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WLR-SF 7478
Disc One: Track 1: Newbury, Stargroves 10-15 April 74 (booklet says Musicland St. Munich 8 February-3 March 74), Track 2: LWT St., London July 74, Tracks 3-14: De Doelen Mobile Rec.Unit, Rotterdam 22 January-9 February 75. Disc Two, Tracks 1-6 and 8-10: Musicland St., Munich 19 March-5 April 75, Track 7: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 October-15 December 77, Tracks 11-13: Warhole Church Estate Montauk, late April-4 May 75. Disc Three, Tracks 1-2: Warhole Church Estate Montauk, late April-4 May 75, Track 3: Electric Ladyland St., New York 25 June 75, Track 4: Electric Lady St., New York Nov.79-Jan. 80, Tracks 5-13: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 October 77-2 March 78.Discs Four-Nine: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 October 77-2 March 78, except for Disc Five, Track 14: Pathe Marconi, Paris 10 June-19 Oct. 79, Disc Eight, Track 8: Musicland St. Munich 23-24 Nov.73, Tracks 14,15:& Disc Nine, Tracks 9, 12-15 Le Fork St. Pocè sur Cisse, La Fourchette & Electric Ladyland St NY & Berkley St. LA Aug.-Sept 11 . Disc Ten-Thirteen, Tracks 1-13: Bearsville St.Woodstock NY 27 May-8 June 78; Tracks 14-18 & Disc Fourteen: RCA St. Los Angeles 26 August-6 September 78.
14 picture cds
Soundboard stereo except for Disc One, Tracks 2,4,7-10,13,14, Disc Eight, Track 11, Disc Nine, Tracks 2,4,7,10 and Disc Eleven, Track 9: soundboard mono
Cardboard box holding 14 cds wrapped in antistatic sleeves and a 24 pages booklet, Lim.Ed. 400 numbered copies.




Disc One: 1. Drift Away II, 2. It s Only Rock n Roll,   3. Worried About You, 4. Boogie Jam, 5. I Love Ladies  I, 6. Worried About You II, 7. English Rose, 8. Man Eating Woman, 9. Freeway Jam, 10. Crazy Mama I, 11. Slave I, 12. Slave II, 13. Melody, 14. Shame Shame Shame.

Disc Two: 1. Melody II, 2. Let s Do It Right, 3. Hot Stuff, 4. Hand Of Fate, 5. Memory Motel (Hotel on booklet), 6. Hey Negrita I, 7. Never Stop (Start Me Up I), 8. Crazy Mama III, 9. Munich Reggae, 10. Cellophane Trousers I, 11. Jam II, 12. Jungle Man, 13. Jenny Jenny.

Disc Three: 1. Melody II, 2. Jam I, 3. Carnival To Rio, 4. All About You II (booklet says Train Song), 5. When The Whip Comes Down II, 6. Start Me Up II, 7. I Love You Too Much II (aka I Can t Help It), 8. Miss You IV, 9. Just My Imagination III, 10. Light Up, 11. Far Away Eyes IV, 12. Beast Of Burden IV, 13. Miss You VI.

Disc Four: 1. Before They Make Me Run, 2. Shattered IV, 3. Fiji Jim I, 4. Beast Of Burden I, 5. Just My Imagination II, 6. A Different Kind, 7. Far Away Eyes II, 8. When The Whip Comes Down III, 9. Everlasting Is My Love I, 10. Everything Is Turning To Gold, 11. Los Trios Guitaros, 12. Miss You III, 13. Shattered I, 14. Lies I, 15. Claudine I (not on booklet).

Disc Five: 1. The Way She Held Me Tight (aka Misty Roads), 2. Just Because I Told You (aka I Need You), 3. Do You Think I Really Care I (a.k.a. Yellow Cab), 4. Hang Fire III, 5. Claudine II (on booklet Claudine I), 6. I Love You Too Much (aka I Can t Help It), 7. Some Girls I, 8. Shattered II, 9. Respectable II, 10. Lies II, 11. Everything Is Turning To Gold II, 12. Munich Hilton II, 13. Far Away Eyes I, 14. We Had It All (not on booklet).

Disc Six: 1. Lies III, 2. Miss You II, 3. When The Whip Comes Down I, 4. After Hours, 5. Disco Music,   6. Do You Think I Really Care II, 7. Don t Be A Stranger I (aka Do You Get Enough), 8. Armpit Blues, 9. Everlasting Is My Love I, 10. It s A Lie, 11. Keep Up Blues, 12. I Love You Too Much IV (aka I Can t Help It), 13. Never Make You Cry I, 14. Petrol Blues II (not on booklet).

Disc Seven: 1. No Spare Parts I, 2. Petrol Blues I, 3. When You re Gone (aka Redeyes), 4. Shame Shame Shame, 5. So Young I, 6. You Don t Have To Go, 7. Stay Where You Are, 8. You Win Again I, 9. Summer Romance I, 10. Black Limousine II, 11. Before They Make Me Run I, 12. Golden Caddy II, 13. Fiji Jim II, 14. Brown Leaves III, 15. Keep Up Blues (not on booklet), 16. Don’t Be A Stranger I (not on booklet).

