Disc One, Tracks 1-11: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt (on booklet Boulogne) 15 Jan.-28 Feb.85, Track 12: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 6 April 85. Discs Two, Tracks 1,2,5,6,8,9,11: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 5 Apr.-17 June 85, Tracks 3,4,7,10,12,13: RPM Studio, New York 16 July-17 Aug. 85, Disc Three, Tracks 1-3,9,10.: RPM St. NewYork 16 July-7 Aug.85, Tracks 4,5.5-8,11,14: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 5 Apr.-17 June 85, Tracks 12,13,15,16: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 23 Jan.-28 Feb.85. Disc Four, Tracks 1-10,14,15: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 5 Apr.-17 June 85, Tracks 11-13: Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt 23 Jan.-28 Feb.85. Disc Five, Tracks 1,2: Pathe Marconi Boulange Billancourt 23 Jan.-28 Feb. 85, Tracks 3,5-9: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 5 Apr.-17 June 85, Tracks 4,10: RPM St. New York 16 July-17 Aug.85. Disc Six, Tracks 1-5,7-13: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 5 Apr.-17 June 85, Track 6: RPM St. New York 16 July-17 Aug.85. Discs Seven-Nine: AIR St. West Indies, Montserrat 29 March-5 May 89 except for Disc Eight, Track 9: The Palace of Ben Abbou, Tangier Morocco 10 & 17 June 89 and Disc Nine, Tracks 3,5,14: Olympic St. London 15 May-29 June 89, Track 4: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 11 Nov.-10 Dec.82, Tracks 11,12: Le Studio, Montreal 15 Aug.-late Sept.87 and Track 13: BBC2 Rhythms of the World 10 Dec.89 featuring overdubs Tangier 16, 17 June 89 & Olympic St. London late June 89. Discs Ten, Eleven: Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt 10 (on booklet 15) Oct.-15 Dec. 77 except for Disc Ten, Track 1 Pathe Marconi St. Boulange Billancourt5 Jan.-2 March 78
11 picture discs
Soundboard Stereo except for Disc Seven, Track 3, Disc Eight Track 1, Disc Nine Tracks 8,13 and Disc Ten, Tracks 2,5: Soundboard mono
Cardboard box holding 11 discs wrapped in antistatic sleeves and a 24 pages booklet Lim. Ed. 300 numbered copies




Disc One (Demos and Acoustic Sessions): 1. Baby You’re Too Much #1, 2. Something I Want #2, 3. Beside You, 4. Broken Hearts For Me And You, 5. Don’t Be Cruel, 6. Eliza Upchink #4 (on booklet #3), 7. Thirty Nine And Holding, 8. One Hit (To The Body) #1, 9. Unknown Jams, 10. All Shook Up, 11. Are You Lonely For Me Baby, 12. One Hit (To The Body) Demo.

Disc Two (The Sessions For The Album Tracks): 1. One Hit (To The Body) #2, 2. One Hit (To The Body) #3, 3. One Hit (To The Body) #4, 4. One Hit (To The Body) #5, 5. Fight #1, 6. Fight #2, 7. Fight #3, 8. Harlem Shuffle #1, 9. Harlem Shuffle #2, 10. Harlem Shuffle #3, 11. Too Rude #1, 12. Too Rude #2, 13. Too Rude #3.

Disc Three (The Sessions For The Album Tracks): 1. Winning Ugly #1, 2. Winning Ugly #2, 3. Back To Zero #1, 4. Dirty Work #1, 5. Dirty Work# 2, 6. Had It With You #1&2, 7. Had It With You #3, 8. Sleep Tonight #1, 9. Sleep Tonight #2 (Addition From Filly Finished Studio Outtakes) 10. Nobody’s Perfect, 11. I Can’t See No One Else #2 (aka Beside You), 12. Deep Love, 13. Putty in Your Hand, 14. Strictly Memphis #5, 15. Don’t You Lie To Me, 16. Don’t Mess With Cupid.

Disc Four (The Sessions For The Other Tracks): 1. Baby You’re Too Much #2a, 2. Baby You’re Too Much #2b, 3. Baby You’re Too Much #3, 4. Beside You, 5. Breakin’, 6. Crushed Pearl, 7. Cut Your Throat, 8. Deep Love #1, 9. Don’t Get Mad, 10. High Temperature, 11. If I Don’t Have You #1 seq 1a, 12. If I Don’t Have You #1 seq 1b, 13. If I Don’t Have You #1 seq 1c, 14. If I Don’t Have You #2 seq 2a, 15. If I Don’t Have You #2 seq 2b.

Disc Five (The Sessions For The Other Tracks): 1. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever #1, 2. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever #2, 3. My Baby Left Me, 4. Sending Out Invitations, 5. She Never Listens To Me, 6. Some Of Us Are On Our Knees, 7. Stick It Where Is Hurts, 8. Strictly Memphis #1, 9. Strictly Memphis #2, 10. Strictly Memphis #3.

