One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09), Track 11: Sunset Sound St. Los Angeles 4-19 December 71 & One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09. Disc Eight: Tracks 1-5,7-11: Villefranche sur Mer 10 July-late October 71; Tracks 6,12-14: Sunset Sound St., Los Angeles 4-19 December 71; Tracks 15,16: Sunset Sound St., Los Angeles 28 March 72, Track 17: Olympic Sound St., London March-May 70, Track 18: Olympic Sound Studios & Newbury, Stargroves 16 June-27 July 70, Track 19: Newbury, Stargroves and Olympic Sound St. London 17-31 October 70, Track 20: Olympic Sound St., London 17 February 67 (Tracks 17-20 also One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09). Disc Nine, Tracks 1-19: Dallas, Sumet-Burnet Recording Studio 23 June 72. Disc Ten, Tracks 1-15: Dallas, Sumet-Burnet Recording Studio 23 June 72, Track 17: Warner Brothers St. Burbank late May 72, Track 18: Trident St., London September 72 (booklet says USA 72). Disc Eleven, Tracks 1-5: Montreux, Rialto Theater 18 May 72, Tracks 7-13: Kingston, Dynamic Sounds Studios 25-30 November & 6-21 December 72, Tracks 14,15: Los Angeles, Village Recorders 27-30 January 73: Tracks 16-18: One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09). Disc Twelve, Tracks 1-10: London, Island Recording Studios 28 May 73 onwards, Tracks 11-13: London, unknown studio 17 July 73, Track 14: Los Angeles, The Record Plant late Dec. 73, Tracks 15,16: Munich, Musicland Studios 8-13 February & 20 February-3 March 74, Track 17: Munich, Musicland Studios 12-24 November 73, Track 18: One East Studio, New York and Henson Rec.St. The Village Los Angeles and London Autumn 09. Disc Thirteen, Tracks 1-5: Newbury, Stargroves & London, Island Recording Studios 10-15 April 74, Track 6: BBC TV, London 1 October 74, Tracks 7-13: Munich, Musicland Studios 5-19 December 74, Track 14 French TV A2 Jukebox 11 January 75.
13 Picture cds
Soundboard stereo except for Disc Two, Tracks 2,3,7, Disc Four, Track 16, Disc Seven, Tracks 3,11,17, Disc Nine, Track 14, Disc Ten, Track 17, Disc Thirteen, Tracks 6,12,14: soundboard mono
Cardboard box holding 13 cds wrapped in antistatic sleeves and a 24 pages booklet, Lim.Ed. 350 numbered copies.





Disc One: 1. Jigsaw Puzzle I take 1, 2. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 2,   3. Jigsaw Puzzle I – takes 3-5, 4. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 6, 5. Jigsaw Puzzle I – takes 7-8, 6. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 9, 7. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 10, 8. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 11, 9. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 12, 10. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 13, 11. Jigsaw Puzzle I – take 14, 12. Parachute Woman I, 13. Parachute Woman II, 14. Child Of The Moon II  15. Child Of The Moon III, 16. Pay Your Dues, 17. Stray Cat Blues I.

Disc Two: 1. Jumping Jack Flash II, 2. Jumping Jack Flash V, 3. Jumping Jack Flash VI, 4. Street Fighting Man IV, 5. No Expectations I, 6. No Expectations II, 7. No Expectations III, 8. Factory Girl I, 9. Dear Doctor I, 10. Dear Doctor II, 11. Dear Doctor III, 12. Family I, 13. Blood Red Wine, 14. Still A Fool  15. Give Me A Hamburger To Go (aka Stuck Out All Alone), 16. Prodigal Son, 17. Jigsaw Puzzle II, 18. Highway Bound (aka Highway Child).

Disc Three: 1. Sympathy For The Devil I, 2. Sympathy For The Devil II, 3. Sympathy For The Devil III, 4. Sympathy For The Devil IV – part 1-3, 5. Sympathy For The Devil V & VI, 6. Sympathy For The Devil VII, 7. Sympathy For The Devil VIII, 8. Sympathy For The Devil IX, 9. London Jam – part 1 & 2, 10. Untitled Jam, 11. Family II, 12. Family III, 13. Salt Of The Earth III, 14. Memo From Turner I,   15. Memo From Turner VI, 16. Memo From Turner II, 17. Memo From Turner IV, 18. Memo From Turner V (not on booklet).

