Palais Des Sports, Paris 23rd September 1970
1 picture cd
Soundboard mono except for tracks 12,13: Audience mono
single slimline jewel case




1. Jumping Jack Flash, 2. Roll Over Beethoven, 3. Sympathy For The Devil, 4. Stray Cat Blues, 5. Love In Vain, 6. Dead Flowers, 7. Midnight Rambler, 8. Live With Me, 9. Let It Rock, 10. Little Queenie, 11. Brown Sugar, 12. Honky Tonk Women, 13. Street Fighting Man, 14. Sympathy For The Devil, 15. Brown Sugar.


Here comes a new version of the Stones broadcasted second concert from Paris 1970 which was broadcasted by Europe 1. This is the famous concert that did not have a radio announcer talking over; at first came out on tape on Paris France 23-9-1970 and on Keith is Kicking Paris then one song (Roll Over Beethoven) was released on vinyl on Lord Have Mercy (CBM 3948), Play With Fire (TMOQ HHCER 108) and on Mick’s Birthday Party 2 LP (TMQ 72017) and in 2013 on Horizontal Sports (no label) in clear or blue vinyl in stereo and with no radio announcer. On compact the show came out on Live in Paris 1970 (cdr) which was complete though badly recorded. Some Like It Hot (VGP 044) was released twice, always missing the bonus track available only on the first edition (a Wild Horses outtake). A year after this first release the concert came out on Paris 1970 (Grey Seals (GS 93001) but in stereo, though the tape seemed to run a bit faster; the same source came then out again (but in mono) as part of Shake Your Hips (VGP 078) missing the last 2 songs. It was one year after again when The Royal Dragon (VGP 083) came out featuring Pittsburgh 72 and Brown Sugar as bonus track, then on the second release the bonus track was changed, becoming Street Fighting Man (fading out). Sympathy For The Devil can be found on Through The Years (VGP 100). European Tour 1970 (Sister Morphine 060) features the whole concert remastered minus the last 2 songs, while in 2010 a new lower generation version came out without background hiss on Down in the Bottom (Dasuje/NHK) a factory pressed cdr which was used for Secrets Travel Fast (Scorpio 1970-1/Bad Wizard 13037) though You Gotta Move and Honky Tonk Women were from Koln. In 2021 it was also released on Let It Rock: Live 1969-1970 (Audio Vaults 201857) 2cd; a version of this show can also be found on Live From The Radio Paris 70 (Goldplate 1502CD1/2) together with the previous day recording that presented a slightly cleaner sound with the 2 missing songs in audience quality but with 2 bonus tracks coming from a recent rebroadcasts from France radio (Sympathy For The Devil and Brown Sugar). This show cam also be found on European Tour Live 1970-71 (WLR-Hermetic Society 701) a cd box containing 20 disc. Let’s come to this no label release then, its sound is good enough, the tape seems to have been cleaned since it sounds good enough although mostly centered on Keith’s guitar, but vocals, drums and bass are also clearly audible; too bad Taylor is mostly missing except for his work on Sympathy For The Devil and Love In Vain. This version of the Paris 2nd night recording has restored the original material with proper speed, something evident on tracks like Brown Sugar which ere previously marred by tape fluctuations, let alone the absence of any electronic noise that affected previous releases of the show. Hont Tonk Women and Street Fighting Man are still in audience quality though, but here they blend better, the last 2 songs are the Frech 1995 rebroadcasts that have great Taylor presence, too bad they didn’t rebroadcast the whole concert.

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