APCD 081-3
Disc One, Tracks 1-2: CBS TV Studio, New York 13 Feb.66, Tracks 3-5: ARTV Studio One, Wembley 27 May 66 (backing tracks RCA St. Hollywood 7-11 March 66), Tracks 6-8: CBS TV Studio, New York 11 Sept.66 (backing tracks 6,7 RCA St. Hollywood 3-11 Aug.66 and backing track 8 IBC St. London 2 Sept.66) Track 9: Top of the Pops BBC Lime Grove St., London 25 Jan.67 (backing track Olympic Sound St. London 8-26 Nov. 66, Tracks 10-13: CBS St. New York 15 Jan.67 (backing track Olympic Sound St. London 8-26 Nov.66, Track 14: LWT St. London 29 Nov.68 (backing track Olympic St. London 4-10 June 68), Track 15: Bearsville St. Woodstock 27 May-8 June 78. Disc Two, Track 1: RCA St. Hollywood 8-10 Dec.65, Track 2: RCA St. Hollywood 7-11 March 66, Track 3: RCA St. Hollywood 3-11 Aug.66 and IBC St. London 2 Sept.66, Track 4: Olympic Sound St. London 8-26 Nov.66, Track 5: Olympic Sound St. London 14 Febr.67, Track 6: Olympic Sound St. London 22 Febr.67, Track 7: Top of the Pops BBC Lime Grove St. London 19 Dec.67 (backing track Olympic St. London 17-21 May 67, Track 8: Olympic Sound St. London 31 March 68, Track 9: Olympic Sound St. London 29 March 68, Track 10: Olympic St. London 17 Mar-20 Apr.68, Tracks 11,12: Olympic St. London 13-23 May 69, Track 13: Olympic St. London 4-10 June 68, Track 14: Olympic St. London 28 June 68, Track 15: Olympic St. London 17 Mar.-20 Apr.68. Disc Three, Track 1: Olympic St. London 17 Mar.-3 Apr.68, Tracks 2,3: Olympic St. London 8 Dec.68, Track 4: Olympic St. London 23 Feb.-15 Mar.69, Track 5: Olympic St. London March 69, Track 6: Olympic St. London May 69, Track 7: Olympic St. London 9 March 69, Track 8: Olympic St. London 10 Febr.69, Track 9: Olympic St. London 10-16 Feb.69, Track 10: Olympic St. London 23 Feb.-15 March 69, Track 11: Olympic St. London 30 May-5 June 69, Track 12: Olympic St. London 15 March 69, Track 13: Muscle Shoals St. Florence 4 Dec.69 and Olympic St. London 17 Oct.-2 Nov.70, Track 14: Olympic St. London late March 69, Track 15: Muscle Shoals St. Florence 2-4 Dec.69, Track 16: Muscle Shoals St. Florence 4 Dec.69.
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Soundboard mono except for Disc One, Track 15, Disc Two, Tracks 5,6,8,9,11,14, Disc Three, Tracks 9-11,13,15,16 : Soundboard stereo
Three Single Slimline Jewel Cases or Fatboy Case (artwork reworked).




Disc One (TV 1966-1968 Copyright Preservation): 1. 19th Nervous Breakdown, 2. As Tears Go By, 3. I Am Waiting, 4. Under My Thumb, 5. Paint It Black, 6. Paint It, Black, 7. Lady Jane, 8. Have You Seen Your Mother, 9. Let's Spend The Night Together, 10. Ruby Tuesday, 11. Let's Spend The Night Together, 12. Ruby Tuesday, 13. Let's Spend The Night Together, 14. Sympathy For The Devil, 15. Gimme Shelter.

 Disc Two (Best of the Copyright Preservations 1): 1. 19th Nervous Breakdown, 2. Mother's Little Helper, 3. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow, 4. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue, 5. Bill's Tune, 6. Acid In The Grass, 7. She's A Rainbow, 8. Pay Your Dues, 9. Mickey Mouse Blues, 10. Jumpin' Jack Flash, 11. Dear Doctor, 12. Family, 13. Sympathy For The Devil, 14. Family, 15. Jumpin' Jack Flash.

 Disc Three (Best of the Copyright Preservations 2): 1. Stray Cat Blues, 2. Sympathy For The Devil, 3. Ruby Tuesday, 4. Gimme Shelter, 5. Love In Vain, 6. Country Honk, 7. Let It Bleed, 8. Midnight Rambler, 9. You Got The Silver, 10. Gimme Shelter, 11. Honky Tonk Women, 12. You Can't Always Get What You Want, 13. Wild Horses, 14. Sister Morphine, 15. Brown Sugar, 16. Wild Horses.



This release presents a remaster of the copyright preservation tracks which include those that were placed on YouTube for 1 day at the end of 2019 by Abkco; in the remaster words: “It all started with blakeeik`s collection of Rarities Done Right; he made this list of 3 CDs from ABKCO Copyright Preservations that were shared on Youtube for a short time, but the idea I had for a long time was was to remaster those tracks. The only track added was You Can't Always Get What You Want - choir sessions, which was not on his list. It was edited though, because it was boring to listen to all of it. All of the music is still there, but some boring silence between the takes and some talking have been edited out; some talking is still there, so you get the feeling of a working session.

Other added tracks are Brown Sugar & Wild Horses [the alternate mixes from Hot Rocks 1st pressing]. The tool used was iZotope RX 10 Spectral Repair to fix that lossy sound and these tracks don’t seem lossy anymore; moreover, some phase, level and EQ correction were done. On Disc One Tracks 10 and 11 come from the rehearsals, while the Woodstock 78 version of Gimme Shelter was shared by Abkco by mistake, as they certainly own no copyright for 1978 materials. On Disc Two the first three tracks are alternate versions, Track 4 being the early take of Dandelion, Tracks 5 and 6 early versions of In Another Land, Track 8 early take of Street Fighting Mam, while Track 9 is the early version of Child Of the Moon. The first version of Jumping Jack Flash is the ‘yeah yeah’ promo version, while the second has live vocals over a pre-recorded take. Dear Doctor is an alternate version and the first Family has an alternate intro, while the second one is a demo take. On Disc Three Tracks 1, 6, 7 and 8 are instrumentals, Tracks 2 and 3 come from the RnR Circus rehearsals, Tracks 4 and 11 are alternate version, Love In Vain the famous bluesier take; Track 13 is Wild Horses version with strings and glass harmonica, Sister Morphine being the early take, while the rest are all well known. Let’s come to the sound output then, undoubtedly, they sound much better than the dull YT stuff: through some dedicated apps it is possible now thanks to AI to transform mp3 material into quasi lossless versions, even if this does not means creating something that was not there, it just highlights something that was previously hidden: it is not the same thing, but we’re getting closer to it. Therefore, positive rank for such effort, it is a very enjoyable compilation, packaging is not that fancy, but it works.

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