Track 1: TOTP March 71, Tracks: 2,10,18: LWT St. London 1 June 74, Track 3,4,16: LWT St. London 15-20 June 73, Tracks 5,6: Newbury, Stargroves 17-31 Oct.70, Track 8: Rialto Theatre, Montreux 18 May 72, Tracks 9,13: Island Rec. St. London 28 May-June 73, Track 12: Olympic St. London July 70, Track 14: Sunset Sound St. Los Angeles 4-19 Dec.71, Tracks 7,11,15: Olympic St. London 9-18 Dec.69, Track 17: Dynamic Sound St. Kingston 25 Nov.-21 Dec.72, Track 19: Olympic Sound St. London 23 and 26 May 73, Track 20: Musicland St. Munich 19 March-5 April 75.
1 downlioad cdr
Soundboard stereo except for Tracks 1,2-4,10,16,18: Soundboard mono
single slimline jewel case




1. Brown Sugar, 2. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, 3. Dancing With Mr. D, 4. Silver Train, 5. Bitch, 6. Shake Your Hips, 7. Wild Horses, 8. Tumbling Dice, 9. Hide Tour Love, 10. It’s Only Rock’n’ Roll, 11. Brown Sugar, 12. Shine A Light, 13. 100 Years Ago, 14. Sweet Black Angel, 15. Dead Flowers, 16. Angie, 17. Separately, 18. Till The Next Goodbye, 19. Hide Your Love, 20. Chuck Berry Blues.


This release from Captain Acid presents various well known Stones outtakes from 1970 through 1974 with 2 bonus tracks that have just popped up recently. Here we get tracks 2-4,10,18 that come from promo films, track 6 is the early vocals no overdubs take, just like the following one. Track 12 is the official version from Leon Russell album, while Track14 is the early instrumental known as Bent Green Needles according to the liner notes, but I still am in doubt about that. Track 16 has no strings while Track 17 is a great instrumental, unfortunately undeveloped. The usual work was done while remastering them, but these were already in very good to excellent quality, those coming from tv broadcasts are anyway in mono but contrary to the previous version of this compilation there is no hiss. This release is different from the one of the same title that came out many years ago on the Invasion Unlimited label and reproduces as front cover the official vinyl album artwork.

Two bonus tracks at the end have also been remastered and edited. Track 19 Hide Your Love is a rare outtake that has not been in circulation, certainly an early take with Mick Taylor in top shape while track 20 Chuck Berry Blues is a rare jam session with Harvey Mandel from the Black And Blue era; both tracks were shared for the first time this year by a Glimmerman on IORR. The material here included is presented in the best possible shape and this is the first time the bonus tracks appear on any underground compilation, so this is a real justification for calling this a Christmas present, however there are some drawbacks: first of all the compilation is slightly over 80 minutes in length, so if you aim to burn it on a cdr, you should use overburn or cut off some dead air at the end of tracks 1,2,5,10,11,13,19; secondly packaging is anything but great, being just the same old artwork with the inclusion of the 2 bonus tracks at the end in a somewhat ham-fisted way. That does not mean that this work shall not be commended, of course, especially for the add-ons that are precious and relevant for Stones collectors.

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