Disc Six (The Sessions For The Other Tracks): 1. Talk Is Cheap, 2. Treat Me Like A Fool #1, 3. Treat Me Like A Fool #2, 4. Treat Me Like A Fool #3, 5. Victor Hugo, 6. What Am I Gonna Do With Your Love #2, 7. What Am I Supposed To Do, 8. What You’re Gonna Tell Your Boyfriend, 9. Who’s Shagging Who?, 10. You Can’t Cut The Mustard #1, 11. You Can’t Cut The Mustard #2, 12. You Can’t Cut The Mustard #3, 13. You Got It.

Disc Seven (Steel Wheels Sessions Vol.1): 1. Sad Sad Sad #1, 2. Sad Sad Sad #2, 3. Mixed Emotions #1, 4. Mixed Emotions #2, 5. Mixed Emotions #3, 6. Terrifying #1, 7. Terrifying #2, 8. Hold On To Your Hat #1, 9. Hold On To Your Hat #2, 10. Hearts For Sale #1, 11. Hearts For Sale #2, 12. Blinded By Love #1, 13. Blinded By Love #2.

Disc Eight (Steel Wheels Sessions Vol.2): 1. Rock And A Hard Place #1, 2. Rock And A Hard Place #2. 3. Rock And A Hard Place #3, 4. Can’t Be Seen #1, 5. Can’t Be Seen #2, 6. Almost Hear You Sigh #1, 7. Almost Hear You Sigh #2, 7. Continental Drift #, 8. Continental Drift #2, 9. Break The Spell #1, 10. Break The Spell #2, 11. Slipping Away #1 12. Slipping Away #2, 13. Giving It Up #1, 14. Giving It Up #2.

Disc Nine (Steel Wheels Sessions Vol.3): 1. Fancy Man Blues #1, 2. Fancy Man Blues #2, 3. Fancy Man Blues #3, 4. Cook Cook Blues #1, 5. Wish I’d Never Met You, 6. For Your Precious Love #1, 7. For Your Precious Love #2, 8. Hellhound On My Trail, 9. Ready Yourself #1, 10. Ready Yourself #2, 11. Almost Hear You Sigh #1, 12. Almost Hear You Sigh #2, 13. Continental Drift, 14. Almost Hear You Sigh.

Disc Ten (Some Girls Sessions Addition From BlueTurns2Grey Tape Transfer Vol.9): 1. When The Whip Comes Down #2b, 2. Just Mt Imagination #2b, 3. Just Mt Imagination #3b, 4. Just My Imagination #4b, 5. Beast Of Burden #1, 6. Some Girls #1&2, 7. Tallahassee Lassie #1b, 8. Disco Music #1b.

Disc Eleven (Some Girls Sessions Addition From BlueTurns2Grey Tape Transfer Vol.10): 1. Disco Music #1b2, 2. Everything Is Turning To Gold #2b, 3. Just Because I Told You #1b (aka I Need You), 4. Shame Shame Shame #1b, 5. Hang Fire #3b, 6. Every Time I Break Her Heart (My on booklet), 7. Fiji Jim #3, 8. Never Make You Cry #3, 9. You Win Again #2.



This new release presents the Stones Dirty Work as well as Steel Wheels sessions alternates and outtakes reworked. The collection starts with lots of rough mixes from the 1985 sessions that originated that album. Dirty Work which were a consistent deviation of the Stones standards as can be witnessed by hearing them. The original idea of StonyRoad was to collect all circulating versions of the songs used in the sessions that have been remastered trying to improve sound quality which in some case was awful (some tracks were just recorded rom an open window) as well as speed, at the same time deleting silent parts.