Disc Four: 1. You Got The Silver II, 2. Gimme Shelter I, 3. Honky Tonk Women I, 4. Gimme Shelter II, 5. You Can t Always Get What You Want IV, 6. Sister Morphine II, 7. And I Was A Country Boy, 8. Sister Morphine III, 9. Downtown Suzie II, 10. The Boudoir Stomp, 11. It Hurts Me Too, 12. Edward s Thrump Up, 13. Blow With Ry, 14. Interlude A La El Hopo/ The Loveliest Night Of The Year, 15. Highland Fling, 16. Country Honk I.

Disc Five: 1. Loving Cup II, 2. Jiving Sister Fanny I, 3. Jiving Sister Fanny III, 4. I Don t Know Why I (I Don t Know Why I Love You on booklet), 5. I Don t Know Why II, 6. All Down The Line I, 7. I m Going Down II, 8. Hillside Blues, 9. Gimme Shelter, 10. Gimme Shelter, 11. Gimme Shelter, 12. Gimme Shelter, 13. Gimme Shelter, 14. Gimme Shelter, 15. Gimme Shelter, 16. Sister Morphine, 17. The Wild Colonial Boy.

Disc Six: 1. You Gotta Move II, 2. You Gotta Move III, 3. Brown Sugar I, 4. Brown Sugar II, 5. Brown Sugar III, , 6. Brown Sugar, 7. Brown Sugar, 8. Wild Horses I, 9. Wild Horses, 10. Wild Horses II, 11. Wild Horses III, 12. Wild Horses IV, 13. Wild Horses V, 14. Brown Sugar IV, 15. Dancing In The Light, 16. Dead Flowers II, 17. Cocksucker Blues, 18. Leather Jacket, 19. Can t You Hear Me Knocking II (not on booklet), 20. Dead Flowers I (not on booklet).

Disc Seven: 1. All Down The Line II, 2. Who Am I?II, 3. I m Going Down IV, 4. Shine A Light II, 5. Get A Line On You, 6. Trident Jam, 7. Stop Breaking Down II, 8. Tumbling Dice II (on booklet Good Time Women II),   9. Shake Your Hips II, 10. Potted Shrimp, 11. All Down The Line V (on booklet says III), 12. So Divine (aka Aladdin Story), 13. Bitch II, 14. Travelling Man, 15. Sway I, 16. Sweet Virginia II, 17. Silver Train I, 18. Bitch I.

Disc Eight: 1. Rocks Off I, 2. Rip This Joint II, 3. Happy, 4. Ventilator Blues I instr. Rehearsal, 5. Let It Loose II, 6. All Down The Line IV, 7. Soul Survivor I, 8. I m Not Signifying I (on booklet Ain t Gonna Lie), 9. I m Not Signifying II, 10. Instrumental, 11. I m Not Signifying II, 12. Sweet Black Angel II, 13. Turd On The Run, 14. All Down The Line VI, 15. Exile On Main Street Blues, 16. I Don t Care, 17. Pass The Wine II (aka Sophia Loren, not on booklet), 18. Dancing In The Light (not on booklet), 19. So Divine III (not on booklet), 20. Title 5 (not on booklet).

Disc Nine: 1. (Jungle Disease) Jam 1&2, 2. Tar And Feathered Blues, 3. Hats Off To Slim Harpo, 4. Let It Loose I, 5. Let It Loose II, 6. Let It Loose III, 7. Blues Jam, 8. Gimme Shelter, 9. Jam, 10. Ventilator Blues I, 11. Ventilator Blues II, 12. Delta Slide, 13. Memphis Jam, 14. Sweet Black Angel, 15. Don t You Lie To Me, 16. Tabasco Jam, 17. Shake Your Hips I, 18. Shake Your Hips II.

