OBR 93 041
Side A: Chess Studios, Chicago 10 May 1965; Side B; Sandymount St. Kildare, Ireland September 1993.
7” green/black vinyl
Soundboard stereo
Gatefold cover, Lim Ed. of 40 numbered copies on black vinyl, 130 numbered copies in green vinyl, with a two sided insert (Recording Index)




Side One: Try Me.

Side Two: Alright Charlie.


This release from OBR represents an early Christmas present for Stones collectors, on the labels there is the number 041 hence we understand that this should be OBR’s 41st release. This too is offered in green or black vinyl and each has its own cover, the one showed here is the black vinyl one. Side 1 offers Try Me, the James Brown song the Stones recorded at Chess Studios in May 65 with Ian Stewart on organ. The insert provides lyrics too, as sung by Jagger on this occasion; this version is stereo and obviously not mp3 sourced. The Stones version could be found also on Bright Lights, Big City (DAC 194), The Complete Chess Studio Sessions (NF-64), In Stereo Definitive BBC Sessions 1863-65 Best of the Boots (BBC 365), The Lost Studio Archives Vol.2 (EGSH 0021) and lately Complete Chess Recordings 1964-65 (Mayflower 188-189), however all these were mp3 sourced, while the version on Collectors Treasures 1993 was stereo while the instrumental version was fake. The version here contained has great stereo separation with drums all on the right channel and, since the organ is played by Stum we can guess the minimalist piano be plated by Brian Jones; this is a great sounding take with an unexpected ending, which prompts us this question: will all the Chess outtakes come out in full stereo in the future?

Side B presents Alright Charlie version 3 from Ron Wood’s Sandymount Studios in Ireland from July 9 through August 6 1993. Version 1 of this song could also be found on Collectors Treasures 1985-1993 (SF 8593), Voodoo Stew (Vigotone 152-155), while version 2 the instrumental take was on Collectors Treasures 1985-1993 (SF 8593), Voodoo Brew (Vigotone 147-150), Voodoo Lounge Sessions (no label), Voodoo Lounge Outtakes (no label).

This version was unreleased so far and features Jagger singing additional vocals and keyboards overdubs on version 2 and using unfinished lyrics. It does have an impressive set of percussions among which congas and a tambourine possibly played by Jagger too; the guitars have each their own channel and the bass does not seem to be Darryl Jones but maybe Pino Palladino or Doug Wimbish, it is a very dybamic take that gets a life of its own with Jagger vocals. The insert reproduces excerpts from the books Hoffmann Recording Index 1961-2016, funnily “used without permission” as written on the insert. There are however some sources that claim at least the instrumental version of this song to have been recorded in September 1993. This single couples two unreleased tracks from the band’s history that are so different they may have come from different bands, but this is the Stones charm which highlights the evolution of this group of musicians through so many decades, as any Stones fan well knows.

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