Goldplate GP 2201 2DVD 1-2 BDR 1-2
Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, 1 June 2022
2 picture DVDs & 2 Blu Rays
DVD & Blu Ray: 2.14.55/2.14.35/2.16.55/2.14.57
DVD: Dolby Digital Stereo, Blu Ray: HD (1920x1080) NTSC 16:9 LPCM Stereo
4 discs Clamshell including a numbered picture card




DVD 1-BR 1/DVD 2-BR 2 : 1. Street Fighting Man, 2. 19th Nervous Breakdown, 3. Sad Sad Sad, 4. Tumbling Dice, 5. Out Of Time, 6. Beast Of Burden, 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 8. Living In A Ghost Town, 9. Honky Tonk Women, 10. Band Introductions (Happy Birthday Ronnie), 11. Happy, 12. Slipping Away, 13. Miss You, 14. Midnight Rambler, 15. Start Me Up, 16. Paint It Black, 17. Sympathy For The Devil, 18. Jumping Jack Flash, 19. Gimme Shelter, 20. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, 21. Ending.


This release is a premium document that shows the first show of the Stones 2022 European tour in Madrid, for the first time at Atletico Madrid’s new venue: Wanda Metropolitano. The stadium is packed (evidence during You Can’t Always Get What You Want multi angle version) and the audience welcomes both obscure 60s songs (Out Of Time) and new hits (Living In A Ghost Town) with the same enthusiasm. This release consists in a multi-source version (called multi angle) and close up version (called closer) which is a source filmed from the first rows or showing the stage screen and are both in DVD and Blu Ray format, therefore a 4 discs Clamshell was needed; this set was sold together with the 2 cds already reviewed here. The multi angle version is the usual concert video taken from many sources in good quality, with few close ups but at times the focus is lost and frankly a DVD version seems more than sufficient, same for the close-up version which is certainly worth to have it on Blu Ray, despite being a bit shaky at times, but it seems useless on DVD. It is the project’s layout that is a bit redundant, I guess it would have been better to have the 2 cds included in the clamshell plus 1 DVD (multi angle) and 1 Blu Ray (closer). Talking about packaging, this special clamshell is quite delicate, once ordered it would need a special care in delivery not to arrive broken in the middle with possible damages especially to the blu ray discs which are housed in its back. Regardless of that the DVD versions are good both as sound and vision, if there is no picture available the Stones 2023 tongue appears, but just for few seconds. The same of course for the Blu Ray versions, but here images are crispier, taking good advantage of this technology. One difference between the DVD and Blu Ray versions is that on the latter the Goldplate logo is permanent at the bottom right part of the screen, another weird one is the fact that all discs have different length.

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