Empress Valley 1763-66
Disc One: Track 1: Olympic St. De Lane Lea St. London 3 Oct.67, Track 2: Olympic St. London 12-23 May 68, Track 3: Olympic St. London 23 Apr.69, Track 4: Olympic St. London 6 June-7 July 70, Track 5: Olympic St. London & Stargroves, Newbury 17 Oct.70, reworked in Autumn 2009 at One East St., NY, Henson Rec. St. LA, The Village, LA, Mix This! LA and unknown St. London, Track 6: Island Rec. St. London 28 May 73, Track 7: The Wick, Richmond London 4-6 Dec.73, Track 8: Record Plant St. L.A. late Dec.73, Track 9: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 Oct.77-2 Mar.78, Track 10: Musicland St. Munich 8 Feb.74 with vocals redone in 94, Track 11: The Wick, Richmond London 4 Oct.74, Track 12: Mobile St., Rotterdam 6-9 Feb.75. Disc Two, Tracks 1-4, 8: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10 Oct. 77-2 March 78, Track 5: RCA St. L.A. 5 Sep.78, Tracks 6,9: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 7: Compass Point, Nassau 22 Jan. 79, Track 10: Pathe Marconi St. Paris 10-19 June 79. Disc Three, Tracks 1-4,6,7: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 11 Nov.-19 Dec.82, Track 5: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 10 Oct.77-2 Marc.78, Track 8: Compass Point St., Nassau Apr.-1 Aug.83, Tracks 9,10,12-14: RPM St., NY 16,17 Aug.85, Track 11: Pathe Marconi St., Paris 23 Jan.-28 Feb. 85. Disc Four, Track 1: Air St. Montserrat 29 Mar.-5 May 89, Tracks 2,3: Windmill Lane St., Dublin 3 Nov.-11 Dec.93, Tracks 4-12: Ocean Way Rec. St. L.A. 13 Mar-July 97, Tracks 13,14: Guillaume Tell St., Suresnes Paris 13 May-7 June 2002.
4 picture cds (red, blue, orange and green)
Soundboard stereo
Gatefold cardboard cover




Disc One: 1. She’s Doing Her Thing, 2. Blood Red Wine, 3. Curtis Meets Smokey, 3. Walk With Me Wendy, 5. Tell Her How It Is, 6. Criss Cross, 7. It’s Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It), 8. Too Many Cooks, 9. Fast Talking Slow Walking, 10. Living In The Heart Of Love, 11. Scarlet, 12. Built That Way.

Disc Two: 1. Never Make You Cry, 2. Fiji Jim, 3. Every Time I Break Her Heart, 4. You Win Again, 5. Not The Way To Go, 6. Part Of The Night, 7. Trouble’s A Coming, 8. Covered In Bruises, 9. Can’t Find Love, 10. It’s A Lie.

Disc Three: 1. (You Better) Stop That, 2. I’ve Got Dreams To Remember, 3. I Tried To Talk Her Into It, 4. Keep It Cool, 5. Cooking Up, 6. Eliza Upchink, 7. Still In Love With You, 8. Big Truff (aka Dog Shit), 9. Don’t Lie To Me, 10. Strictly Memphis, 11. Putty In Your Hands, 12. Deep Love, 13. I Can’t See No One Else, 14. Nobody’s Perfect.

Disc Four: 1. Giving It Up, 2. Ivy League, 3. Hands Off, 4. 20 Nil, 5. Flip The Switch, 6. Desperate Man, 7. Prairie Love, 8. Low Down, 9. Might As Well Get Juiced, 10. Too Tight, 11. Sanctuary, 12. Dream About, 13. Extreme Western Grip, 14. Well Well.    


Version 2 of the Fully Finished Studio Outtakes in Chronological Order was released in September by Cpt.Acid and Empress Valley grabbed this chance to release it under their label, however fully crediting the maker on front cover! Here phase correction and new equalization were applied to all tracks, there as also a new order for these tracks. The equipment used for this version 2 was iZotope RX 10 Spectral Recovery on all tracks and since the origin of those files was lossy, it was needed. This s the second remaster done by Cpt.Acid and until we get the original tracks in lossless form certainly the best sound output. In effect the sound is much richer than in other similar releases that makes this 2nd version the best yet. Conversely, packaging is not up to standards, with just some black & white shots inside the gatefold cover and a poor looking front cover. Anyway, listening to these outtakes there is one consideration that has to be done, comparing them with the Forty Licks released takes, it is impossible not to notice how much better these are making it yet more incomprehensible the reason why so few of them have been officially released.

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