APCD 077
Tracks 1-3,5-11-14,16: Madison Square Garden, New York 27,28 November 1969; Tracks 4,15: Civic Center, Baltimore 26 Nov.69.
1 downlioad cdr
Soundboard stereo
single slimline jewel case




1. Jumping Jack Flash, 2. Carol, 3. Stray Cat Blues, 4. Love In Vain, 5. Midnight Rambler, 6. Sympathy For The Devil, 7. Live With Me, 8. Little Queenie, 9. Honky Tonk Women, 10. Street Fighting Man, 11. Intro, 12. Jumping Jack Flash, 13. Carol, 14. Stray Cat Blues, 15. Love In Vain, 16. Midnight Rambler.  


This is the latest release of the Get Yer Ya Ya s Out acetate coming Captain Acid and it is most likely the best one. The content is well known as it has been presented many times in underground recordings being the demo live album mixed by Glyn Johns. At the end of the set there are some extra songs. In the words of the maker: ‘ An important piece of the "Rosetta Stone" necessary to further decipher the mysteries trapped within the grooves of Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! has surfaced. It is none other than the infamous "Apple Acetate" otherwise known as the early test pressing of the Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! album. Differences heard in the acetate unearth further clues about the evolution of this timeless recording. The acetate has both guitars "up" in the mix. The rawness and brilliance of Richards rhythm playing is masked by a guitar mix that has both guitar players buried in pile of distorted mud on the "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" album. You can clearly hear the guitars, Taylor fills during Jumping Jack Flash and the incredible timing of Richards strumming of the guitar strings on the acetate’. In the words of Chris Manicou from Revelations on the Rolling Stones: ‘I was very skeptical about the bonus tracks from the original reels claim especially since "Reels" is mis-spelled as "Reers" on the cd inlay. I did an A-B sound comparison using an original Decca LP as a reference. The sound on these cd tracks is incredibly clear and distinct. The best quality sound source for Side One of Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! in existence.’

The cd used for this job was Broadway (DAC-092) as a source for this remaster and added bonus tracks from original reels (taken from another disc). As previously said this is the best possible version of the Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out acetate, with no hint of the crackles that affected all other versions, let alone the in-between songs Jagger dialogues and the long Midnight Rambler introduction, the missing Sympathy For The Devil verse as well as tracks different order, however there are some things for which the original Ya Ya is to be preferred, like the prominence of Wyman’s bass especially at the beginning of songs like Midnight Rambler, quite absent here. There are also some inaccuracies in the liner notes as we all know that Love In Vain from Ya Ya comes from Baltimore and not from MSG and Stray Cat Blues possibly too; as far as the bonus tracks, said to come from “another cd” it is In Concert Get Your Ya Ya’s Out the Legendary Apple Acetate (No Label) which is unnamed here. So, as a famous politician once said: something that was done good can always be done better.







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