Uxbridge 1716
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles 4 November 2002, Tracks 1-17: BBC Broadcast My Life As A Rolling Stone bc July 23rd, Track 18: Fox TV bc 31 December 2002
1:1703 Dolby Digital 2.0 48 kHz: 1:1703 Dolby Digital 2.0 48 Hz
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1. Introduction, 2.  Jumping Jack Flash, 3. Live With Me, 4. No Expectations, 5. Beast Of Burden, 6. Stray Cat Blues, 7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 8. That’s How Strong My Love Is, 9. Going To A Go Go, 10. You Don’t Have To Mean It, 11. Rock Me Baby, 12. Bitch, 13. Honky Tonk Women, 14. Start Me Up, 15. Brown Sugar, 16. Tumbling Dice, 17. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, 18. Jumping Jack Flash.


Undoubtedly the 40 years celebration for the Stones career was way more interesting than the 50th and 60th anniversaries, with a World Tour full of surprises in the setlist as well as in the locations chosen.

The Wiltern Theatre 2002 concert has been the focus of the 60 years BBC TV celebration this summer; unfortunately, not the whole show but just 69 minutes, however, 4 tracks from this concert were officially released by the Stones themselves on Four Flicks in 2003. Many DVD-R were soon released especially in Japan featuring the BBC broadcast, for instance by Empress Valley or from other unknown labels. In this new edition of the Wiltern DVD though Uxbridge has included two more tracks from that concert: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking that features Jim Keltner on percussions and Jumping Jack Flash broadcasted at the time by Fox TV. It shall also be mentioned that Everybody Needs Somebody To Love was included in Live Licks 2cds. Apart from Solomon Burke duetting with Jagger on Everybody Needs Somebody To Love with the famous scene where he donated Jagger a huge cloak naming him the true King of Rock’n Roll, this was a peculiar show anyway with seldom played songs like Stray Cat Blues, Hand Of Fate, No Expectations, Dance, That’s How Strong My Love Is, Going To A Go Go, Rock Me Baby, You Don’t Have To Mean It and Tumbling Dice played for the only time as encore, too bad the whole show has not been broadcasted, the Stones themselves having decided to release the full Madison Square Garden concert from January 18th 2003 instead. This is a wonderful release, the video and audio quality being superb with a multicamera work that is able to show the band from every conceivable angle in full 16:9, the setlist helps of course to mark this as one of the best late Stones shows also thanks to the sidemen on stage: Bobby Keys, the New West Horns, Blondie Chaplin and Lisa Fischer. There are some drawbacks, however, for instance Ron Wood solo on pedal steel guitar for No Expectations is overshadowed by Keith Richards electric guitar accompaniment that should have been lower instead. Very enjoyable is You Don’t Have To Mean It with Ron Wood on organ and a fantastic brass section that shines also on Rock Me Bay ad Bitch. Particular is also Tumbling Dice long version that closes the show with its extended refrain at the end. The bonus tracks are Can’t You Hear Me Knocking with Jim Keltner on percussions from the BBC too which is just the audio played while a series of pictures run through the screen and Jumping Jack Flash as presented by Fox TV from an end of the year broadcast.

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