Disc Ten: 1. Let It Loose IV, 2. Let It Loose V, 3. Texarcana Jam, 4. Shave em Dry, 5. Key To The Highway, 6. 32-20 Blues, 7. When You Got A Good Friend, 8. Torn And Frayed I, 9. Torn And Frayed II, 10. Rock Jam, 11. The Last Time, 12. Satisfaction I, 13. Satisfaction II, 14. Monkey Man, 15. (Whip s Crack) Jam, 16. (Tiger Snarl) Jam, 17. You Can t Always Get What You Want (not on booklet), 18. It s Funny (aka Fragile, not on booklet).

Disc Eleven: 1. Tumbling Dice I, 2. Shake Your Hips, 3. Blueberry Jam, 4. Loving Cup, 5. Tumbling Dice II, 6. John s Jam, 7. Criss Cross I, 8. Through The Lonely Nights -single-version, 9. Tops I, 10. Fast Talking Slow Walking, 11. You Should Have Seen Her Ass, 12. Waiting On My Friend, 13. Separately, 14. Windmill I, aka Wind Call, 15. Windmill II, 16. Plundered My Soul II (not on booklet), 17. I m Not Signifying II (not on booklet), 18. Loving Cup II (not on booklet).

Disc Twelve: 1. Dancing With Mr. D. III, 2. 100 Years Ago II, 3. Angie, 4. Silver Train II, 5. Silver Train III, 6. Hide Your Love III, 7. Winter II, 8. Criss Cross II, 9. Criss Cross III, 10. Criss Cross IV, 11. Dancing With Mr. D. III, 12. Silver Train II, 13. Angie, 14. Too Many Cooks, 15. Drift Away, 16. Living In The Heart Of Love, 17. Slow Down And Stop, 18. Following The River (not on booklet).

Disc Thirteen : 1. Ain t Too Proud To Beg II, , 2. Fingerprint File II, 3. If You Can t Rock Me II, 4. Dance Little Sister II, 5. Till The Next Goodbye II, 6. Ain t Too Proud To Beg, 7. Act Together II, 8. Act Together I, 9. Cherry Of Baby, 10. Fool To Cry I, 11. Fool To Cry II, 12. I Got A Letter I, 13. I Got A Letter II, 14. Till The Next Goodbye.


The second volume in the series presents all known outtakes from 1968 through 1974, starting with Beggars Banquet tracks, Disc One has all 14 instrumental versions of Jigsaw Puzzle with excellent piano runs by Nicky Hopkins and piercing slide guitar by Keith Richards followed by 2 versions of Parachute Woman, the first one with double tracked lead vocals, the second with extensive harp by Jagger at the end followed by 2 takes of  Child Of The Moon (the first one acoustic, the second without lead vocals but with backing vocals) plus the third try at Street Fighting Man, called Pay Your Dues (stereo!) which features three members of Family: Ric Grech on electric violin plus Jim King & Roger Chapman on backing vocals alongside Dave Mason on shehnai and bass drum from Traffic. The last song is Stray Cat Blues s first take, this being longer with additional adlib vocals.

Disc Two opens with 3 different versions of Jumping Jack Flash, the backing track, the promo single and promo film I takes, it is worth noticing that on the studio version the lead instrument is Ian Stewart piano (Bill Wyman is on organ and Keith Richards plays bass too), not the guitar as in all live versions. Next Street Fighting Man IV with a slightly different vocal mix that was published on the official US single and also features a longer outro, followed by 3 versions of No Expectations, the first with slightly different lyrics the second acoustic without piano and the third with less piano and percussions. Factory Girl I presents an alternate fiddle mix while the three takes of Dear Doctor are very similar, differing just in the final mix. After Family that is the electric guitar version there are well known outtakes, which have been originally released on the famous Trident Demos/Mixes bootlegs and Jigsaw Puzzle II with no vocal overdubs.

Disc Three beginning is devoted to various takes of Sympathy For The Devil starting with the acoustic version, then Family acoustic take, an early mix of Salt Of The Earth and a bunch of versions of Memo From Turner.