Disc Eight: 1. It s All Wrong, 2. I Love You Too Much III (aka I Can t Help It), 3. Sheep Dip Blues (Deep on booklet), 4. Never Let Her Go, 5. Brown Leaves II, 6. Never Make You Cry II, 7. Before They Make Me Run II, 8. Broken Head Blues, 9. Summer Romance II, 10. What Gives You The Right I, 11. Hang Fire II, 12. Broken Toe, 13. You Win Again(not on booklet), 14. I Love You Too Much

Disc Nine: 1. Respectable I, 2. Guess I Should Know, 3. Black Limousine III, 4. Golden Caddy I, 5. Everlasting Is My Love II (booklet says III), 6. Up Against the Wall, 7. Hang Fire III, 8. It Won t Be Long I, 9. Claudine III ( II on booklet), 10. Muck Spreading Dub (Much Spreading on booklet), 11. Start Me Up III, 12. So Young, 13. When You re Gone III,14. Do Think I Really Care III, 15. No Spare Parts II.

Disc Ten: 1. Miss You I, 2. Respectable I, 3. Love In Vain, 4. No Expectation, 5. Instrumental Jam I, 6. Gimme Shelter I, 7. When The Whip Comes Down, 8. Beast Of Burden I, 9. Blues Jam I, 10. Rocket Boogie 88, 11. Don t Look Back I, 12. Instrumental Jam II.

Disc Eleven: 1. Play With Fire I, 2. Blues Jam II, 3. Miss You II, 4. C mon Everybody/Summertime Blues, 5. Drum Solo, 6. Crazy Mama, 7. Star Star, 8. Gimme Shelter II, 9. Blues Jam III, 10. Don t Look Back III, 11. Beautiful Delilah, 12. Cocksucker Blues, 13. It s Only Rock n Roll, 14. All Down The Line, 15. Honky Tonk Women.

Disc Twelve: 1. Brown Sugar I, 2. Tumbling Dice I, 3. Jumping Jack Flash, 4. Blues Jam IV, 5. Memory Motel IV, 6. The Fat Man, 7. Beast Of Burden II, 8. Hot Stuff, 9. Something Else, 10. Sweet Little Sixteen I, 11. High Heeled Sneakers, 12. Blues Jam V, 13. Play With Fire II, 14. Crackin Up, 15. Tell Me, 16. Shake Your Hips, 17. Respectable II, 18. Don t Look Back II., 19. Sweet Little Sixteen II.

Disc Thirteen : 1. Let s Spend The Night Together , , 2. Memory Motel I, 3. Let It Rock, 4. Prodigal Son I, 5. Instrumental Jam III, 6. Shattered, 7. Memory Motel II, 8. Far Away Eyes, 9. Tumbling Dice II, 10. Happy, 11. Prodigal Son II, 12. Memory Motel III, 13. Brown Sugar II, 14. What Am I Living For I, 15. Not The Way To Go III (on booklet II), 16. My First Plea 1, 17. My First Plea II, 18. Tallahassee Lassie (not on booklet).

Disc Fourteen: 1. I Ain t Superstitious, 2. Where The Boys Go I, 3. I ll Let You Know II, 4. One Night, 5. Knee Trembler, 6. Tallahassee Lassie, 7. What Gives You The Right II, 8. Back In The U.S.A., 9. Jimmy Reed Jam, 10. What Gives You The Right III, 11. My First Plea III, 12. Blues With A Feeling (Blue Feeling on booklet), 13. What Am I Living For II, 13. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven (Your Angel Steps on booklet), 14. The Harder They Come II, 15. Serious Love, 16. Not The Way To Go I (on booklet I), 18. Summer Romance III.


The second volume in the series presents all known outtakes from 1974 through 1978, starting with some sessions from Rotterdam, actually there is only two tracks recorded in 1974 ( It s Only Rock n Roll and Drift Away II, this being the more developed version from Newbury) all the rest coming from 1975 onwards, so a change in title would be proper. On Disc One tracks 3-6 feature Wayne Perkins, tracks 7-9 Jeff Beck and the rest Ron Wood, piano is played by Billy Preston, quality varies the Rotterdam stuff being quite average. Disc Two presents 9 tracks from Musicland Studios in 1975 where the bulk of Black and Blue album was built in excellent sound output (however the first take of Start Me Up called Never Stop comes from Paris 77), plus 3 rehearsals tracks from Montauk (Long Island) where the band prepared its 1975 US Tour, these last songs are good sounding too with Billy Preston piano upfront. Disc Three opens with 2 more tracks from Montauk followed by a Clapton song that was recorded in late June 75 with the Stones in attendance after one show at the Madison Square Gardens in New York; with this disc we are delving into Pathe Marconi stuff which will be covered through Disc Nine. Unfortunately what is called on the booklet All About You (Train Song) is not the very first take of this tune, that was instrumental, but take no.2 recorded in 1980. More alternate Some Girls tracks on Disc Four, as well as on the other Discs up to Nine with more outtakes, which are anyway well known to collectors, however is quite annoying to have on about any disc tracks at the end not reported in the booklet and this careless attitude affects packaging rates; I is however possible they are not listed because they are almost all officially released. Disc Six for instance has Petrol Blues at the end where drums are played by Stu. A couple of extra tracks on Disc Seven too, Keep Up Blues and

Don’t Be A Stranger. On Disc Eight there is the very first instrumental version of Black Limousine under the title Broken Head Blues, originally recorded at Munich in late 1973 featuring Giorgio Moroder on bass. The two extra tracks here come from the 2011 sessions for the De Luxe version of Some Girls where they reworked songs originally recorded in 1978. The Version of Claudine on Disc Nine is he shortened version that came out on Some Girls De Luxe, on this Disc we have four more   tracks too again not listed in the booklet. Discs Ten-Thirteen have the well known Woodstock rehearsals except for the last four tracks on Disc Thirteen that together with Disc Fourteen has the 78 RCA sessions on, with the pointless inclusion of Tallahassee Lassie twice. A nice compilation with many mistakes and omissions in the accompanying booklet.


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