APCD 084
Villefranche sur mer, Villa Nellcote 10 July-late July and 14 Oct.-23 Nov.1971
1 downlioad cdr
Soundboard stereo
single slimline jewel case




1. Rocks Off, 2. Rip This Joint, 3. All Down The Line, 4. Soul Survivor, 5. I Ain't Signifying, 6. Instrumental, 7. Tumbling Dice.


The idea to rework the legendary Nicky Hopkins tapes was suggested to Capt. Acid by Mr. D (who is the artwork maker and not the same fan/collector that has recently passed away); he also gave this title to this compilation. This is by far the best shape we hear these tracks, no hiss and full stereo sound. Let’s remember the story of these tracks: back in 2011 this same title was used for a cdr subtitled The New 40th Anniversary Exile Outtakes, presenting tracks coming from YT, these tracks that had appeared unexpectedly were coming from a tape made for vocals to be done, or so Mr.D said at the time, hence the title. They were altogether, so the first job was to separate each song from the others. The instrumental track appeared in 2013, the other ones resurfaced in 2019 under a title called Rare Exile on Main Street Band Mixes & More, then appeared on Trident Demos (DAC 123) as bonus. At first, they came from the Nicky Hopkins personal archive while Tumbling Dice appeared on YT in late 2019. Now let’s examine them in view of what has been discussed by fans: Rocks Off is an instrumental take where 3 guitars are heard, 2 rhythm ones from Richards and another one from Taylor who plays a great solo at the end when allegedly they ran out of tape (Carla Olson suggested this explanation). Rip This Joint features a great Taylor solo on slide guitar, overdubbed by Richards; here Wyman bass seems to have been replaced by a double bass (Bill Plummer?), contrary to what appears on Exile inner cover which attributes it to All Down The Line which is interesting also due to Taylor’s playing that seems unrestricted, contrary to what appears on the official take: funny that this track is in great stereo as opposed to the released version. Soul Survivor seems the same version as the one released officially but with different edit, Wyman bass is rollicking contrary to the official version when he was removed and overdubbed by Richards, God knows why. I Ain’t Signifying a.k.a. I Am Not Signifying is different than the one released on the Exile deluxe version (check the rhythm section) where Richards electric guitar is missing, here he plays an acoustic guitar though. The Instrumental take sparked many good vibes around among fans, some claiming it was a precursor of Till The Next Goodbye, others hearing taste of Wild Horses at the beginning or of Winter later on, the bottom line is that this is a finished track which should have appeared on the Exile Deluxe version. Finally Tumbling Dice is a genuine backing track that leaked later on. The quality of these release is so high that some boot label may want to reconsider reissuing them.

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