Disc One presents the acoustic sessions held at Pathe Marconi Studios at the beginning of 1985 with Baby You’re Too Much whose sound was amplified and some noises deleted; next comes a collection of Something I Want also known as What Am I Gonna Do With Your Love. Beside You is also known as I Can’t See Nobody, while Broken Hearts For Me And You had been decelerated. Don’t Be Cruel is the famous Otis Blackwell song Elvis Presley recorded, while Eliza Upchink is the track also known as Back On The Streets Again, that was first tried at the Undercover sessions. Thirty Nine And Holding is a Jerry Foster and Wilburn Steven Rice song never tried after this time and is so a pretty unique recording. Next, we have the first attempt to One Hit, where sound was amplified and many noises deleted. What follow are some unknown jams just assembled together that may be the Unknown Vocal Track listed on The Complete Works. As bonus come All Shook Up (another O.Blackwell song Elvis covered) where channels have been rebalanced and noises reduced and Are You Lonely For Me, a Bert Berns song here Jagger and Richards share vocals. The last track was not part of the original work that has been copied here, being the One Hit version from the April sessions featuring Jagger on vocals. Disc Two starts with 4 takes of One Hit, the first with guide vocals, the second an instrumental version, the third with nearly finished music and alternate lyrics, the last one is the same but with backing vocals. Next come 3 versions of Fight, the first with Keith on vocals, the second with Mick and early lyrics, while the third is instrumental. Harlem Shuffle too is presented in 3 versions, the first with spoken words part, the second without those as well as backing vocals and the last with finished intro and backing vocals. Three takes of Too Rude end the disc, the first a very slow version, the second is a short early take, the third with backing vocals by Jimmy Cliff. More alternates on Disc Three that begins with 2 versions of Winning Ugly, an early version with different lyrics and another early take with additional bass, followed by Back To Zero where Bobby Womack played guitar; next come two versions of Dirty Work, an instrumental and an early lyrics version. Had It With You stems from You Can’t Cut The Mustard as it is evident listening to its first version, here combined with the aborted version two, while version three has early lyrics. The first take of Sleep Tonight has no backing vocals while the second features additional guitars. The following six songs come from Fully Finished Outtakes and are now well known: Nobody’s Perfect, I Can’t See No One Else (aka Beside You), Deep Love with Keith on vocals and Chuck Leavell on drums, the cover of John Patton/Kay Rogers Putty In Your Hand that was released in 1962 by The Shirelles, Strictly Memphis version 5, the cover of Hudson/Whittaker’s Don’t You Lie To Me and of Steve Cropper/Eddie Floyd/Deanie Parker song Don’t Mess With Cupid featuring Ron Wood on vocals, but he does not seem familiar with the lyrics as he keeps on singing Don’t you miss me Cupid, instead of the song’s title.

Disc Four begins with three takes of Baby You’re Too Much, the first two without sax, the third with Bobby Keys on sax, then Beside You which is the band version of I Can’t See No One Else with channels rebalanced and Breakin’ that features Keith on vocals and drums sound lowered; on Crushed Pearl and Cut Your Throat minor noises deleted and fade out reworked. The very first take of Deep Love is next with C. Leavell on drums and channels rebalanced, fade out reworked. Don’t Get Mad which is an improvisation with Keith on vocals. High Temperature comes next, the Walter Jacobs/Joel Michael Cohen song features again Keith on vocals with some parts sound that was boosted and then we have 4 segments of If I Don’t Have You, the Gregory Isaacs classic, the first the version known from High Temperature (VGP 285), the second a short instrumental, the third with Keith on vocals and the last two with silent parts deleted and drums sound lowered.

On Disc Five we get 2 versions of Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever, the Stevie Wonder/ Ivy Hunter tune, the first with longer intro and piano and the second that has been accelerated; then My Baby Left Me, this being a short sequence repeated twice. Next comes the famous Sending Out Invitations with Bobby Womack and Don Covay on vocals, then the long hypnotic reggae She Never Listens To Me with Keith on vocals. Some Of Us Are On Our Knees again has Keith on vocals, while for Stick It Where It Hurts it is Ron Wood’s turn to have guide vocals; this disc ends with three takes of Strictly Memphis, the first just has Jagger on vocals and treble frequencies have been lowered, the second is the first Jagger-Womack duet with speed correction and the third featuring additional vocals whose fade out ending has been reworked. Disc Six is the last one devoted to Dirty Work and opens with Talk Is Cheap, a long version of the song that would eventually provide the title to Keith Richards first solo album, here minor sound adjustments were made, but unfortunately the bass is still quite distorted; then follow 3 takes of Treat Me Like A Fool, with Keith on vocals the first two offering just the refrain. Next comes the famous Victor Hugo, another song that describes best the tense relationship between the Glimmer Twins at those times. What Am I Gonna Do With Your Love is sung by Jagger and is the version with backing vocals while What Am I Supposed To Do, which is over 15 minutes long, is sung by Richards and has a similar refrain, there are also Bobby Womack and Don Covay on vocals, here the channels having been rebalanced and sound boosted on some parts. What You’re Gonna Tell Your Boyfriend sounds like an early version of Sleep Tonight, here the fade out end was reworked. Who’s Shagging Who is just an improvised jam with the drums sound decreased to match other instruments, then follow three versions of You Can’t Cut The Mustard which was the early version of Had It With You, but with different lyrics, channels rebalanced and sound boosted, the last version is a short instrumental. The last song is You Got It again with Keith on vocals with drums sound decreased t match the other instruments.