Disc Four delves into Let It Bleed with the known plethora of outtakes including songs originally sung by Jagger or Richards which didn t make it into the final version of the album and ending with the whole Jamming With Edward album which is a pretty bizarre choice, since there is nothing unreleased, but all here is official, just like Downtown Suzie II which is the Metamorphosis take; the final track here is Country Honk s version without fiddle.

Disc Five provides an assorted batch of songs, some coming from Metamorphosis among which I Don t Know Why, a song the Stones were rehearsing the night Brian Jones died, on some of these tracks Mick Taylor guitar stands out in all of its brilliance as on Jiving Sister Fanny, I m Going Down and Hillside Blues (a.k.a. I Don t Know The Reason Why). Then there are 7 versions of Gimme Shelter (isolated parts) with first guitar, second guitar (all by Richards), bass, drums and percussions, piano and vocals, the disc ends with Marianne Faithful version of Sister Morphine with Jagger on acoustic guitar and then The Wild Colonial Boy from the Ned Kelly soundtrack.

Disc Six is devoted to Sticky Fingers with all the famous versions of iconic tunes like You Gotta Move, Brown Sugar with Eric Clapton and Wild Horses with Peter Kleinow and Leon Russell, with some slightly different versions like those accidentally published on some copies of Hot Rocks and ending with some alternate versions, unfortunately not listed on the accompanying booklet. Discs Seven and Eight present Exile outtakes, including those released on the expanded Deluxe version and Shine A Light sung by Jagger on a Leon Russell album, plus some known backing tracks coming from the Hopkins Tape that was posted on YouTube in 2011, just after the Exile deluxe release. Some songs are present as known outtakes and then as officially released versions, like I m Not Signifying previously known among collectors as I Ain t Lying or Ain t Gonna Lie or Dancing In The Light, the tracks released on the Exile Deluxe version have been reworked in fall 2009 and some lyrics added. Interestingly Happy here has a longer outro clocking in at 3.11 instead of the usual 3.05.

Discs Nine and Ten focus instead on the Dallas 1972 tour rehearsals, unfortunately there is lots of dead air, a condensed more listenable version was posted awhile ago on a Stones message board that had better be used; anyway Disc Ten includes You Can t Always Get What You Want allegedly from May Burbank rehearsals and a fragment of It s Funny, the duet with Jagger and Carly Simon that has recently surfaced (both however were included in the movie Cocksucker Blues) none of this featured in the booklet.

With Disc Eleven we go back in time to the famous Montreux rehearsals of May 1972 plus more Exile outtakes including 3 tracks released on the Deluxe versions not mentioned in the booklet and some recordings from Jamaica late 72 from which the album Goat s Head Soup will stem in 1973, including the first take of Criss Cross aka Save Me; actually compared with the usual takes these tracks show a more prominent bass which permeates the tunes melodic lines, there is a curious effect at the end of Separately when after the song seems to end, it then continues for about 20 seconds with what seems a more basic layer.

More of these on Disc Twelve many coming from well known acetate including many instrumentals and some promo films; then there are 3 takes of Criss Cross, number II with Bobby Keys on sax   from early on, number IV having been officially used on a Japanese movie called Metamorphoses, then Silver Train II is an early version with no harmonica, but brass, then 100 Years Ago is longer with a different mix, Silver Train II has no harmonica, but brass. Funnily they used the poor sounding bootleg version of Too Many Cooks instead of the officially released one, Following The River ends this disc. The last disc, number Thirteen, features It s Only Rock n Roll outtakes, some coming from a well known acetate, others from promo films.

Finally Disc Thirteen presents more acetate tracks coming from an acetate with special notice for Dance Little Sister II that has a longer differently mixed version of the tune, the usual bunch of promo films soundtracks and the early versions of Cherry Oh Baby and Fool To Cry alongside two takes of I Got A Letter, another reggae the Stones decided not to use officially.

This is a nice collection of outtakes and officially released tracks which could have considerably been better had the label placed more attention on the accompanying information, which show the usual shabby attitude and at times are even misleading as per WLR style.

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