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WLR-SF 7883
Disc One: Tracks 1-4 (on booklet 1.5): Pathe Marconi St., Paris 10 Oct.-15 Dec.77; Track 5: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 5 Jan.-2 March 78, Tracks 6-23 and Disc Two, Tracks 1-3: Bill s Studio, Worchester, NY 6 Oct.78, Disc Two, Tracks 4-17 and Disc Three, Tracks 1-4 & 6-10.12 : Compass Point St., Nassau 22 Jan.-12 Feb. 79. Disc Three, Track 5: Electric Ladyland St. New York early Nov. 79-Jan.80; Track 11: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 5 Jan.-2 March 78; Tracks 13-15: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 7 July-.19 Oct.79, Disc Four Tracks 1-3, 5-10,3-16 and Disc Five, Tracks 1-10: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 June-19 Oct. 79, Disc Four Track 4: Electric Ladyland St. New York early Nov. 79-Jan.80; Tracks 11,12: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 Oct.-15 Dec.77. Disc Five, Track 11: Pathe Marconi St. 25 Nov. Dec. 80, Tracks 12-17: Electric Ladyland St., New York early Nov.-Dec. 79. Disc Six, Track 1: Electric Ladyland St., New York late April 80, Tracks 2,4-11: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 11 Oct.-mid Dec. 80, Track 3: Musicland St. Munich 19 March-5 April 75,Tracks 12-14: Mobile Rec.Unit Paris & Atlantic Rec. New York April-June 81. Disc Seven, Track 1: Long View Farm, North Brookfield 25-28 May 81, Tracks 2-4, 6-9,10: Basement Studio, Paris mid Oct.-Nov.82; Tracks 5, 7,8, 11-16: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82. Discs Eight-Eleven and Disc Twelve: Tracks 1-5: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82. Tracks 6-10, 17: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 30 Jan.-9 Febr. 83, Tracks 11-16, Disc Ten Track 11 & Disc Thirteen: Compass Point St. Nassau & The Hit Factory, NY early May-1 Aug.83.
13 Picture cds
Soundboard stereo except for Disc One, Tracks 4,6-23, Disc Two, Tracks 1-3, Disc Three Tracks 4,10, Disc Seven, Tracks 2-4,6,7,9,13, Disc Nine, Tracks 11,12, Disc Twelve Track 15: Soundboard mono
Cardboard box holding 13 cds wrapped in antistatic sleeves and a 24 pages booklet, Lim.Ed. 400 numbered copies




Disc One: 1. Miss You I, 2. When You re Gone I,   3. Little T&A I, 4. Just My Imagination III 2, 5. Summer Romance  I, 6. Summer Romance 1, 7. I ve Been Loving You Too Long, 8. Spoonful, 9. Beautiful Delilah, 10. Back In The USA, 11. What Am I Living For, 12. Reelin And Rockin, 13. Jah Wonderful, 14. Unknown Reggae, 15. Respectable 1-3, 16. Respectable 4, 17. Beast Of Burden 2, 18. Beast Of Burden 3-4, 19. Summer Romance 2, 20. Respectable 5, 21. Respectable 6, 22. Respectable 7-8, 23. Shattered. 1

Disc Two: 1. Respectable 9, 2. Shattered 2, 3. Beast Of Burden 5, 4. Blues Jam I, 5. Gangster s Moll I, 6. Sweet Home Chicago, 7. Munich Hilton IV, 8. Let s Go Steady Again I, 9. Linda Lu, 10. Dancing Girls, 11. Lonely At The Top, 12. What s The Matter, 13. Still In Love I, 14. Guitar Lesson, 15. Never Too Into, 16. Little T&A II, 17. Break Away.

Disc Three: 1. I Think I m Going Mad I, 2. She s So Cold I, 3. Blues Jam II, 4. It s Cold Down There I, 5. Emotional Rescue IV, 6. I Think I m Going Mad II, 7. Let s Go Steady Again II, 8. Piano Instrumental, 9. Little T&A III, 10. It s Cold Down There II, 11. It Won t Be Long II, 12. I Think I m Going Mad III, 13. Dance Part 1 I, 14. Dance Part 1 II, 15. Jah Is Not Dead.

Disc Four: 1. Heaven I, 2. Dance Part 1 III, 3. Emotional Rescue II, 4. Indian Girl III, 5. It s A Lie I, 6. Summer Romance V, 7. Where The Boys Go III, 8. Where The Boys Go IV, 9. Dance IV, 10. Hang Fire IV, 11. Hang Fire II (on booklet III), 12. Hang Fire III, 13. No Use In Crying I, 14. No Use In Crying II, 15. No Use In Crying III, 16. No Use In Crying IV.

Disc Five: 1. Down In The Hole 1, 2. We Had It All I, 3. We Had It All II, 4. We Had It All III, 5. Neighbours I, 6. It s A Lie II, 7. Let Me Go I, 8. Send It To Me I, 9. Summer Romance VI, 10. Where The Boys Go V, 11. If I Was A Dancer (Dance Part 2), 12. Dance VI, 13. Emotional Rescue VI, 14. All About You II, 15. Indian Girl II, 16. Emotional Rescue VII, 17. Emotional Rescue III.

Disc Six: 1. She s So Cold III, 2. Black Limousine IV, 3. Let s Do It Right II (aka Come On Baby), 4. Neighbours II, 5. Slave II,   6. Waiting On A Friend II, 7. Worried About You II, 8. Tops III (on booklet II), 9. Heaven II, 10. Black Limousine V, 11. No Use In Crying V, 12. Waiting On A Friend III, 13. Slave III, 14. Neighbours III.