Disc Seven deals with Steel Wheels outtakes and alternates and begins with 2 takes of Sad Sad Sad, an early lyrics version and another early version but with finished lyrics; next come 3 takes of Mixed Emotions, the first being the rehearsal shown on 25x5 video, the second an early version with count in by Keith and early lyrics, the third with finished lyrics and backing vocals, 2 takes of Terrifying come next, the first an early version with early lyrics, no trumpet, nor percussions and backing vocals, the second having finished lyrics and all of the above. Hold On To Your Hat is presented in 2 versions, the first re-started twice and the second with additional piano. Heart For Sale first version has count in and early lyrics, the second one has finished lyrics but no harmonica and backing vocals. The last two tracks are 2 versions of Blinded By Love, an early version with count in and early lyrics, the second having new vocals and additional fiddle, organ and piano.

Disc Eight begins with 3 versions of Rock and A Hard Place, the first short version filmed for 25x5, the second long version with count in and early lyrics and the third one featuring additional brass and backing vocals whose working title was Steel Wheels. Next are 2 takes of Can’t Be Seen, the first with early unfinished lyrics and the second with count in and more organ. Almost hear You Sigh #3 is the first known Stones version of this song with early lyrics but sung by Keith and #4 syll sung by Keith but with an additional acoustic guitar. Two takes of Continental Drift follow, the first being an instrumental without Moroccan overdubs, the second has more keyboards but less overdubs with regards to the officially released version (no scratching bicycle sound). Break The Spell #1 version gas count in and vocals quite buried, while version #2 is still an early take but has dobro, organ and piano who’s working title was Call Girl Blues. Slipping Away #1 is n instrumental version without horns, while version #2 has vocals by Keith Richards and backing singers only. The disc ends with 2 takes of Giving It Up, the first with Jagger’s vocals and the second is shortened but more finished and also features an additional piano and more prominent organ.  Disc Nine is the last one for the Steel Wheels sessions, it begins with three versions of Fancy Man Blues, the first is an early take with less piano, the second is similar to the released version but has early vocals and has been decelerated, the third is the single version, not really an outtake whose fade out was improved; then Cook Cook Blues #1 which comes from the 82 Undercover sessions followed by Wish I Never Met You which is again the single version, but speed corrected, in fact accelerated lasting 5 seconds more. Next are 2 takes of For Your Precious Love, the great Jerry Butler-Arthur & Richards Brooks soul tune made known by the Impressions, the first without piano and backing vocals, the second with them with some noises deleted. Hellhound On My Trail is the Robert Johnson song taken from the 25x5 video rehearsals. Ready Yourself version one has Keith on vocals, while take two is the instrumental backing track that has an additional piano and percussions that was a bit decelerated. Almost Hear You Sigh #1 and #2 come from Keith Richards solo sessions from 1987 in Montreal for Talk Is Cheap; here channels have been rebalanced, vinyl crackles removed since originally it came from the vinyl bootleg Crazy Mixed Up World (OBR 305013) while Continental Drift is a melange of snippets from the Stones in Morocco by the BBC and the last track Almost Hear You Sigh called The Hidden Track is a strange version that has on the left Jagger vocals and on the right Richards vocals on the basic track.

The last 2 discs are the result of the rush this label has had in printing the Some Girls Sessions Reworked, with these additions that have been left out.

Disc Ten opens with when The Whip Comes Down version 2 that features additional backing vocals and pedal steel with slight trebles reduction and bass boosted, then come 3 takes of Just My Imagination, the first being a run through with Hammond organ upfront and improvised lyrics, the second the basic track with all instruments, the so called “look through my window” version here with a different stereo mix and the third one the final unedited track which is 4 seconds longer; next is the first take of Beast Of Burden with two guitars and falsetto vocals with more trebles and Some Girls 1 (don’t understand why is called 1&2 here) which is the reggae version that will be officially released on the new Tattoo You 40th Anniversary album; here the drop out in the intro has been patched with a speed corrected segment from another take. The well known Tallahassee Lassie features here a different drum and better sound having been slightly decelerated; the disc is closed by Disco Music which is 20 seconds longer than he previously known version and has been decelerated. Disc Eleven begins with Disco Music that is the same as before but has a different end, here channels have been rebalanced; then Everything Is Turning To Gold that sounds much clearer, Just Because I Told You that features a slide guitar more upfront and was patched using 10 seconds from another version from 2.56” through 3.06”. Shame Shame Shame (which will be released officially too) is stereo with added intro as well as the last seconds at the end; and Hang Fire version 3 that has complete intro having been speed corrected. Added from the Fully Finished Outtakes are then Every Time I Break Her Heart (My Heart on booklet), Fiji Jim (soon officially released) without lead guitar in the intro and more polished vocals, Never Make You Cry with more developed vocals, having been made using the FFO version on the left channel and the previously known version on the right one. Finally You Win Again present a new mix with redone vocals, patched as the songs before. This is a nice compilation, too bad there are no notes in the booklet about what was done on each track.

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