IMP RS 121215R Rubidium Master
Prudential Center, Newark 15 December 2012
2 cds and 1 Blu Ray
Soundboard stereo, 1:1703 PCM 2/0 48kHz/16 bit
Fatboy case




Disc One: 1. Opening, 2. Get Off Of My Cloud, 3. The Last Time, 4. It’s Only Rock ’n Roll (But I Like It), 5. Paint It Black, 6. Gimme Shelter, 7. Wild Horses, 8. Going Down, 9. Dead Flowers, 10. Who Do You Love?, 11. Doom And Gloom, 12. One More Shot, 13. Miss You, 14. Honky Tonk Women.

Disc Two: 1. Band Introduction, 2. Before They Make Me Run, 3. Happy, 4. Midnight Rambler, 5. Start Me Up, 6. Tumbling Dice, 7. Brown Sugar, 8. Sympathy For The Devil, 9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 10. Jumping Jack Flash, 11. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction .

Disc Three: 1. Video Intro, 2. Opening, 3. Get Off Of My Cloud, 4. The Last Time, 5. It’s Only Rock ’n Roll (But I Like It), 6. Paint It Black, 7. Gimme Shelter, 8. Wild Horses, 9. Going Down, 10. Dead Flowers, 11. Who Do You Love?, 12. Doom And Gloom, 13. One More Shot, 14. Miss You, 15. Honky Tonk Women, 16. Band Introduction, 17. Before They Make Me Run, 18. Happy, 19. Midnight Rambler, 20. Start Me Up, 21. Tumbling Dice, 22. Brown Sugar, 23. Sympathy For The Devil, 24. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 25. Jumping Jack Flash, 26. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.


The Stones Pay Per View live event from Newark 2012 came out in many formats: in 2012 as Live in New Jersey December 15, 2012 a 2 cdr no label set recorded on 24 bit/48kHz from audience source, in 2013 as One More Shot (DAC 131) which offered the stereo soundboard version taken from the broadcast. From Japan too came Second Night in Newark a no label 3 discs that featured almost 18 minutes between the Opening Announcement Interviews and the Drums Intro; this concert appeared also on Newark 12-15-2012 (Red Tongue RTR 025) 4 LP, 3 cd box issued in 2013 and the following year on 50 & Counting Tour 2012 (WLR 2194) a 11 discs box, in soundboard quality. Finally, on a 2cdr set called Prudential Center, New Jersey 15-12-2012 (APCD 021) there was a 5:1 remaster from Cpt.Acid and Who Do You Love Newark? The Jimmy Shelter matrix available as 24 bit/48kHz or 16/44.1 version that had an audience source. The video appeared as DVD-R on Prudential Center, Newark 15-12-2012 (Mission for God 68) in PAL, in NTSC on Live in New York 15 December 2012 One More Shot (Saxe 20121215-1) on a DVD-R 9, as One More Shot (The Satanic Pig Records TSP-DVD 20121215) and as Blu Ray on One More Shot New Jersey 2012 (Hot Lips HLBD 001) that also had the first show from 2013 in audience quality. Here in this set we get a nice stereo soundboard recording, whose sound is very good, well balanced and the performance great too and the video footage excellent using this remaster as soundtrack. The Blu Ray was a bonus to the buyer of the first edition. It would be hard not to call this the definitive version of this concert; however, somehow packaging is not up to standards, since the front shot of Jagger is a bit out of focus and the whole appearance dark and not brilliant as the content.

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