Disc Seven: 1. All I Have To Do Is Dream II, 2. She Was Hot I, 3. What I Am Saying Is True (aka Cookin Up) I, 4. What I Am Saying Is True (aka Cookin Up) II, 5. What I Am Saying Is True (aka Cookin Up) III, 6. Can t Find Love I, 7. Can t Find Love II, 8. High School Girl, 9. Wanna Hold You I, 10. I Love You Too Much V, 11. Instrumental Reggae, 12. Munich Hilton V, 13. She Was Hot II, 14. Wanna Hold You V, 15. Still In Love III (aka Dance Mr. K ) , 16. Still In Love IV.

Disc Eight: 1. Still In Love V, 2. Golden Caddy III, 3. Christine, 4. Forty (Flirty on booklet), 5. The Golden Mile, 6. Heartbeat III, 7. In Your Hand, 8. Identification, 9. Golden Caddy IV, 10. I Think I m Going Mad IV.

Disc Nine: 1. Cookin Up (aka What I Am Saying is True) IV, 2. Too Tough I, 3. Forty (Flirty on booklet, only a snippet), 4. Pretty Beat Up I, 5. Pretty Beat Up II, 6. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) I, 7. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) II, 8. All The Way Down I, 9. All The Way Down II, 10. Keep It Cool II, 11. Wanna Hold You III, 12. Wanna Hold You IV, 13. Wanna Hold You V.

Disc Ten: 1. Eliza Upchink I, 2. The Stumble/Hideaway, 3. Something I Want I (aka Your Love, on booklet Something I Want Your Love), 4. Eliza Upchink II, 5. Show Me A Woman I, 6. Show Me A Woman II, 7. Looking For Trouble, 8. Cook Cook Blues I (on booklet III), 9. Can t Find Love III, 10. Can t Find Love IV, 11. Feel On Baby III.

Disc Eleven: 1. Tried To Talk Her Into It I, 2. Too Much Blood II, 3. Blues Jam I, 4. Crazy Arms, 5. Brown Leaves IV, 6. It Must Be Hell I, 7. Blues Jam II, 8. She Was Hot II, 9. Too Much Blood I, 10. Keep It Cool I.

Disc Twelve: 1. Wanna Hold You V, 2. All The Way Down II, 3. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) III, 4. Stop That II (aka Chain Rocker, on booklet I) I, 5. Stop That III (aka Chain Rocker, on booklet II), 6. Feel On Baby I, 7. Feel On Baby II, 8. I m A Little Mixed Up II (aka Discovery Bay, on booklet I), 9. I m A Little Mixed Up I ((aka Discovery Bay, on booklet II), 10. I m A Little Mixed Up I ((aka Discovery Bay, on booklet III), 11. Too Much Blood III, 12. Undercover Of The Night II, 13. Undercover Of The Night III, 14. Undercover Of The Night V, 15. Undercover Of The Night VI, 16. Undercover Of The Night   VII, 17. Feel On Baby II.

Disc Thirteen : 1. Undercover Of The Night   X , , 2. She Was Hot III, 3. She Was Hot V 4. She Was Hot VI, 5. She Was Hot VII, 6. Wanna Hold You VI, 7. I Think I m Going Mad V, 8. Feel On Baby III, 9. Too Much Blood V, 10. Too Much Blood VI.


The third volume in the series presents all known outtakes from 1978 through 1983, however missing the recently disseminated Undercover outtakes, starting with the usual Pathe Marconi tracks on Disc One which for the most part consists of the rehearsals for   Saturday Night Live, coming from video recordings, in mono. Disc Two features what could be called the Best of the 70s Outtakes, well known tracks that have been featured on many albums, that any Stones collector still loves. The remaining Discs feature more or less known outtakes, with the exception of Disc Three where for some bizarre reason the official version of Emotional Rescue is included. Let s Go Steady Again II is the version with three guitars. It Won t Be Long is a different song from the one that was officially released on A Bigger Bang. Disc Four presents many alternate versions including the long version of Emotional Rescue and four takes of No Use In Crying. On Disc Five we got three versions of We Had It All, with or without harmonica and a more finished take. Disc Six presents among other outtakes   Let s Do It Right II which comes from Munich sessions in mid 75, clearly a leftover from the previous box, plus a bunch of tracks recorded in late 1980 two of them without sax (Neighbours and Waiting For A Friend); weird is this take of Tops with Jagger singing in falsetto different lyrics. It is also interesting No Use In Crying with additional piano by Nicky Hopkins. The last three songs com from the 1981 sessions and feature different sax played by Sonny Rollins.

On Disc Seven we have I Love You Too Much V an instrumental version of the original riff recycled and also known as Run And Take, while on Disc Eight the 14 minutes version of I Think I m Going mad has Keith Richards s singing. On Disc Nine there is only a snippet of Flirty (here called Forty) which lasts few seconds as well as other Undercover outtakes recently released, missing the lately released stuff   like Pull Over as well as Part Of The Night. More from the same sessions on Disc en where stand up the two takes of Eliza Upchink and Show Me A Woman, the embryonic version of Tie You Up, pretty pointless the inclusion of Feel On Baby official version at the end. On Disc Eleven we get a version of Too Much Blood without horns, while on Twelve all 3 takes of Stop That. Disc Thirteen finally has many officially released versions, quite unnecessary.

This box presents again a nice collection of alternate takes and outtakes, unfortunately marred by some useless duplications (as well as snippets of truncated takes of the same outtake) while it is quite weird is that in 13 discs they did not find room for any alternate version of Start Me Up.


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